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Truth is the Target

My Arsenal, Marker on panel fixed about 24′ by 32′. or Truth is the Target

I am aware that I work independently in a vacuum, and am rough around the edges an don’t mind being direct. I feel as worthy as any CEO.

I ought to have gone to the Film Festival, but went to an art show. My own will miss the Xmas buying season except for some who may have some Xmas money.

I bought a Phil Blank about Monks, the best thing I ever saw of his I’d sell off for 5 Grand before I’d let it out of my hands. I need to check up on Soventure, for whom I attempted to find from festivals films to distribute in Russia.

For “Drinking Games” I was told they’d give the producers one thousand dollars, back even in the mid ’90s, when supplying a print would cost that much, nor pay for translation subtitles even.

I found out that Howard Coble, an NC Congressman was a Committee Chair with the purpose of protecting US International Intellectual Properties. I’d come to judge that the Republicans of his sort got a free ride of US Cultural Dominance and the spread of the American way, letting the Russians and Chinese black market all the movies and music.

The US Consumer became the champion of the Free Rider System of Artist Abuse. For long I felt as if Russia and the US were essentially becoming the same. It is no great leap to see the Wall Street Financial Engineering being practiced in the same ways in the financial world orbits of State Capitalists.

But there is conflict after conflict whenever I walk out of the house. I want to wear my officers pistol, though I’d rather have a carry permit to hide it, for the sight of a gun incites too many spoiling for a fight.

William James knew of the luck of his times and his friend and family that surrounded his being in 1905. I sort of wish I’d gone to a place like Harvard, and maybe I will one day submit my oeuvre as I am competing with Marx and Engels for the impact for the Transcendia Passports, which also include systems of governance.

A good King is a good thing,
Tried and True,
and Nothing New.

So then I explain how Anarchy is only perfect when it is perfect, when everyone is at the same level, believing even in the same thing, and things, believing in the company so as that the flaws of the system are rectified by a willingness to make it all work, knowing manners cannot be legislated.

William James said in one of the Lectures of 1905 that Democracy was fragile, so I looked and saw what was most long lived and it turns out to be in democracy to be Westminister Parlimentary Democracy.

It sure seems to be all right by the English, who did I believe invent manners. They had some reason that right now I can’t remember.

The operation of airports internationally goes like this: Simple and practical it is run directly by the Airport Authority, and otherwise governed by the County, State, and beyond. Now in the US planes fly that are fantastically safe and wonderful, but do not operate on a Part 121 commercial carrier part, therefore cutting out the common man who could be flown on deadheads. There are some companies that will sell you a seat, but it is an up there cost.

I did see Tom Boy in the position of where there were two sick infants that needed fast relocation to a different hospital. One set of parents had the money for the charter, and the other would be a mercy carry.

Of course he chartered to those who could pay.

There is little reason that the nation doesn’t have enough to care for all so that all have the opportunity to rebound from tragedies.

I want to pay my hospital bills so that others can receive good care as I have gotten.

The UNC-CH Hospital System for me has been a blessing even if I did suffer a near death event, what with the infection. I can’t understand why other homes don’t have toilet risers. I made a film of a great toilet.

Life itself is Grand and full of conflicts and we are delicate. Go ahead and gravitate to the inner perimeter of the walled campuses.

There Williams James ended up being the American Philosopher. Some say he is the only internationally recognized American Philosopher of any account.

I actually read Alan Watts, Ayn Rand, and the stevedore out of San Francisco. His name will come to me.

There were Sermons. There are meaty stories to lay your mind into in the Bible, and I heard some good sermons. It is good to know the standard power religion of the Anglians, Episcopalians. My invention of the Transcendian Spiritual Practice of throwing the I Ching, and reading from the Reading of the Day, is best I could do for writing a book, chapter for the Bible, which is not one at all, but a system for getting the best reading on the time and your questions of it.

Try it, you’ll like it.

I used to go otherwise to some Friends Meetings. The active sparking peace of my Quaker Aunt Phyliss caused my interest, and at least I was inspired to blurt out attacks on the material world in some meetings. I went to some at the NYC place up in Gramercy Park with the Episcopal across the street.

People wander back and forth to keep their balance for the structure of the spiritual seasons is lacking in the Friends Meetings, so they can devolve into a conversation about each other.

Nevil Shute has been an influence as he moved to Australia due to the threatened confiscation of his inheritance. His ethic was that the aristocrats like himself were duty bound to create companies to employ his countrymen, and that without the passing down of property from generation to generation, innovation was stymied.

    Round the Bend,

was a story for me to try and emulate. I of course want Transcendians to try the spiritual practice of throwing the I Ching, and Readings for the Day.

In Round the Bend the new religion was created by and for around airplane mechanics that prayed after each work of mechanics that insured that the aircraft was properly repaired and safe to fly. Since it improved the reliability and performance of the airplanes the owner of the Company became servant pilot to his mechanic who spread the practice to other airfields.

My theory is that great leaders are also great followers. I identify who my heroes are and why I want to follow their examples.

Repetition is crucial to the politician and the comic. You don’t seem all to mind the flags all over the place, as if we might forget which nation we are in. The CSA Flag is a flag that pisses me off to see. Real Southerners are not successfully Federalized. “We don’t care how they do it in NY.” is a favorite sort of phrase.

Next to: “You can’t get there from here.”

William James was living in and vital coming off the end of Belle Epoch influence. The Civil War was just long enough in the past for some sort of period of peace. The bank failures of the 1890s, I think that was done. The imperial war in the Philippines was back like Viet Nam.

Won. I think it was a won military adventure. They say the US doesn’t beat up on the weaker nations to its people, but it does in Mexico, and the Philippines. WWI is ten years off. Isn’t Ford get to going? There were motorcars transforming the way of life.

Transformational products. You could talk on the telephone.

William Faulkner pins down the way you might waste your soul. Absolam, Absolam! and if you can’t love, if your life is put in service of bad ideals, your life is a tragedy.

It is a tragedy to live in the service of bad ideals, and those ideals are to be ethical and humanistic. Government simply takes a great deal of work, because it is delicate.

I like the image of the Dutch Trader. James Boy was like a Master of the port, his ramp, his kingdom, as were they as a band of brothers, real, with the spirit of the older left to guide them. They mourned for him I believe. Then the kid killed by one of them, one of the family I think, that ran back over the boy with a forklift.

I got to fly co-pilot seat with James. Back from Orlando in the Twin Beech in the weather of a small hurricane of 100 mile an hour headwinds and shear off the numbers. That Twin Beech was a hell of a robust plane. Ground speed was 135 mph, and the plane was pulling airspeed of 235.

In most cases as I have discovered it is not profitable in the long run to work for family businesses, or for cover fronts.

What is practical for me, may not be practical for you.

The working class Transcendian is to be given World Citizenship as a result of the Transcendia Airports and wherever the Transcendia Passport is honored.

I was concerned when writing the application about the issue of the use of civilian carriers as death weapons, and some think Muslims are crazy because of their honesty. I asked point blank if the potential citizen would approve of, or do such a thing themselves.

The US is consistently first attacked by its own. We might expect to always be subject to betrayal. War, as was WWI can create more problems than it solves. That one sure did.

As we are in the same time of multipolar power balance these wars by our professional volunteer armed forces, those of the nation I must hold dual citizenship of are said doomed endeavors due to the corruptions of top leadership, of all the nation actors and tribes, or sects.

My friend who designed the current flag, said working in environments like Russia, or Thailand, there were so many bribes to pay. And in such a situation there might be someone again asking for more and more if you start to do well.

I love a good strip club, and in the US now it is a terrible business where you are muscled in on by both police as in Durham where you are required to hire off duty police for security, and I am told by Heather Woodbury that the Russian mob makes it miserable, besides in most places where the Hells Angels have strong chapters, they require you use their girls.

I used to just go to the country place, Paradise Lounge, where they listened to “Fuck movies for the Blind” and nixed it as of any use to them. Fletcher Edwards and Amanda Hamilton I think, with both going all the verbal way with those erotic privacies that give call to call it an intimate relationship, where one must trust to secrets even.

If you can’t have an art business of production and sales for prices that allow you to live, you need a strip joint. I’ve said before Chapel Hill and Carrboro need a strip joint. It will keep marriages going that otherwise have no chance. I was helped there sometimes in bars where a gentleman might get to flirt a little with the girls.

There were a few times of some girl dancing in the house for me to watch. I was some there perfectly set you know.

There must be an allowed fringe of the hedonists. Some are creating intimate memories as powerful as the memories soldiers some suffer from combat. Better those memories that can confuse and cause shame, than killing that is as well an intimate act.

So what did William James have to fill his memory with but Harvard men, and philosophy.

Because of my Security work at Rochdale, and as witness same as you to national failures, at work at the core, it is the corruptions of the powerful that bring it down from approaching the unification of the thinkers with the men of force.

How other than a force of men that will muscle harder those who steal the water.

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