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Remember when screaming was a thing? What was it, ’80s? EST, not eastern standard time, but Est. The rage engendered by some of the confusion? Loneliness, intellectual assaults in the form of news, and otherwise useless information, static was to be well dealt with by screaming.

Then there was drumming, and drumming circles. I hear they still go on. Sounds good. I don’t have a drum, but could use a 5 gallon plastic bucket. I was awed by the sound of a large truck spring used in contact with concrete as thrown to that concrete to punctuate the drumming of the people assembled. I’d like to try that.

I am well experienced and not too badly was I trapped by means. I got to experience being a refugee, draft dodger, lies and crime young. There I learned that barbarians steal what they want and civilized people work for the things they want.

Most of us were raised to work, be workers. I couldn’t afford to go to college or university, and didn’t think I had to. I was convinced I had better by my girlfriend’s father who hated me. The community college education I got was dominated in my courses for my Audio Visual Tech degree by angry incompetents who did what they could to sabotage students who were likely to excel.

They wanted to be at the bigger better university for the better off. It never occurred to me to ask them to help me find a job after being there. The teachers that taught my electives were great.

All those mistakes you make when you just keep going hurt. You might do alright screaming.

There isn’t that much else you can really do about it all. Just go out there somewhere, up on the roof, and scream.

The CD

I made these guitar like things when I failed to make the electric harmonica. Somebody else makes a great electric harmonica. It uses optical pickups. For 250 dollars it is a fine deal. Different from screaming, but a fine way to deal with things. Making noise is good. Making music is good.

Once I had made one particular piece out of the hours of tape recording and some of the work put on the little digital recorder, the Olympus 702 VN I got it in my head to make a CD. So I did.

I’d gotten fairly adept at writing and publishing via createspace some of the books and the screenplay. It was akin to screaming in the woods because there is no publisher to foot the bill for anything like a book tour as you see the author experience on the Affair. The author’s first book didn’t do so well, but he came from the right set of friends and had that NYC agency and all that. There were cocktail parties in his life with the right people. He married a woman from a rich family.

Writing is a working class thing to do.

I was sick for a good while. I worked at my desk. Death is the Title, or I slept on the Porch, is a book I made that came out of a struggle with the technology, software writing and publishing programs. I am proud of that piece. Finishing is important.

For those of you who might want to make a CD, using createspace, something like another scream, they will keep telling you to read their instructions. See if you can figure them out. If you happen somehow to have a Mac, buy all the programs that make it work like a PC, as they call a Dell, HP, or the others that aren’t Mac apple products.

I really liked I Photo when I first got a Mac, getting an I Mac first from my electrician friend for 400 reconditioned. It still is something, but you will have an easier time of it using Adobe Photoshop from what I can tell now.

Createspace is preferable to me because at least by the time I am finished the work will show up on Amazon. I am invested in that entity. My books are for sale there. There is some way to link work to work. It is about On Demand printing, and that is present and future.

John Commons the economist created a phrase about how times change and many people don’t catch up to it. “Cultural lag” was his term for it. As three D printing becomes capable of making more and more robust things more and more of the factory and the warehouses will diminish in importance. Whatever you saw on Star Trek will be the way it is. It will not be long before the spaceships themselves will be made by three D printers on the Moon or in orbit.

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I come from sailors and priests. My aim is to prevent apocalyptic riot, better known as nuclear war, when I was growing up. Creating a nation of airports will create the peace enough environment to prevent apocalyptic riot. I had a vision due to a period of boredom and bliss like the Aleph of Borges. That is the story I learned and was made up and happens.

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