Science Fiction Memories & My Driving Song

Tent People of the Park

Anarchist in the East Village

The guy with my megaphone got captured by the police and arrested.  I never got my megaphone  back.  I did finally replace it.  I have one on the mantle above the fireplace.  I have equipment.

Last time I did LSD was in something like 1975.  I had a book.  I had just read John Creasy’s 15 Battles that Changed the World, and was inspired by the Democratic conduct of the Generals of Athens at the Battle of Marathon.  I knew a guy who always had Wednesday night for himself even though he was living with a girl.  I think I did some acid with him. I think he gave me the acid. He was the guy that lent me the book.  I did what I hate, and never remember giving it back to him.

The freakout of the last time in Toronto of where I knew the world as a police state and there was a secret I had figured out about the telephones related to the finite number that there was of these telephones enabled the Police State, that Ghost government to have complete control meant I had to be careful, came rushing back same as it had left off.

I had not planned well.  I knew what to do.  All was fixed the way it was and wasn’t going to change.  I had gone far enough.  I hijacked a guy in his car and got him to drive me back downtown.  I was forceful and rude.  He lives with a story to tell.  I apologized.

Too bad, things stopped being fun.  Best of times and worst of times.  Best of times worst of times.  Go to the best place.  Go to the beach.  I need it to be dry now for my bones.  I need to look at the sea.

Spent a day stacking cinderblocks.  Then there was the time in the meat freezer.  Couple of times in the meat freezers.  Butchers take that stuff serious.  Just cut that rotten part off.  Cook the freezer burned pork chops with lots of garlic and peppers.  Don’t come right.  Meat.  Baloney.  Falls off the dock.  Eat it in big hunks later in the trailer.  Thing there like a wrecked boat.  Trailer parks.  Rent world.  Rent world.

Hey baby want to take a ride with me?

Go out in the CounTry?  Let the engine run, An the wheels go round.

Roll me a Mexican joint from the plastic box.  Talk to me.  Nothing on the Radio but Sunday.

Find a creek.  Look at the water.  Get run off by an angry man with a long shotgun.  Want to take a ride with me?  In the night.  I drive to fast, your tears will run.  I’ll stop the fun.  Story to tell.  Go to hell.

We never needed China, but they needed us.  You fucking Communist.  We never needed China, but they needed us.  You fucking Communist.  Stop writing anything true.  What do they do?

Yeah Foxcomm.  I heard they jump.  Put nets around the building.  We blow our heads off in the bathroom to keep it neat.  Wally got a motorcycle.  Put his girl on the back.  Hit a truck so hard they went right through the big side panel stuck in time.


Driving Song, sort of.

Concrete is the Roman way.  Build a Coliseum.  Walls go high.  Round they go.  Round they go.  Spears and bullets fly.  I’m not your guy.

Want to take a ride with me.  What you think we’ll see.  Just see some counTry Tree.  Contrree Con Tree Con T Ree see that Con Tree Are E.  Want to take a ride with me.  This is our Hiss Tor E!  Want to take a Ride With Me.  I got a Mem Or EE.  Give me your ComPan EE!  Want to Take a Ride With me.

We never needed China before?  New money got made.  They are buying Gold.  Keynes said it was BarBarEee.  What’s that mean to me?   It’s in the DNA or our HISS Tor EE.

Steel is Real, and Wood Burns.  Firemen love to burn a house.  Firemen love to burn a house.  Some guy likes to blow up the Power station, and call it in.  People are fucking Crazy.  Block Heads and Hop Heads run the streets.

Want to take a ride with me?   Let the engine run, and the wheels go round?

Faster Faster Faster now.  Faster Faster Faster Now.  Want to take a ride with me?

Let the heat roll over me.  Concussion lifts the heart.  Ears pop and bones tremble.  Wow.  Wow.  Gears and the motor is a break down the long tall dark hills in the night.  Some where in Connecticut.  Want to take a ride with me.  I’m a driver.  I’m now just a survivor.  I got MeM Or Eee.  The future is not mine.


After the future:  The World Came together to give all everything they needed by building the complete distribution network for the things.  Food, Clothing & Shelter.  Food was distributed around the world wherever there were people there were supermarkets.  If they were not connected by roads they were connected by rail or by air and air connected, with the hybrid airships if that is the way they had to be.

Food is first.  Food was airdropped from any height.  If all that could be done was above the missiles or below the missiles the United Nations, Government, The Government of Governments was charged with delivering food bought and paid for from the money of its Central Bank Insurance Company, and Insurance was meant to mean insuring the peace.  War for peace if it had to be that the end the threat of nuclear annihilation of anybody.  Ignorance of the future was not allowed.  Ignorance was not allowed.  Food is number one.  Hand in hand Education.  World Education.  My nation of Airports Transcendia is allowed to grow.  Military bases become mine, my supermarkets growing and distributing food.  Food, Food, Food.  Food for all there are starting now.  You can drop bags of popcorn if nothing else.  If you are so strong prove it with food first.  War goes like this.  Food bombs first.  I have to admit I am thinking of civilians being starved by Assad and the Russians.  Richest Strongest and more fucking bombs because the war profiteers are allowed to do it that way.


Proactive Civil Demonstration.  Food Bombs first.

Too corny aye.  Not glamorous aye.  Fuck it.  I don’t care.  There were rules of war, and there are rules of war.  Starving Civilians isn’t right.  The Government of Governments has an Army to stop it.  Do it differently.

War by threat of nuke works, well that worked but doesn’t, isn’t going to work forever.  Face it.  There are the warriors who are destined to fight you know.  Battlefield boys they are.  War, okay buddy lets do it for the right reasons at the least.  OK, OK, I’m Sold On War, I want some MOrre give it to me ON the TV,  Show me all War, all the Time Close up on them body parts, and the blood in the ground.  I’ll call it mine.  All the time.  WAR, War More and more, here there and everywhere.  Disease and distrust we Must!  Give it to us.  Why not now?

What, you think you want to wait to see how the Election Goes?   You know it just means war, somewhere, far from the fucking Home Land.  We didn’t used to need China.  Look at their ally.  They are scared it, will be De Stabli IZED.   They carry it all the way to the core of it all with their spies spying on everybody all the time.  Stalin would be proud.  J. Edgar Hoover.  Are You a Goddamned Communist?  Corporation Communism has worked out well.  How the hell is Face Book going to work in China?  Their is nothing to sell when there is no Free Content you know.  OK Facebook could sell war stuff.  Facebook could be a weapons marketplace in China.  China needs to sell the US McNamara’s planes.


When I was writing Transcendia War Commentary I wrote about how you use the I Ching and the Bible together.  Because I have invented since Transcend-O-Ray Tm with Craig Hefner Transcendia since 1980, they think I’m real, thought I was real, and anyway my spiritual practice, scholarly, I mean you could do it in a church and collect money.   Well I got mail from China trying to sell me old China airport Fuel Trucks and stuff like that.  There in the news it was that the Chinese Government thought they needed to cut off the access of the Chinese to all the Free Speech thinking about individual rights, and their Government hacked the doors to perception closed.  I was blocked in China. Pisses me off.

Engineers know there are too many people for the systems to run smoothly.  “Best Practices”.  Government has the obligation to employ “Best Practices” which are delightful to the problem solving mind.  I cut to the chase with the Insurodollar.  We either value human beings or we value oil.  Oil is not the best energy source.  We are in the death throes of the 100 Years Oil War.   While it is true that the Sun does not strike all territories equally, it sure does hit lots of places quite a lot.  Distribution.

DC, there is a North and a South to DC.

Too Many People?  Not necessarily.  The goal is to Save the Planet for some people, which means cleaning up a great deal of plastic in the Oceans.  Printing money on the basis of Human Capital as represented by the Insurance actuary tables changes the paradigm.  May as well look at it from a Labor, lots of labor available for the better systems.  Best Practices.

Please think Positively.

Tragedy is living your life according to the worst ideals, and that sort of thing, well, Slavery?  Slavery is bad in my world.  When people are educated and have gained useful skills, then they find their destinies.

I do not anymore like the Clintons, and see more war if they are elected.

I read The Tragedy of Great Power Politics.  It calls on nations to get their own nuclear weapons because otherwise they, as was proven when the Ukraine gave up theirs, they will be vulnerable.  That is certain as long as there is no Government of Governments.  Andre` Lewin, with whom I corresponded wrote out what a Reinvented UN, as a Government of Governments would have in order to not so much keep the peace, in our world all war all the time is the reality, but at least move in the right direction.  I cannot but see that if all nations do follow his advice, the Apocalyptic Riot will be ensured.  If all nations get the Bomb, somebody will use them.  I don’t like that idea.




The Love Problem

Photo on 3-5-13 at 4.08 PM 2

I haven’t really loved the United States for a long time I feel like. “The Thrill is Gone” is well like it. I was revived in my feelings about the US when Carter was elected. I made the movie documentary “The Common Fool’s Trip to the Inauguration”. Of movies I’ve made it is the one I have rewatched the most, and I recently sent it to the DNC youtube television channel hoping they would put it in the lineup.

You can find it in the 160 video clips, videos and movies put on Transcendian, my youtube channel.

In the US, in my travels that continued in my life up until I was 49, and I moved to Chapel Hill, Carrboro, got married, and have hardly been out of town since there were extreme ups and downs. The years immediately after my business failed in NYC were miserable. By the time I was resettled to NC after a year in Florida, after 6 months in Rochester again, I first accounted a year that showed 6,000 dollars.

That year in Florida was a whopper. I got sick and I got arrested and was egged on the road while riding a bicycle. Sure there is no income tax, but it costs 425 to register your car. It did. It was a surprise. I finally just sold the truck and it was only the motorcycle which blew the engine right on time. The engines were known to go at 12,000 miles for those old 450 Hondas.

I got arrested for doing what was legal for a cop on a motorcycle, but not for me as a “civilian”. By then and when done I was for the registering and all regs and laws that would apply to ground transport motor vehicles to be made a national system as is the FAA system that governs aircraft.

How can the poor find any great reasons to love the US? Social Security and Medicare and Medicaid are something to inspire a bit of loyalty. You have a record. You had better make a good wage though, or you won’t get so much. There was evidence I was worth something for becoming skilled enough that the Union wanted me. I could afford the NYC card, but got a card in NC as a charter member of the Local 491. There was no way to survive for someone like me other than as a union member.

It is an International. The Locals compete. Any Right Wing ideologue ought like that, though they talk a lot about loving the nation. It might be a surprise that in the International NC lost first most to Canadians.

Transcendia has failed as I have been forced to get old and run out of time and there was no money getting better in it. The aviation industry wages for the job I loved doing on airports forced me off as well as the institution of piss testing after traces of pot in your fatty tissues. I moved to jobs where I wasn’t subject to coerced evidence of the use of pot.

Hiding out in the nation that was what the US had become was more like it. How can you love a nation that is at war after you set up to take your freedom when you are out dodging the police for all the little crimes of poverty or non conformity as Hoover’s murderous FBI was, and was a legacy system set in stone that the Feds kept going poisoning users, and now at a fatality rate yearly on the borders of 10 to 14 thousand a year?

“Love It Or Leave It.”

What do they call my generation? What were the dreams of Woodstock Nation? They were to just get away from it all. The dream of my generation was to go out in the country and live off grid and just stay out of the way of the rest of the nation.

There was no way for the rational man and woman of my generation to love much beyond whatever was in sight.

I decided to really get involved in politics, beyond the writing. I have decided to announce an intention to run for US Senate. My job in the world is to prevent Apocalyptic Riot. I can work at making the US a nation to be worthy of love by its citizens again from a US Senate seat.

First I have to find reasons to love it, my nation, as it is, now. You tell me what it is that makes you love the US?

I lived in Canada where there is more media censorship along with self censorship, which matters when you are writing for a TV program. So Canada as great as it is, this small little nation if you count people does not inspire love in me because of that free speech being less than in the US.

The biggest reason for me to love the US, as it is, is the strong tradition of free speech. I can work from that to revive that love lost.