Tactical Nuclear Weapons as Doctrine/RSD


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Military Doctrines and Lies and stupidities in a wash over the mental landscape and battlefield are mixed with My Past IS your Future.  In the case of Pakistani new love for Tactical Nuclear Weapons the idea of success is ridiculous if they fight that way with any enemies that would invade them.

US and World interest in keeping the Oil Basket from becoming radioactive as a work environment and product ought be high enough to let War by Threat hold between NATO and Russia and Syria for long enough to Proxy the hell out of ISIS.

3 Years of Economic Warfare with the Reserve Currency of the World, and they can’t win.  In Fact The US is At the Height of all Possible Powers.

Even the M1 A1 Abrams tank is superior or equal at the least to any tank in the world today.   Poland got 250 German Leopards that will do right well in the European theater of the Ukraine.  I’d rather that be settled with money.

I’ve got so I only want the UN to enforce the Rules of War.  With all this great military equipment you would think they can afford to leave civilians out of it.  WWI was ugly on the Russian Front.

Marathon’s contest on the beach with the Persians works better for me.  War is dependent still on port control.  Whatever happened to “Open City”?

It is almost as if we have gone backwards past even before the UN when it was all just International Law.  Even with a Dictator of the World we will have wars if you have to call them all Civil Wars.   So enforcement of a bit of humanity in the conduct of war means eliminating genocide on the territorial DisFated.  Those just dependent on protection by their armies.

With all the Solder Professionals and corporatization we need to know the benefits of this for us who are dependent on smart defense, or in engineering parlance:   “Best Practices”

Would I endorse killing to eliminate all possibilities of battlefield use of nuclear weapons?   I have to as working class endorse war to eliminate the threat to us that War by Threat will reach its limits before very long indeed.

The Apocalyptic Riot will follow fast from the genie really unleashed upon us, and the Mental Landscape is rife with warnings.  As Humans we have the capacity to know what we need to know when we need to know it.

If you have the time, and some money you could buy a Transcendian Passport, or something else I made, and push me forwards as important to listen to.  I hate it that I must gain the Currency of Fame, but I do.

We are close enough to Apocalyptic Riot with the threat of a Saudi led invasion of Syria.  The whole area roils as the price of oil, part of the economic war buttons that is pushed on hard, and out of control of the US to affect right now.

Government of Government?   No where but the UN in its weak form.  And what we hear from Ban Ki Moon, what does it really do to help us out of this threat, a big threat, while the TV Land Contests go on showing on the best of the channels hours of Trump.

I’d rather be watching a contest for the leader of the world right now.Wealth & Economics Starts In the Fields-2