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Unguarded Grid Point

All stations at wartime means a real man at the Grid Transfers at the bull switch.

I called to Dublin today looking for Robert Armstrong. Gaye Dowling Gabby and Robert were our friends at the corner of Dewey and Emerson Rochester New York, 1972. Pretty sure it was ’72. Not sure exactly when they left, might like be ’73. Not remembering but we had to move because there was too much danger in the neighborhood. I think the day I came home and the concrete stairs had a lots puddle of crystalline blood on the step I just made it happen.
We traded violent for stupid and crazy driving around out Honeyoe Falls after till on Park Ave. Rochester. 100 Park about sure.
I called to say Robert and Gaye, Gabby are in and contributed to Death is the title, or I slept on the porch. The things I used from Robert were originally for the dream to a movie I had imagined and he wrote title cards for. The comic book photo book was improvised. It is like a personal film. Turned out better than I thought it would. For a long time it was traditional for Irish young to come and make some dollars at a bar and go back to Ireland to do their lives.

I wonder what the poorest county in North Carolina is? I need to take the arbitrary county wealth for a place with an airport as compared to the wealth of a county with out an airport. The arbitrary 100 counties of NC must be arbitrary for I don’t otherwise see why there would be 100 just.
It is my habit to have a long way to go in any discussion for then I have catch phrases invented to help you navigate the stranded threads of my thought.
Honestly I was looking at photographs and they set me off so I was going to write the essay column working mans corner is what the title of my columns was that worked for my sets of columns like a Wittgenstein book I saw once the Transcendia War Commentary and led then to with now the store I want to sell out of this website. It fails because the DGA wouldn’t connect me to speak with John Waters. I ought to write a letter there care of but the Talent something is full of the rudest people I’ve ever done phone with.


So that is the store and this site I left and leave alone as long as it works. I hope they like the comic.

……… Transportation Planning for Carrboro A Port type Town.

A classic downtown bus depot in the sense of a place of civilization and civilizations rubbing shoulders with each other. Is Larry McMurtry to say he was right: All My Friends are going to be Strangers. He made writing look easy didn’t he. His Pulitzer Prize is deserved for the message that we can simply be most sure that we are here and our best selves are helping each other get around. “Get through it.” could be a catch phase.

The little Horace Williams is close enough for our benefit but if we moved it all over to the landfill location on Eubanks everybody in the world would be happier.

I mean you gotta think that way. If I had an electric scooter of 36 volts and 8 miles I could get from my house in Carrboro to the airport and back. From IGX I could get a Tomahawk or some other little thing to Greensboro where I know there is more money. Raleigh now could have a 6 seater shuttle to RDU twice a day in a twin for about 25 per person. 16 gallons of fuel a day might be the burn. 250 for the day for the pilot and 25 gallons. It actually would be 62 fifty for 6 people with daily operating costs of 375. I’m tempted to see if there is a pilot who would run three around to RDU and GSO. I think it is doable for a set.

NC is supposed to be doing big with bio fuels which the armed forces want and offering free biofuel to corporate planes running the PT6 turboprops like the King Air would be a winner. For an NC progressive environment we need to up the airport culture of tolerance as found in NYC as a destination. When it is LGA you are really there.

Out of the light pole you can grab power to charge scooters. We need the electric scooters. I want one I saw that will do 8 miles for a 240 pound load. I’m stuck at 209. I might get killed, but I need some exercise. I need to get out more. Everybody says so.

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I come from sailors and priests. My aim is to prevent apocalyptic riot, better known as nuclear war, when I was growing up. Creating a nation of airports will create the peace enough environment to prevent apocalyptic riot. I had a vision due to a period of boredom and bliss like the Aleph of Borges. That is the story I learned and was made up and happens.

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