Ready to Mind Fight You Fucks

You have hated my home and killed my kind in elevators.  Want to fuck around with me?  I'll smoke the hashish and demolish your brain.

Fuck you.

Deal with it.

Get a goddamned slide rule.

This aint facebook.  This aint no party.

Yair.  Want to kill us.

We got assholes to protect same as you do.

Damned stupid friends our sisters marry.

They run the world.

Bush of Ghosts and I feel okay with Jezzabell.  Eno Byrne and the Clash and the war is a dance.

Fuck it if you don't get it.

I'll ride out a dirt floor street and stoned as back brained hum if you want to fight with words.

Come over to IGX and by a toy.

Well smart and camping with phones.

This future is no past.

The present is not happy.

Cheer up.

No reason but the sound of drums.

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