Tactical Nuclear Weapons as Doctrine/RSD


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Military Doctrines and Lies and stupidities in a wash over the mental landscape and battlefield are mixed with My Past IS your Future.  In the case of Pakistani new love for Tactical Nuclear Weapons the idea of success is ridiculous if they fight that way with any enemies that would invade them.

US and World interest in keeping the Oil Basket from becoming radioactive as a work environment and product ought be high enough to let War by Threat hold between NATO and Russia and Syria for long enough to Proxy the hell out of ISIS.

3 Years of Economic Warfare with the Reserve Currency of the World, and they can’t win.  In Fact The US is At the Height of all Possible Powers.

Even the M1 A1 Abrams tank is superior or equal at the least to any tank in the world today.   Poland got 250 German Leopards that will do right well in the European theater of the Ukraine.  I’d rather that be settled with money.

I’ve got so I only want the UN to enforce the Rules of War.  With all this great military equipment you would think they can afford to leave civilians out of it.  WWI was ugly on the Russian Front.

Marathon’s contest on the beach with the Persians works better for me.  War is dependent still on port control.  Whatever happened to “Open City”?

It is almost as if we have gone backwards past even before the UN when it was all just International Law.  Even with a Dictator of the World we will have wars if you have to call them all Civil Wars.   So enforcement of a bit of humanity in the conduct of war means eliminating genocide on the territorial DisFated.  Those just dependent on protection by their armies.

With all the Solder Professionals and corporatization we need to know the benefits of this for us who are dependent on smart defense, or in engineering parlance:   “Best Practices”

Would I endorse killing to eliminate all possibilities of battlefield use of nuclear weapons?   I have to as working class endorse war to eliminate the threat to us that War by Threat will reach its limits before very long indeed.

The Apocalyptic Riot will follow fast from the genie really unleashed upon us, and the Mental Landscape is rife with warnings.  As Humans we have the capacity to know what we need to know when we need to know it.

If you have the time, and some money you could buy a Transcendian Passport, or something else I made, and push me forwards as important to listen to.  I hate it that I must gain the Currency of Fame, but I do.

We are close enough to Apocalyptic Riot with the threat of a Saudi led invasion of Syria.  The whole area roils as the price of oil, part of the economic war buttons that is pushed on hard, and out of control of the US to affect right now.

Government of Government?   No where but the UN in its weak form.  And what we hear from Ban Ki Moon, what does it really do to help us out of this threat, a big threat, while the TV Land Contests go on showing on the best of the channels hours of Trump.

I’d rather be watching a contest for the leader of the world right now.Wealth & Economics Starts In the Fields-2

Forgive and Forget & Be Clear


Since the Art Sale on the Porch I have been making tapes that are intended to be played as invitational signals to passersby that I am available to discuss sales of my art works.

I had been reduced to full time artist.

There were no sales. My wife said the music was intimidating.

For long I had had these HT 90 Motorola radios that I associated with work on airports in the past. I personally loved working on the airport, even as a lowly fueler after I was demoted from a position as the nighttime manager of Page Avnet, a lying bunch who claimed they weren’t making enough money to give us raises in one uncomfortable gathering of us.

I believe the meeting just ended when I said that, “It says right here in Aviation and Space Technology that you are well in the black.”

Page, Page was well understood in the espionage literature of the day to be a Front created by the CIA and MI6. Ownership disappeared into Malaysia which had served as a listening post during the Viet Nam War. I had wondered why Page did not ever seem to operate like a real business.

This was in the mid 80s, and I stayed on with Page through career batterings because of the healthcare policies that I needed to pay for the birth of my daughter. It was the first time in my life I had not walked away from a job when I felt like it for one reason or another.

Since my wife was making much better money at US Air and someone had to care for the child eventually I just up and took a job with Piedmont Airlines. I got the job from my resume`. It would not have been such a terrible decision if I had gotten a contract with them to start, as I had taken the job as a ramp agent with the promised caveat that I would transition to internal to the company video productions.

Hardly matters, any of it. Page Avjet doesn’t seem to exist any more. I suspect that American Airlines now serves as the CIA front business, that suspicion due to Haiti airliner service developments.

If you care you ought note that US President Obama went personally to Malaysia after that airplane went missing. It is in my mind to wonder who was so important to kill?

The fact is that the US is at war with Russia. In 2015 Antares blew up, and a Falcon rocket of Musk’s blew up, and a Branson rocketship burned and crashed all in the space of two weeks during the economic war with Russia. North Korea showed as well that it could damage a movie company for a movie it didn’t like.

It is truly odd that the American Public does not seem to grasp that there is a war going on. I mean they are afraid, but of Political Islam more than those with technical power to shut the US down.

The US Empire complex works at one thing and then the other without making much of a clear strategic plan understood. Defense is serious business, and is especially difficult when trades with the enemy are continued for reasons of appearance without much consideration given to alterations of the situation.

A bunch of unique old warehoused rocket engines were found in Russia and then they were to be installed in American NASA rockets. Gore gave work to the Russian Rocket Scientists to keep them from selling rocket tech that would enable people like those who run the Stalinist state of N. Korea to hit the US with Nuclear bombs they have been making.

Russia sends its nuclear armed subs up and down both US coasts wondering when to launch. North Korea of course wants to be able to do the same thing. Listening devices used to track the movements of North Korean “boats” are known to not be particularly helpful because of the noisy waters surrounding Korea.

The US Navy with lots of staff has been sending subs to Indochina waters.

Relax, forgive, be clear, make a new start.

I got something like that in my I Ching Reading. I’d done a forgiveness letter in regards to my cousin. I threw the I Ching because I was challenged during my campaign for the US Senate to prove that you did not need a terrific amount of money to run effectively, and had ordered an inverter that would power my kit built amplifier and microphone and sound processor, along with the electric chainsaw, and the refrigerator if there was an ice storm that knocked out the grid power.

So far that hasn’t worked out so much so that I began to believe that the Devil was Dragging on me and wanted mankind to die. I am being grandiose. I think my message matters and that if I go to the local TV station whereabouts and talk and play, I will move towards changing policies enough to prevent the apocalyptic riot.

At least I got the CD produced and can say that there is a plan for that. It is supposed to be available fully to buy on Amazon January 4th. If I do turn around and decide to work some more on it, I can by putting the redone files into one of the other title files, scrapping the available file, and that way keeping it out there for sale since getting it good enough to go is done.

Part of my tactical approach is the use of guitars which both old hippies and rednecks love.

I am admonished to not get drunk. This is not likely at all, for I am truly an outsider and watcher wherever I go locally these days, and that is not much changed at all for a long time. Drunk, is a state of mind, and does not necessarily mean drunk as in drinking alcoholic drinks, since I can’t drink because I throw up whenever I try. Even non alcoholic beer makes me vomit.

Because I am old and sick I am fully compromised and surveilled and oppressed by the system that is inherited from J. Edgar Hoover. In the US you live under the rules of J. Edgar Hoover and Meyer Lansky, by the way.


The most important gift from me to the world is the Insurodollar currency. Attacks on the environment will continue as long as the currency is the Petrodollar.

As long as nuclear weapons are necessary for a nation to maintain its border integrity while in the era of War by Threat, wars will move towards the Apocalyptic Riot.

Reinvention of the UN so that it will become the government of governments with one military goal of eliminating from all arsenals private and public, nuclear weapons and other weapons of mass destruction, is necessary.
Andre` Lewin of France wrote the Points for Reinvention of the Un. They must be implemented if the World is to get through the bottleneck Jared Diamond describes facing mankind in the Anthropecen Anthropcene Era. (end of the world era)

Economics amount to nothing more than repeated attempts of the working classes to gain respect as reflected in proper paychecks. It is all about attempts to create a system that regulates the greed of those with the deeds.

I am the Intendor, and my policies are to support engineers who I would see given missions of energy capture. It is also about ending the Drug War, a monster that eats the guts out of the society and culture.

Thanks, Russell

Inverter and a Guitar

Proactive Civil Demonstration

A photograph of me giving a peace speech to children on Laburnum Crescent, in Rochester, NY circa 1990

I am not sure that it is hopeless for me to prevent the apocalyptic riot. I am sure that I require the currency of fame now to do it. My followers on Twitter are not dedicated enough to tweet to John Kerry using the name Transcendia, far as I know, or if so, I am not aware of it.

Twitter is likely the most likely of the Social Media tools that will at the least make Secretary of State John Kerry aware that I demand a resolution of the Economic War with Russia. I don’t think anything I write on Facebook does much at all, if anything. When I answer Robert Reich’s question, “What do you think?” I don’t think he really cares or ever reads, or anyone ever really reads what I wrote.

I do think that if I get in my car, and drive to the front of the local TV station, and get out wearing my Ukrainian Sub Captain’s uniform, wearing my ceremonial sword, and my sidearm, and start playing my handmade chestnut table top piezo electric guitar, singing, or talking chanting, “Ban the Bomb” give the UN an Army, and fund Killer subs and Sea, Earth, Air and Land, Teams that find and kill those who keep Weapons of Mass Destruction, Legalize Work, and Legalize Pot, and make the US Presidential Electoral Democracy into a Parliamentary Democracy, and put Turbines in the Gulf Stream, I will gain the currency of fame that I need.

I am afraid I will get hassled and arrested if I wear my sidearm, and my sword, but if I do, then that increases my fame, so I suppose it will be worth it.

If I was in NYC I would buy a permit again and give another speech either in Dag Hammerskold Plaza, where I did it before, or somewhere else.

I believe that I were to drive all over the state of NC standing outside my car and playing my guitar, I could even win the US Senate seat.

I believe so, and we will see if I have the courage and the strength to do so. To that end I ordered an inverter to turn DC power into AC power. “You can never go wrong buying a tool.” is an operating belief. The inverter for $99.99 is a better expense than if I were to buy a generator, since it will essentially turn the automobile into a generator.

This will give me a nominal 10 amps, which is enough to run a microwave, or a hairdryer. It may well be enough to run the refrigerator. Normally we run the whole house off about 50 amps. 50 amps is 5,000 watts. When running all the three air conditioners in the house the draw is 39 amps.

At any rate I can run the Foot note amp and the Alesis sound processor on at most 15 watts which really is about 1.2 amps. However we bought the inverter instead of firewood because we can salvage and scavenge wood with the 9 amp electric chainsaw. I am thinking I might get the thing to saw up trucking pallets.

So then in my pursuit of the currency of fame, I sent off for an Inverter from Inverters R Us. I trusted “Dan” to recommend the one that will work for my purposes. Dan is at extension 4. When, calling to get the info you need to buy the tool, that is the Inverter, please use my name, and the name of Transcendia, as an experiment.

In my comments to the company I explained in detail that I was pursuing the currency of fame, and for that reason was buying an inverter from Dan. I explained in the comments that my ultimate goal was to prevent the Apocalyptic Riot, and for that I need the currency of fame.

It is likely you could yourself find employment for an inverter.

Things are Charging

My Girl and the Uranium Miner

Adrian was a Uranium Miner.

I have batteries, but not enough batteries and I get confused about the recharageables as to whether or not they are recharged. I try to put them in the good place, and then the bad place, or the confused place.

It makes the Grid attractive.

I got about 200 feet of two wire that I ran from the back of the house to the front to plug in the intercom radios that I set up for the Art Sale. It is the Push Here To Talk Art Sale. I guess maybe some people will come by and buy or I’ll give things away on Halloween.

Halloween is coming soon.

My friend Barry the ex-CIA soldier who ran around in Africa fighting Cubans and getting tortured and exchanged says Halloween is bigger than you think. He makes more money selling and renting costumes for Halloween than he does during the Xmas season.

Right or not it is a good thing from my point of view that there is a Christian set of Holidays and people are supposed to do something besides work on the weekends, unlike Japan where they didn’t have that.

I read History after history and there are facts of history. One fact is that sanctions lead to wars in modern times, and corruption destroys national security. There are secrets and the ones that know the secrets can be eliminated because secrets need to be protected.

Lot of evidence that JFK was murdered by James Angleton and Richard Helms and Johnson was a beneficiary. The Cold War was going to be fought and there were corrupt CIA people who didn’t want it to end.

JFK was a confident guy. I don’t think that he took some of the threats to him seriously. He was likely used to corruption and secrets. I don’t think he recognized how crazy a lot of the powerful people running America, actually were.

The DuPonts had gone so far at one point as to try and conduct a real coup. I can’t this moment remember but think they hated Roosevelt a good deal.

They say the Poor and the Rich think about money the say way. The middle class just want to stay out of the way.

Who cares? Why care?

Who are the heroes and what is wrong with them? Even my hero Grant was a product of his time and thought it fine that his soldiers went on to gold mining and Indian killing.

It’s connected. The nation needs wealth in its Treasury vaults. People used to think about Fort Knox. Put the gold there.

When we knew Adrian he was going to be, or was, or had been, a Uranium miner. I don’t have any idea what he was going to do after that because far as I remember he was not able to really do that for very long. Something like six months and your uranium mining career was over.

Russia got the secrets and got to build and set off their bombs. It was a threat. I went to digging a bomb shelter in the garden. It wasn’t considered crazy. Normal people though just wanted to die.

I saw pictures of beatniks holding signs: Ban the Bomb. The end is near. It’s relative.

There was a whole industry around building atomic bombs. The taxes paid for it. The DuPonts got richer. They had gotten rich making gunpowder. Bullets and bombs are a sort of wealth since defense is the first thing.

Carter founded the Energy Department. Already the ecology situation, the destruction of the environment was understood as happening because there had been so much pollution that places where people were used to living were poisoned. Some place is Buffalo, all poisoned. Chemicals.

Love Canal? Randy Newman sang a song about the Cayouga River. Burn on Cayouga.

There wasn’t enough gold to cover the debts of the US so Nixon and Kissinger made up the Petrodollar and the Saudis we for it since it meant the US was going to protect not only its own borders but the Saudi oil fields since that deal was then the currency of the US and the world.

Energy. You can’t burn gold.

So energy became essentially the currency and money was made and printed and keeps getting printed and there were bombs and bombs made by the US and Russia.

There was a race to the Moon. The Russians lost. Water on the Moon that was just lying there as big rocks of Ice in shadows was a secret. All we ever saw were rocks. They really probably didn’t think they would find any ice, and ice melts.

It is enough to know it is there.

Too many people? Ah nah, never too many people. The rich want the poor to stay desperate and poor. They really do. It means they will work for less making things for the market.

The AK 47 made a lot of money for some people in Russia. What did Israel pay the US for its Atomic Bombs? War is big business. What is it about? Tanks don’t run on batteries. They will, they should.

Lights. Sound, Camera, Action. Make the people act. Entertain the children. Disneyland, Disneyworld, Mickey Mouse. They had a monorail. Ships went all over the world by sail, just he wind blowing.

Rivers and the tides and the wind powered everything but the lights. They went out and killed the whales and burned the whales as an improvement over candles made of dead animals and the fats made into tallow candles. Stanley Kubrick made a movie lit all by candle. I’ve never seen that one. I need to watch it.

Life of action, or life of the mind? Some people were made to kill, be warriors, defend their families and friends. It got organized and put out of sight on battlefields. Guys did it for paychecks. More living space.

Bigger is better. More is better.

Aliens are coming, there is an asteroid on its way. What has Machiavelli got to say? Machiavelli says “A Struggle with the environment is not enough to make a nation.” People have a problem with the world. It bothers them. Pave it and package it.

Oh my god someone is going to take over the world. We live on it but shit, it isn’t ours. Somebody else has the deeds. Bankers. Bankers want to get a steady stream of money. The bankers don’t like any interruptions. Storm came, and slowed things down. The poor can’t work. The big snow, the big flood, and people were busy trying not to freeze, starve, or drown.

Take the gold out of the treasury, and save them. They need to go back to work. Get rid of the seasons. Put all the energy in bottles, tankers, tanks. Keep the tanks rolling, grinding on. Get the oil fields. Oil is the money and it is the source of the energy and it is the basis of the currency, the Petrodollar. There is a Petrodollar Imperative.

The Sun shines everywhere and the Germans in their bleak world still get the solar panels Reagan tore off the roof of the White House to work. Meant more war, and more money for the war industry. Things are turned around because the War Industry is all at the first of the line for the money.

Sure Defense is a priority, but there has to be another first, and that is what there is to defend. In order you and everybody needs Food, Clothing, and Shelter. Inside the borders of the nation there must be all the food, all the clothing, and the shelter for it and yourself.

If you have to buy everything, or a crucial thing, being usually food, from outside your borders there will come a time when you can’t buy it. So what then? You have to take it. Then you go broke and make enemies. Real enemies poison your wells. Real enemies stab you and rape your wife and your girlfriend and kill your children. That is what war is about.

Why go there? It’s ugly.

There is enough bother with the weather and the asteroids.

We now have the sun in a bullet. The atomic bombs. They got bombs with dials on them according to what I read on Wikipedia. Thermonuclear bombs with dials on them so they can be dialed down to where they just kill the guys in the tanks. They make the stuff from what Adrian mined for.

Nuclear energy could power the world but it is dangerous and then it gets expensive. We have a Sun. Energy capture is the best way to get what you need. Batteries. I used to drive a Namco Electric Forklift. It was like a robot. It was like my exoskeleton. It was three wheeled. It didn’t shake itself apart. I could make a tank that ran on batteries and got its charge up power from the Sun if I had a treasury.

Should I take over the world, be the World Government and pay soldiers, warriors to find all the nuclear bombs and kill the people that won’t get out of the way so I can destroy them? Why not? Why not do that?

North Korea, if they get past their waters, noisy waters, and get close enough to launch a nuclear missile at Hollywood, they get some revenge.

I have business to do in Hollywood.

Panavision won’t help me. Panavision doesn’t care about North Carolina. Fuck North Carolina. There are lots of mosquitos at the plantation. What North Carolina has going for it is that nobody with any sense wants to deal with it. People in Wilmington like it the way it is. They just want Hollywood money for hotel rooms and apartments.

Wilmington is a racist xenophobic town. C.S.A., like the Civil War is still going on. I had a gun on me buying bacon and coffee. Had to lay on the floor in the grocery store. I just got beat up a couple of times in NY. I’m over being a victim. I already lost everything a few times.

Who wants to put up with poor ignorant people lorded over by landlords who hate strangers, Blacks, Hippies, Jews, Gays, Italians. Movie people. Movie people make the world the way it is. Get a gun. Nobody laughs at their jokes. Shoot up the screen in color. Image enhancement filters are in for it. Detail and contrast. God, war sells. War sells more than sex even. Fear bigger box-office than sex even.

Artists are using knives more. Everybody knows that hurts like hell.

I could take over the world with a 3D Virtual reality movie and a game. Really. It’s gone that far. Do it all in a big storm with an asteroid and some aliens coming all at the same time. Scare the fuck out of people. I’d make big money. I could buy all the leases to all the airports I wanted. Battery powered tanks and battery powered this and that. I’d organize the batteries better. Really, I’m not confused.

No Government of Governments and energy has to be had to have work for all the poor people who still have to buy food, clothing, shelter.

I could finance a war industry. Want to work for me? Me. Jesus didn’t say follow my ideas. Follow me. That’s what people understand. I follow dead people. I end up responsible for me, and my legacy.

If you keep all the nuclear weapons, there is bound to be a nuclear war. Mearsheimer. John C. Mearsheimer says every nation needs to get them long as they will be threatened by them in the hands of other nations leaders. China. China has them. There were so many above the ground tests and the Japanese have polluted the ocean and the Russians polluted around Chernoble, and what difference will some nuclear war really make now? One bomb and you can level the city where your enemies lead from. Just a sub and a nuclear missile and Blamo! Problem solved.

The heroes? What do they look like? Steely eyed button pushers, key turners, Captains. I got a Sub Captains Uniform and the hat and everything. I know what is going on.