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Over there on the transcendia wiki, asthma we're just getting started.  It is to the point where Transcendia needs a bank, anabolics with money in it.

As Founder and CEO, I really want to spend some money getting this site, and the wiki co-ordinated and managed so some income shows up.

As a return to my earliest professional positions back in High School and College I'm returned to my Editor position, though now I really need an Executive Secretary.

Readers here are encouraged to experiment with small amounts with the donate button on this site to see what happens.

Will I by myself spend money wisely?

Way I'm looking at it is that if this site makes money, some of it is rightfully mine to use for my office, and for the Wiki members it is a share and share alike after administrative costs.  As I have accomplished with help the first time ever posting of the Transcendian Passport which compromises my control of it, some copyright, now such passports will be more valuable when they are signed by me, and after me.  I could be hit by a meteor any minute and become a adrift in the spirit world, or totally dead any second.  Therefore if I am dead, my wifes, Garthh Hoyman and Ed Hettig are given now passport signature validation status.

I do not have to be necessarily dead for this.

It is to be determined what the main office address will now be for such mundane operations.  For security reasons or whatever I will look into a post office box.

One of my great loves is the US Post Office.  Hopefully the snail mail requirement for signature of the print out of the passport mailed to me for review and validation will keep them going for awhile.

At this time and for the foreseeable future all Transcendians will have dual citizenship.  I am not myself resigning from the US.  They might kick me out, but as an anarchist I want to use all powers available, and mostly like to vote wherever I can.  Every now and then I have sat out a vote in total disgust, as I did in the last county vote for mayor and all like that.  None of either factions had helped me in my IGX work and my only choice really was to run myself for an elective office locally.

I've been putting that off till some embarrassing debts are paid.  An advisor on the wiki spoke of compromise and corruption as possible to obviate through University Degrees as required for Transcendians.  The problem for me there is that I myself am short on degrees.  Plus I have a certain sort of mind that would have physically benefited from the employ of an advisor accountant lawyer from the moment I first started work as a paperboy, to this day.

I can write a form and make it up, or write a letter, but I seem myself to have some sort of Form Phobia.

The Application for a Transcendian Passport is on this site.  It's on the Home Page.  But you can find the passport on the Transcendian Wiki.

I was supposed to write here some about Fashions because I looked at how Queen Elizabeth the Second has dressed over the years.  She did move towards suits, which are a sort of armor.  It took me awhile but I do have a Transcendian Uniform you may adopt secretly.  It is dependent on suspenders.

The sooner you adopt suspenders over belts, the happier you will be.  -Plus you will never show your ass.

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