the disappearing letter

It is only since July that the Passports were published and became viewable, or own able.

Warhol was pointed to as in movies going through the progressive history of film, from Empire State Building to the Morriessy things with titles and some sort of classic unity to the story.

When I chose the path of an independent scholar and independent artist, in concentrations on the tools via Audio Visual Technology for the arts, and (TV) which can have its art, somehow, undiscovered yet, but known, it just goes on and on as one big picture show fireplace, best description of TV land, and what it is, is of it as a fireplace.
The thing does live like a monster fire drawing the eye the way a fireplace does, and serves the same purpose.

Sometimes we can narrate the old shows.

This wasn’t original with me for long ago I wrote a column about it as Grandma or Grandpa replaced, though Grandma and Grandpa were for some safe in their homes around the hearth, a narration.

With the last temporary wife who I trusted over the issues of what I would get for the work I did with her on the house, about like a dowery, her son was mean to my daughter and she was a witch, and my thing Transcendia wasn’t what she wanted same as another told me to fuck myself in outer space, by myself.

Who said, “I want a vacuum where you are?”

We like me, wanted to be Elon Musk, so more power to him. Guys like us were locked out by piss tests, but I know how to fly, and am missing it now as I get better.

It is lonely and depressing to go to an airport with 5 planes on it only.
If in NC there is a show of unethical academic behavior in its standards applied to the Football players, I judge that it is way more significant the lessons they teach when they are in positions of public infrastructure, normally understood by town and county and state as of powerful benefit to the entire spectrum.

I was a Line Dog Ramp Rat, and while I will never be an airline pilot, I can be a perfectly competent private pilot, and never ever need “counseling”.

Is it all about the South and the North, the Union against the South, hardly remembered as the CSA. They will show you some belt buckles.

Banking of the slaves was ended by that war, and the South has never been rich again.

The guy said on the Twitter clip from Vimeo, Slavery is just another form of labor, though it, as of the Slave State, affects all normal human interactions between all of the people, with proscribed rules governing all interactions, from the most intimate, to those most civic.

The voice of the slave is wiped out. Around here it is known for making nice furniture, and they by being allowed to live in the big house.

I am labor, and working class, and now to imagine my studies of governance to lead and allow leadership of a nation produce the currency for labor, that for my people, my nation, need freedom and deserve freedom as much as these elites, of the Ivory Tower, and business.

What did these people who buy the CSA do? What sort of work did they do to feel so separate from labor? I worked a commercial about South Carolina’s Redneck Rivera, Myrtle Beach and went to the Alabama Theater and saw a comic Yacking up all these policies that you would think the white working classes would be for, but hated.

Where it is rich for someone like I saw, a Ravenal, my Confirmation teacher was Kitty Ravenal, so I have difficulty remembering that dissipated boy of cocaine and Charleston.
I met you know, that Mark Sandford guy on the set of a commercial for him I worked as an electric I think.
I was amazed at how empty he seemed, and told him to read Classic Readings in International Relations.

John Edwards, who must be something about NC built a house about 5 miles where I built the barn house. She said she lost money on it.
The last Golden Rule business partnership I heard the same bullshit. It is the one having to do with the store on the site for the Xmas Tree Wall Stickers.

I never priced it out to lose money, adding profit and handling to the numbers in one of my notebooks, or on a legal pad. I swear it’s here somewhere.

It is about nice to have a bureaucratically issued and framed license for businesses, and whatever the deal they represent is ought to be there with it.

I read the Mission Statement for the FCC yesterday. It is pretty goddamned murky if you ask me. The Mission Statement and the Statement of “Vision”, don’t ring in your ears as any great aspirations, or excitement of any Vision, to me.

-All on this sort of gray blue background.

That house on 100 acres John Edwards built, I never saw it. I saw the entrance. I think Edwards might have had me spied on. Videotape was taken in a camera from a flight Craig had videotaped of us on the engagement present. I’d had some correspondence pro pot, and then a patrol car was parked by my apartment and the video camera stolen, when there were other things.

It’s going to be even greater real estate in 70 years when the ocean is likely up 39 inches.

So the story was from Edwards he was self made, as making himself an attorney that won some big malpractice cases, and why the Gary Hart game?

These people that waste their office hurt us.

There was Colin Powell’s son up in that last, and that sort of thing is worse with Biden’s son going to a murky role with a murky gas company in fucked up Ukraine, of which where my Sub Captains Uniform came from Ken, in a most tightly packed, best box packed I’ve ever seen, with two thick burn your ass up coats, and this awesome huge hat.

(The thing with Biden looks like a fantastic opportunity for the GRU and FSB of Russia, for any e mail will be carrier, and the position of the VP traditionally in charge of the US Space Program, would imply all that communication will be accessible, and if in fact it was a software failure for US based rocketry, one using an old, old Russian closed loop engine, I’d have strong reason to see who benefited from US Rocket Company disasters.)

Meritocracy is a big deal, and the world is stratified into the wage slaves and the connected, and of course you need to live in the biggest metros downtown to end up running things, and being on the TV shown talking about how you are running things.

I looked at what it would cost for me to present and have read my books, and other productions, Soes I could get some academic credentials so I’d be worthy of correspondence.

Empire State was on the same street in Rochester New York, as Visual Studies Workshop, and I’d stop in there and visit with Tanya Weinberger who smoked English Ovals I might bum off her and visit.
I saw all Nathan Lyons Japanese tour photographs there all tacked on the wall in small 5 by 7s I seem to remember.
But I started this letter out, not like a Working Class Corner, but to consider my relationships from afar with other writers, like Russell Banks, who I wanted and still want to allow me to direct Continental Drift, his novel that defines the era of my life and feeling of America, as one a life of wasted morality and failed courage.

I figured it would cost about 5 grand for me to pay for an Independent Study approved degree, where like really you a paying for someone to read your papers.

There is a great cynicism, basing the mental landscape now after one myth after the other is trashed and we live in a present of betrayal and servitude.

Wage Slavery does have at least the advantage of a wage, and the boss can’t legally whip you to become more efficient.

I think I got pissed off and told the heroic, working class Russell Banks, great writers knew more than one disease, thinking of James Jones masterpieces wherein as in Some Came Running, people hide what symptoms of illnesses they have, till the disease can’t be stopped.

Affliction was lightweight for him, but Hollywood made it instead of Continental Drift.

It is a sin that Continental Drift hasn’t been “brought to the screen” as they used to say.
Len Deighton sent me fine note. Arron answered for his father, the great Emmanuel Litvinoff, and alerted me when his father died. The trilogy Death out of Season, Blood on the Snow, and The Face of Terror are historical fiction at it’s most accomplished and a great literary accomplishment aside from imparting a sense of a people, as you can ever expect from any author.

I wrote to the people that wrote The Collapse of Western Civilization suggesting they assumed the stability of the petrodollar too much, though I know few of us can think of everything that might happen in speculative fiction, which is more of how I labeled this than Science Fiction.
Science Fiction is more Speculative Fiction in this day and age, except for wide swaths who are more comfortable with talking bunnies.

I got a dismissive letter back from the publisher having to do with the writers wanting to start a discussion, for which I rejoined, if that was the point, than what I wrote was in that spirit of the discussion, and I hoped, as I had hoped in the way obviously the damn thing was titled and written for that discussion to take place around what I offered as a way out, the connecting the values of the ethical humanist to the value of the money through the vehicle of Whole Life Insurance policies for all the citizens, which would in turn change the paradigm that is part of the Petrodollar, war for dollars.

Somebody has already accused me of communism.

The great short story writer, what’s his name, Jim Shepard made me wonder if the bridge from someone like myself, going through all the discipline of Writing as Warhol did with Filmmaking, as opposed to someone like my first tempory wife’s father, with his book about Thomas Ottway, and pipe, and friends with pipes, and sneering about the man who was rich from shredding for pulp, books.

My poems infuriated him and he hated me for his daughter. Took her to Dallas, so I was alone a Christmas, one of my first so alone, till I picked up the Reflexologist waitress in the little Ratso’s restaurant Xmas Eve, yeah.

I found a 20 dollar bill in the slush, one of two times I’ve been broke and down and found cash on the step surface.

So, so for something I wrote, postcard, to Mr. Shepard, from him I got this semi confusing “Stop”, so for championing his work, and sharing the incase notice of The Revolutionary, it was painful.

In Light in August there is the lady who has menopause so Popeye slits her throat? No that’s Sanctuary, right.

In Light in August it is the woman who walks the dirt roads, and just walks, and walks.

End of Three Soldiers by Dos Passos pages fly out the window when he is caught for a deserter from the trenches.

Sent Ed Baptist the Passport.
Asked for support.

What would work on Mars?
Trapped and lost are the two worst of conditions at the same time, made more horrific when you are being tortured to pick cotton.
There will be no cotton to pick on Mars. What will it really be like to be trapped on the place with a million?
I think Mr. Musk could get some crews up there.

Time is running out.

I carry a compass for some reason, as if any moment I’ll need it to know what direction to take.

If the best I can get is a handshake deal, I guess it is the best possible, and better than nothing, but my life is strewn with these moments and years of trust in others in a life where ambitions are part of me.

They say it is best to live with low expectations.
There are lots of them, and some in majority more even in some places.

In the tribe, it is understood that you don’t do things that prevent the life of the tribe to go on.

So if you cynically understand but still vote for the Keystone Pipeline, you become one of the traitors to the lives of the tribes.
There are renewable resources in reality cheaper than oil sands. Only the selling out of the people can be the explanation.

“You make as many enemies doing the right thing, as you do, doing the wrong thing, so why not do the right thing.”

Italian Political Consultant.

P.S. I am likely to rewrite this piece again tomorrow. 11/14/2014



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