History and Tears

Edward Ray Day

From Slide in legacy

There is something to music. My father told me he had sat in his living room, the small room of the small cinderblock house and cried that he could hear so well the symphony on his little stereo.

He always had had a portable radio. He must have been in his early 50s. He had begun aging. I really don’t know how he bore up from the humiliations and hurts. Most of what he did was forgotten. I got the message when my mother was divorcing him that he wasn’t needed much.

In youth and arrogance I believed such shit for a long time.

“If you want a perfect man, marry a woman.” RSD

It is like for generations the message is that boys and men would be better to behave like girls and women. To make them so, and alleviate their depressions caused by having dicks, drugs have been applied.


Sometimes I have spoken to strangers who reminded me of people I knew. It is nearly ridiculous. They have things in their ears and in their hands they look at the screen. All the world is a mirror. There are people removed and put in electric glass coffins.


Those not looking at their phones apparently develop a love for guns and plan on killing people as for a purpose. The latest wanted a race war. I think you can watch him on your smartphone talk about it. I’ve not looked but at the face going by in the Facebook feed.


It was some years ago that I began imploring the powerful to denounce the monuments of Monument Row. Northerners don’t see the South, and if they go to Florida, they bring their own aims for apartments with air conditioning. Where The Boys Are.


I’ve been reading History, the book title is History. I came to some part where the war for Rome is ended and the brother, an underground fighter has come to give some chocolate to his younger brother. He gives his mother some money for the first time, and tells her it is okay to be a jew. He insists that he and his brother though, are not jews.

I started crying because I missed my brother. I can’t say more than that. It is a common thing I find.


It is history. We are liberated by the rubbish of whatever is inherited other than property. “I’ll let them decide when they grow up.” was something you heard of the culturally advanced, as if God would speak directly to the newly named adult about what was right.

Einstein in an essay says he has no understanding of religious beliefs. As he knew the Germans and Prussians as some of us know the South, he recommended powerful weapons sooner than later.

I would not recommend the burning of Confederate flags. Vendors at tourist stops on the road have an interest in selling them.

The division of labor works for the papers and the radio and on TV. Instead of seeing themselves in the same boat as labor, they are opposed and divided.

I myself did stand in front of Silent Sam and denounce the statue as an affront to the Union. To win the Civil War with less bloodshed I would start at the monuments of Monument Row, and work down through the South with the strategic aim of uniting Black and White Labor, and redirecting whatever hatred is justified.

How many fathers and grandfathers are we now away from the war between the states? 17 as a soldier till then dead at say 76, and 76 and 76 and what now? Like Wendell Berry it is 4 fathers messages, stories of History, and who the invaders were. It is enough they were invaders from the North. Oh that flag and the statues, 39 hundred of them in the C.S.A. states.

It is okay to be Black, or a Jew, or Gay, or White, but better if you are acting like a woman. Time for a woman president. “We need to get the guns off of the streets and out of the hands of lunatics.”

If you don’t trust the Sheriff to approve of your permit, you hold back, and then those disarming themselves set a good example. Many are afraid the child will find the gun. They are afraid that they will kill themselves.

I’m afraid the grocery store will close. It is hard to get ammunition anymore for a .22 rifle I have found. I have a book on how to make a shotgun.

The proactive civil demonstrations involved message rockets. Everyone in the park, even the police wanted to see them fly in the night. The children ran after it in the day, to retrieve it. Boys liked it especially. The girls saw some joy they could share and with wonder ran as fast as the boys to retrieve it.

Physically there is a loss of innocence. Intellectually the loss must have some compensations. Well it is property taxes as still now having great influence over the love of a life of the mind so that the messages are not well spread and it is the luck of wealth and the right neighborhood along with defined jobs that are okay.

Well I am here to work at preventing the apocalyptic riot because the majority of us are okay.

The atomic weapons must be used before they are too old to work right and to reinvest in them costs more than they are worth. I can see banning atomic weapons and working backwards. The Confederacy with an atomic weapon would have long ago used it. I can feel that in my bones.

No one of the nation ought be so untrustworthy as to not be trusted to use a firearm offensively against unarmed civilians. I mean I had no enemies pointed out to me to get ready to kill when taught to shoot in the Boy Scouts. I loved my skill developed at it.

So then the invaders from the North came down into the South to prevent the spread of slave trading and slave labor in the new territories. Chicago hardly seemed to have cared at all about the Civil War. They were killing in town over jobs.

Now in the US, no matter what the hide in the woods and play war games might say, there is no sane battlefield for your cause other than TV Land. My campaign has started and I am working at looking more TV acceptable. I am trying to find reasons to love the US again. I can love the Union, but the C.S.A. which keeps my class poor even to this day, is not possible for me to love.

As a US Senator I would denounce the monuments of the C.S.A. I can explain my reasons.