President King Makes a Difference Good or Bad

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The leader, Supreme, at the very top, even in a democracy such as the democracy that is the US Democracy, a Presidential Electoral Democracy, Does make a difference. They do make a difference.

I could not decide whether the great man made history, or history made the great man, but the great man makes history. I did not want the great man to be that important. I wanted the mob to matter more. The mob needs a good leader.

Churchill as a war leader is not my favorite, but he was right about enough things to matter more for the good than the bad. All leaders will waste lives somehow. When the great leader makes a mistake, and people die, they have to live with it.

Aristocratic families offered up their best to the stupidity of authorities that wasted the flower of France, and many of the best of the English, and many of the best of the USA. It was a terrible and stupid war the Germans ought have paid more for then when you really think about what happened.

The man in Fukushima who felt that the nation was done, would no longer have the right to be a nation because of it had a point at the time of the crisis. The C.S.A. had no right to exist after it lost. The monuments to its heroes that are tolerated ought not be tolerated at all.

Silent Sam as a tall image of heroic sacrifice on the university campus of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill has no right to be there. I ought go an pull it over. I learned how to rig steel rope and shackles, snatch blocks and boom trucks or a little crane or just thirty people and a inch hemp rope jerk with wedges for rest till it goes over to the level of a dead man on the ground.

Knowing how to pull it over makes me itch.

Robert E. Lee made a difference.

Ulysses S. Grant made a difference.

Jesus didn’t say, “Follow my ideals.” He said, “Follow Me.”

The great man, like Confucius, or Buddha, or Mohammed, or Alexander the Great, or King Albert, or Franklin D. Roosevelt embody the ideal and are the men that get followed so well that their ideals are employed, enough. Hitler kept the home front safe? -Till it wasn’t.

(I am in a fight with Hitler now, for Hitler’s image as a “failed artist” has done in the subsequent aim of artists to be aspirants and leaders from their identities as artists. Since Hitler an artist as a leader is dismissed. The artist is not to be trusted in a leadership role because Hitler was a failed artist. This is the essential message of “Beatniks and Spiders” my soon to be released CD. I mean by soon within in two weeks. Then my campaign starts off in earnest. I intend to publish the CD and by then the inverter will have arrived, and so then the grand experiment will begin as I aim to gain the currency of fame by playing the guitars Intendors TM I have made while speaking my message: “We don’t have to live like this.”)

Bernie Sanders or Hillary Clinton?

It is the Nationalist against the Corporatist. To be clear Bernie Sanders is the Nationalist here. We must make him President, or revolt. This is clear.

Our votes as stolen as gerrymandering makes possible, in a system led by the corrupt who have given all power to the few who are not at all good leaders of even their corporations, and cynically have taken the money we gave them as reinsurers of AIG and bought up the deeds to raise the rents on where the work is aiming to get all the money for the spaces, the roofs over our heads will not be stopped by Hillary Clinton. She will not enable or cause “free” University educations for the people of the nation who are supposed to accept wage slave status earlier than ever in their lives.

The Insurodollar will go missing if I do not gain the currency of fame. Bernie Sanders wants to bring back the New Deal, and Americans need to lead the world in its treatment of its people.

“No shame in Honest Work.” accompanied my avatar on CR4 where the engineers in cyberspace hung as a community there for awhile. The teachers of the 5th graders hated me and banned me like how I got banned from OCSC.

Early on I got used to being hated and had to fight and beat all of them in Elon College. Some sorts will not understand anything but force. You must be willing to get down in the dirt and fight it out. The adversarial nature of all negotiations in business in the US abandoned quickly the negotiations towards win win resolutions. From the mud I say follow me towards the win win resolutions to the most serious threats to our competition for Big Time Species status in the threatening Universe.

We might better convince the aliens that Star Trek is the reality, not the reality of Kerry and Putin right now.

Follow me to make the basis of our currency reflect the best of our values which share with the world the prosperity of ideals. “Reason wins because Reason Pays.” -John Landes

Follow me to the world of the win win and reasonableness.

Experience is the great teacher. I followed the precepts of Andre` Lewin, who in the last of his life gave to us the Points for Reinvention of the UN. It was to become then the Government of Governments. I am little, Follow me as I say Transcendia is not to be the Government of Governments, but a government in all governments, as an honored guest. Transcendia will never have atomic bombs, but will support the elimination of them.

Do you know who John C. Mearsheimer is? I feel safe to say that political scientists and advisors to heads of governments know who he is and what he has to say about defense of the nation. I put John C. Mearsheimer in the class with Mahan, and say he is our eras Mahan, and that his book leads to apocalyptic riot with nuclear weapons being used, same as Mahan said nations had to have big dreadnought battleships. It was the battleships that contributed mightily to the eruption of the First World War. The need for coaling ports drove the end of the idealistic leadership that the US offered the world, where the nation did not have to take by force the ports of other nations, as it was aimed to take the port of Havana for US Battleships that led to the Spanish American War and the subjugation of the nationalists of the Philippines.

We must go all out and change then even Bernie Sanders into a complete leader, “Leader of the Free World”. Internationalist or Corporatist? No leader who could be to come from the Republican party as it is in this time, in name and in being, is a nationalists. It is the party of the Corporatists in total.

The win comes when we are convinced that who is the President, or the State Legislator, or State Senator, or the Congressman, or the Senator, or the President, or the Prime Minister, doesn’t matter. The proof is that Roosevelt mattered.

Fame without money sucks because you cannot defend yourself and what you have. All I have is my name. My name and my identity is Transcendia. You can ask the first wife, or the best man, or the men of the wedding party that got the Transcendia keychain engraved with Transcendia on brass. (I have no idea where mine is.) In Documentary of a Small Nation on Transcendian, Ed Hettig shows his.

There will be work for Armed forces of the Government of Governments enforcing the ban on all Weapons of Mass Destruction, because once they are banned for all, the one who gets one will have incredible destructive power that those who gave them up, won’t. When talking seriously about banning weapons of mass destruction, I aim to be pragmatic about it and make sure the military industrial complex doesn’t get all afraid they will be out of work.

Still if we are to graduate from earth bound overpopulated irrational beings to the Big Time Species, we must change for the better, which was better in the US post WWII, when surviving soldiers were housed and educated and went on to good jobs making and selling useful things internationally.

Oil is going to run out, but it is still running automobiles and powering in one form or another power plants. The air is thick from soot from diesel or coal burned to make things that people buy so somewhere a working man has a roof over their head.

Food now is dependent on tractors and combines that are huge and burn diesel and the distance from where your food is grown to where you live in the city, or on the side of a mountain in Tibet is great. Steel framed high rise farms in the cities and towns of the world and potatoes in the ground of the airport that ought be flat are some of the answer.

Traditional building techniques are not able to keep up with demand, so we must move more and more to crane set factory built building units. We are overpopulated where there are so many regardless of where there are the aged too many. The Transcendian working person must be allowed to move to anywhere there is work for them. The corporations move wherever the trapped are set to work as wage slaves.

If we are nationalists at home we must be internationalists abroad. We cannot be subjects of the Corporations. We many be subjects of our nation, but not subjects of the Corporation. The Corporations can go ahead and build all the robots they need to make things. There is work then for all mechanics.

Why from the Leader of the Republicans, now Donald Trump, do we never hear of splitting taxes between the “illegal immigrants” and their nation of origin, and us, in the US where we all hate the invaders, unless of course, they are our invader, as I once heard said on NPR. “Everybody hates the illegal Mexican, till it is their Mexican.” I have been on jobs and worked with a Mexican who everybody loved, screaming his name “Alehandro!” Payday and Alehandro got an envelope with cash, while I got an check, not even in an envelope.

Hard work isn’t so bad till you get old, and then you get sick, and then you die.

It doesn’t have to be all done in a bad spirit. We know about the International Declaration of Human Rights. Every nationalist must then share the burden of the nations, and women must have full rights, and when rights of people are so egregiously abused as they are in the nations where there is censorship of knowledge, and reporters are murdered by the leaders of the state, and the leaders torture and cut the heads off of innocents, then we must see to the use of overwhelming force and beat those irrational people out of power.

The Corporatists don’t really care as long as they can get oil, or force people to make what they sell in factories so horrible and such cause of mental anguish they have to put nets around the factory building to keep labor working instead of jumping to their deaths.

When I worked hard on UNTV I found that the UN was corrupt and fearful of the power of real TV that was possible to discover in the mix of the channels with the clicker. The TV is a fireplace, and will be on, and the children will watch it practicing the TV face, rapt, eyes wide. The wife wants to see what the other women are wearing. Then the man wants to see the soccer game, a substitute for war, it is fine. Few get trampled.

Then there is Hitler Television, otherwise known as the History Channel.

Fine, but we need to know the news, because we need to know where the food is coming from and how to build or buy a house, or who to vote for. That Vote. That Vote. That Vote matters.

Without the vote to get a great leader you have to go out there and fight others to the death to install a better King.

The King Poem

A Good King
Is a good thing.
Tried and true,
and nothing new.

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