Forgive and Forget & Be Clear


Since the Art Sale on the Porch I have been making tapes that are intended to be played as invitational signals to passersby that I am available to discuss sales of my art works.

I had been reduced to full time artist.

There were no sales. My wife said the music was intimidating.

For long I had had these HT 90 Motorola radios that I associated with work on airports in the past. I personally loved working on the airport, even as a lowly fueler after I was demoted from a position as the nighttime manager of Page Avnet, a lying bunch who claimed they weren’t making enough money to give us raises in one uncomfortable gathering of us.

I believe the meeting just ended when I said that, “It says right here in Aviation and Space Technology that you are well in the black.”

Page, Page was well understood in the espionage literature of the day to be a Front created by the CIA and MI6. Ownership disappeared into Malaysia which had served as a listening post during the Viet Nam War. I had wondered why Page did not ever seem to operate like a real business.

This was in the mid 80s, and I stayed on with Page through career batterings because of the healthcare policies that I needed to pay for the birth of my daughter. It was the first time in my life I had not walked away from a job when I felt like it for one reason or another.

Since my wife was making much better money at US Air and someone had to care for the child eventually I just up and took a job with Piedmont Airlines. I got the job from my resume`. It would not have been such a terrible decision if I had gotten a contract with them to start, as I had taken the job as a ramp agent with the promised caveat that I would transition to internal to the company video productions.

Hardly matters, any of it. Page Avjet doesn’t seem to exist any more. I suspect that American Airlines now serves as the CIA front business, that suspicion due to Haiti airliner service developments.

If you care you ought note that US President Obama went personally to Malaysia after that airplane went missing. It is in my mind to wonder who was so important to kill?

The fact is that the US is at war with Russia. In 2015 Antares blew up, and a Falcon rocket of Musk’s blew up, and a Branson rocketship burned and crashed all in the space of two weeks during the economic war with Russia. North Korea showed as well that it could damage a movie company for a movie it didn’t like.

It is truly odd that the American Public does not seem to grasp that there is a war going on. I mean they are afraid, but of Political Islam more than those with technical power to shut the US down.

The US Empire complex works at one thing and then the other without making much of a clear strategic plan understood. Defense is serious business, and is especially difficult when trades with the enemy are continued for reasons of appearance without much consideration given to alterations of the situation.

A bunch of unique old warehoused rocket engines were found in Russia and then they were to be installed in American NASA rockets. Gore gave work to the Russian Rocket Scientists to keep them from selling rocket tech that would enable people like those who run the Stalinist state of N. Korea to hit the US with Nuclear bombs they have been making.

Russia sends its nuclear armed subs up and down both US coasts wondering when to launch. North Korea of course wants to be able to do the same thing. Listening devices used to track the movements of North Korean “boats” are known to not be particularly helpful because of the noisy waters surrounding Korea.

The US Navy with lots of staff has been sending subs to Indochina waters.

Relax, forgive, be clear, make a new start.

I got something like that in my I Ching Reading. I’d done a forgiveness letter in regards to my cousin. I threw the I Ching because I was challenged during my campaign for the US Senate to prove that you did not need a terrific amount of money to run effectively, and had ordered an inverter that would power my kit built amplifier and microphone and sound processor, along with the electric chainsaw, and the refrigerator if there was an ice storm that knocked out the grid power.

So far that hasn’t worked out so much so that I began to believe that the Devil was Dragging on me and wanted mankind to die. I am being grandiose. I think my message matters and that if I go to the local TV station whereabouts and talk and play, I will move towards changing policies enough to prevent the apocalyptic riot.

At least I got the CD produced and can say that there is a plan for that. It is supposed to be available fully to buy on Amazon January 4th. If I do turn around and decide to work some more on it, I can by putting the redone files into one of the other title files, scrapping the available file, and that way keeping it out there for sale since getting it good enough to go is done.

Part of my tactical approach is the use of guitars which both old hippies and rednecks love.

I am admonished to not get drunk. This is not likely at all, for I am truly an outsider and watcher wherever I go locally these days, and that is not much changed at all for a long time. Drunk, is a state of mind, and does not necessarily mean drunk as in drinking alcoholic drinks, since I can’t drink because I throw up whenever I try. Even non alcoholic beer makes me vomit.

Because I am old and sick I am fully compromised and surveilled and oppressed by the system that is inherited from J. Edgar Hoover. In the US you live under the rules of J. Edgar Hoover and Meyer Lansky, by the way.


The most important gift from me to the world is the Insurodollar currency. Attacks on the environment will continue as long as the currency is the Petrodollar.

As long as nuclear weapons are necessary for a nation to maintain its border integrity while in the era of War by Threat, wars will move towards the Apocalyptic Riot.

Reinvention of the UN so that it will become the government of governments with one military goal of eliminating from all arsenals private and public, nuclear weapons and other weapons of mass destruction, is necessary.
Andre` Lewin of France wrote the Points for Reinvention of the Un. They must be implemented if the World is to get through the bottleneck Jared Diamond describes facing mankind in the Anthropecen Anthropcene Era. (end of the world era)

Economics amount to nothing more than repeated attempts of the working classes to gain respect as reflected in proper paychecks. It is all about attempts to create a system that regulates the greed of those with the deeds.

I am the Intendor, and my policies are to support engineers who I would see given missions of energy capture. It is also about ending the Drug War, a monster that eats the guts out of the society and culture.

Thanks, Russell

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