Tactical Nuclear Weapons as Doctrine/RSD


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Military Doctrines and Lies and stupidities in a wash over the mental landscape and battlefield are mixed with My Past IS your Future.  In the case of Pakistani new love for Tactical Nuclear Weapons the idea of success is ridiculous if they fight that way with any enemies that would invade them.

US and World interest in keeping the Oil Basket from becoming radioactive as a work environment and product ought be high enough to let War by Threat hold between NATO and Russia and Syria for long enough to Proxy the hell out of ISIS.

3 Years of Economic Warfare with the Reserve Currency of the World, and they can’t win.  In Fact The US is At the Height of all Possible Powers.

Even the M1 A1 Abrams tank is superior or equal at the least to any tank in the world today.   Poland got 250 German Leopards that will do right well in the European theater of the Ukraine.  I’d rather that be settled with money.

I’ve got so I only want the UN to enforce the Rules of War.  With all this great military equipment you would think they can afford to leave civilians out of it.  WWI was ugly on the Russian Front.

Marathon’s contest on the beach with the Persians works better for me.  War is dependent still on port control.  Whatever happened to “Open City”?

It is almost as if we have gone backwards past even before the UN when it was all just International Law.  Even with a Dictator of the World we will have wars if you have to call them all Civil Wars.   So enforcement of a bit of humanity in the conduct of war means eliminating genocide on the territorial DisFated.  Those just dependent on protection by their armies.

With all the Solder Professionals and corporatization we need to know the benefits of this for us who are dependent on smart defense, or in engineering parlance:   “Best Practices”

Would I endorse killing to eliminate all possibilities of battlefield use of nuclear weapons?   I have to as working class endorse war to eliminate the threat to us that War by Threat will reach its limits before very long indeed.

The Apocalyptic Riot will follow fast from the genie really unleashed upon us, and the Mental Landscape is rife with warnings.  As Humans we have the capacity to know what we need to know when we need to know it.

If you have the time, and some money you could buy a Transcendian Passport, or something else I made, and push me forwards as important to listen to.  I hate it that I must gain the Currency of Fame, but I do.

We are close enough to Apocalyptic Riot with the threat of a Saudi led invasion of Syria.  The whole area roils as the price of oil, part of the economic war buttons that is pushed on hard, and out of control of the US to affect right now.

Government of Government?   No where but the UN in its weak form.  And what we hear from Ban Ki Moon, what does it really do to help us out of this threat, a big threat, while the TV Land Contests go on showing on the best of the channels hours of Trump.

I’d rather be watching a contest for the leader of the world right now.Wealth & Economics Starts In the Fields-2

Show Photos from Second Opening 2/13

NC as it was, and is.

This was taken in the county of Guilford, at a July 4th parade when we lived in a trailer park and had skin diseases and my dog was tortured with acid poured on him.

Truth is the Target

Pro quality pigmented Sharpie brand markers used to create this cartoon

Going to a Party shown in Show

Going to a party

Frightening Peacenik

Hans Blix was leader of the opposition to WMDs and said before the Iraq invasion there were none.

The Last Fucking Duck

A poisonous toy meant to be played with in the bathtub.

Show wall as altered 2/13

With Goddess Baghead, Anarchists in the Park, A Man like me, and Hans Blix

It is my tactic as part of my strategy aimed at fame to demonstrate applied knowledge in the creating of art that is good company.
I meant to burst upon the scene, as I still do. I mean to compete with any mind willing to engage me. My struggle is to achieve a dominate position in the mental landscape.
I do not have academic credentials, and must prove that I have achieved the required dais position from my capacity to work in all important fields from science to ditch digging.
I am a hero of and for my class, the working class. I am writing a reply to all the stories I follow in the NY Times, or on Linked In, or on Facebook, or Tumblr, or G plus, or just out there somewhere beyond my submarine captain’s desk.
When John C Mearsheimer says we must all get nuclear weapons in an anarchistic world bereft of a Government of Governments, I declare that we must assemble the institutions of a government of government, declare nuclear weapons illegal in any arsenal, and go after them now, and forever. It is enough justifiable war, and wars, to keep the warrior class employed forever.
The powerful position of the sub captain is to be acknowledged, and the killer sub is to be owned and operated by the Government of Governments, as are the killer teams on the covert fronts who will be the first line of defense for all of the international working class, insulted at the prospect of mass murder.
I breathe and my struggle is the struggle that is legitimate across all national boundaries.
I endorse the Reinvention of the UN as laid out by Andre` Lewin. I do so because while the UN is disrespected because of its weak responses and unrealistic goals of no war at all, the UN has had successes, and continues on as half of what it was dreamed to be, and that foundation as half is in its organizations, such as the International Civil Aviation Organization, and World Health Corporation, and a list of vital to the world, organizations it sponsors, administrates, and begs money for.
From where I sit, as a citizen of the US, suffering threats from ideologues within and without, my own borders are but the borders of my office, and the borders of the US. The CSA has risen, and I fight it by name. I honor soldiers not so much of todays army, an army turned into the private army of the oilmen, but the army of the Union that fought to free enslaved, tortured, and terrorized labor.
It was not until 1952 that a black man was enrolled in the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. I must look up his name.
It is a crime against the Union that on the campus of the University, supposed to provide a safe harbor for those seeking the skills of scholars and leaders to be forced to pass under the gaze of the soldier who is honored for fighting to keep him enslaved and ignorant.
I myself was given the choice to become educated, and chose Rochdale College in Toronto as a citadel of resistance. As on Security I was lucky to have my lottery number come up high, so I could flee the corruption, and corrupt, who had their own greed and cynical reasons to throw me out a window, and sort it all out later.
As an independent scholar with a clear goal of discovering what it will take to prevent the apocalyptic riot so many actually lust to see happen, I am fully prepared to authorize force when it is obvious talking about it only gives more time for the forces arrayed against us, the honest working classes, are oppressed and fed lie after lie, suffering from leadership that has set up systems, and is committed to systems and ideas that all can clearly see are not going to work, and will inevitably aid in out extinction.
I am the old man now. I am not going to get but this one life to live, and I accept my destiny.
It is not the big events, but the little things you do everyday. So I do what I can, with what I have, where I am.
Earlier I wrote here Nothing Doing about my failing fight over the sharing of the transportation infrastructure represented by the making Private of the Public asset of the Where I Live airport, Horace Williams. Then there was my defeat as a small individual who wanted to work with my local government to help provide a surplus of living space that would enable Fair Housing. Maybe we do have no rights. Maybe working people need to accept nothing is their due, and that their government is for the government.
Those who already have the deeds to the land of the realm can zone it so that we will never be able to buy or rent securely anywhere for ourselves and our families.
The rich and the poor don’t care at all and have all the children their dicks and uterine equipment will produce.
We of my class don’t think that way. We of my class don’t have what we can’t afford.
We did not expect that the game would be so rigged that we could not ever have the means to afford what our parents could.
The police, the enforcers of the law know that they need tanks just on the outside chance we will start burning the money. Burning down the banks that make these laws and steal our money would be as squashed as was the February Revolution.
But knocking over all the monuments to the men of Robert E Lee, the well dressed traitorous pervert who was so loved that ignorant loyal servants of the self styled aristocrats with deeds to Tara, lost everything in his service, even their souls were made waste in service of the idea that they as labor, were to be subservient to these families who thought them stupid for trusting them.
Maybe it was the promise of owning maybe, women, the white women, and the black women.
It is an honest motive to fight for your woman, and your children with the honest goal of providing four walls and a roof over their heads and the entertainments of pets and a fire to feed.
What good is your soul if it is scarred and diseased through sacrifice and loyalty to torturers and slavemasters who think it their privilege to go beyond all ethical reason and take possession of anyone to beat into service for only the deeded top of the heap?
Knocking over the monuments to the CSA, plastering them with the names of the simply murdered and then tortured and lynched is what there is best to do as a class that can clearly see the inheritors of these sick ambitions are ramming down our throats in cascades of legislation like that restricting the vote, gerrymandering of the votes to get them seated and paid for life to destroy that Union that has been all that has stood in the way of States Rights, now nothing but a euphemism for oppression.
Would but our Volunteer army was sent to knock over these CSA insults to the sacrifices of twice the dead heaped up and bend dismembered, who served the principles of fair play and freedom. The US Civil War is just not over.
The petrodollar depends on this volunteer army to defend the Saudi family from Israel, while these monarchs and princes keep alive a culture no better than the worst of what kings and princes forced upon the people of Europe during the Dark Ages, and Middle Ages of Crusades in 1199, and 12 hundred.
What has the Vatican given to Haiti? No wonder they party so much in Spain.
Why not? God will forgive.
What if God doesn’t. What if it really does matter what ideals you serve? In this world at Nuremberg the judges and juries took the time to consider this whether God did or not.
The bankers have no idea of any different goal than the advancement and hegemony of their system. They do not know better than to make losers and winners as they have done and intend to keep doing.
The Drug War makes them winners either way. All along for long it was just the criminals that led them, but then the Cold War ended and there was a huge nation that as looted they were perfectly positioned and the laws in place set along to follow the practices of Meyer Lansky and the mob.
The mob knew and operated all along in a state of permanent war. The mob taught the legitimate corporations how to hide money, hide behind shell companies, and use new and old laws and loopholes so as to gather for themselves unaccountable fortunes and power.
Capitalism has matured into a mobster artifice. It was perfectly structured by the mob so as to absorb into its fold the friends of the Russian Princes.
All they had to do was see the right banker in London. Every benefit paid for by honest labor, defended by the armies of the capitalists was purchased with just a little for the banks, just a little.
The banks, run by mobster cronies get to keep the profits while labor is given the bill to protect them, at no expense.
Back in the 20th century the mobsters just had 16 trillion, and now the mobsters essentially are the whole fortune.
We might only be able to do as I want, and make entirely a new nation of our own.
I am isolated and poor. My books have not gained traction. The distributors will not buy them, and the independent bookstores will not buy them.
I have no academic credentials where troll the agents with knowledge and entrée into the offices of the editors with their lists.
I am not friends with powerful Hollywood actors who can tell Angelina Jolie Pitt that my passports show how to free the refugees with independent travel documents the pilots she could ask to honor the documents, would do.
I can’t fly to Necker Island for a week of fun with the premier World Citizen, and king of the hedonists, Sir Richard Branson.
Virgin is the airline most likely because of his throw it to the wind philosophy to be the first vetting organization that has the reach and stations and station agents who could meet those at the fences and have filled out the applications.
He’s not watching my youtube videos. I admit some of them suck. I was sick there for a good while. Sometimes I got the wrong face going. These latest videos are better. Better because I invented the currency.