Out of Transcend-O-Ray

Somewhere someone has a complete collection of these newsletters I published in 1981 from Fort Lauderdale, as I worked the line for Business Air Center.
This is what I published as editions of about 30 per issue. I’ve been rewriting for my book of stories and essays.
I had trouble going through with the rewrite, so I tried to draw and paint a picture cartoon of the Transcend-O-Ray, and that failed. Then I saw the marbles in a bag, and put them in an old milk bottle and glued a water nozzle in the pour to close it, and it looks a little like what the vision looked like.
Next time I’ll use a more varied bunch of marbles. If I can get them in a custom blown glass perfect oval, that will be closer.

It was right after Nike` and I moved to Rochester and I was working at the paper warehouse for Scantoms. They called it the Jobbing Warehouse. I got a job there the first day in Rochester I went looking for a job.
It was the most boring job I ever had in my life.
I guess I was a modern age industrial freak. I worked with dusty boxes of blank paper.
At night I was getting the best loving of my life. We didn’t have any friends and we didn’t have any pot.
About three weeks into this insanity of boredom and bliss, I saw it.
I was in the back of the ware house lifting these 30 pound boxes of bond off of a pallet onto a shelf, and it was hot, and I was twenty, and it was 1972, and the foreman was walking around with his arms stiff wide apart, and the two old German passports were wrapping packages and bitching, and the moron tough from Mt. Morris picked pens and pencils: and I saw it.
Right before my open eyes I saw what I now call Transcend-O-Ray. It is the intelligent ray, the photon with the answers. The answer to the question, “How will I ever see the other people with eyes in the universe?”
I guess it is like, “How will I see God without dying?”

That is word for word what I wrote about it in 1981. By now, 2014 it is the nation, model nation, of Transcendia, for I used the vision as a touchstone searching for how to create a nation that would help to prevent the apocalyptic riot.
A KKK Black riot is much feared in Fergeson, MO, any day now. If we wanted to have a good go of it and end the Civil War, show that the US is one, of Blacks and Whites we would be happy to celebrate with the knocking over of all the KKK monuments.
I’d see it as cathartic.
These monuments are tantamount to Hitler statues in Germany, far as I am concerned.
How do you see them? What exact good excuse is there for them? Some black sharecropper, or progressive was pretty much murdered every time one was put up.
There are said to have been 3,900 lynchings of Blacks from during the Jim Crow era when these things went up, on through 1968. There are about 1,600, 1,700 murders of progressive Whites murdered during the same period.
Because the papers were owned by the racists it is pretty difficult to match the murders with the monuments. I tried from the list I got from Tuskeegee, and couldn’t.
I suspect it is about impossible.
“History is written by the victors.” I’m not sure who, if any individual actually can be credited for saying this, but it is certainly true.
Some say we ought to honor the sacrifice of the Confederate soldiers, but I say that we shouldn’t at all. I say that ought to be the point, that if you sacrifice your life in the service of trash ideals, you don’t get a monument put up to your memory, and that it is time now to see these monuments to the soldiers and leaders of the Confederate States of America for what they are, an insidious affront to the professed US American ideals of equality for all, justice for all.
There is no justification for the monuments to be in town squares in States of the Union. They are an affront to the Union soldiers who did sacrifice for a just cause.
As long as throughout the former states of the CSA, these monuments stand, there really is no way to see the United States as united.

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I come from sailors and priests. My aim is to prevent apocalyptic riot, better known as nuclear war, when I was growing up. Creating a nation of airports will create the peace enough environment to prevent apocalyptic riot. I had a vision due to a period of boredom and bliss like the Aleph of Borges. That is the story I learned and was made up and happens.

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