Now the Game

Check ListThe US Post Office-3The Flag of Transcendia SM poster

First off there is the Transcendia call center in the Philippines using my name. I object. My name is like the name Disneyland to me.

The company Transcendian Systems in Singapore, I object. Your use is even more egregious meeting the confusing measure of misuse.  I object strongly.

The company Dreamboat, I object to the use of my name for your game.  I object to Game Jolt.  I object to the Marketing DMR.  I work.  I get nothing for my work. No honor.  It actually hurts.  I hope you are happy to have hurt someone.  Laugh.  Laugh at me because I can’t get at you.  I object.

I have work to do.  I can’t think about this so much I become a twisted mean and angry person.  I object.  I object.

I will hire an attorney, or one could work on contingency maybe.  Laugh.  I have work to do.  I have to keep going.


I allowed myself a bit of hope about the primary, but it was all rigged and really in the end of it all Sanders screwed us running as a Democrat.  He screwed himself.  The Superdelegates were bought before he started out.  He bought them.  He didn’t Revolt.  Revolution my ass.  It is all now just the same Incrementalism we been buying for 50 years.

Okay, play.  Raise the money and buy a building in Wash. DC and fill it with a staff and follow people around who have power and stick their noses in their jobs, and their responsibilities and duties.  Stick at it.  Become professionals.

It will take 14 hundred of you in the town paying attention.  I will include the checklist you need to understand in this piece.  Work At the USPO Service Banking we paid for with our Treasury money they gave to Sachs.  Sachs sells debt to foreigners who can then blackmail our government, like that Prince in Saudi Arabia.

Petrodollar is dead.  Get it through your head.  Petrodollar is Dead.

All the US has to base its money on is raw barbaric war power.  Weapons.  Key to money is over and over what you spend it on.

Rome.  Just like Rome, a civilization unable to withstand the invasions of the barbarians of the mind.

So Far as the US is concerned, sure go for it but you better move to the center of the power and be there working at it, knowing what you are talking about.

It is about Public Financing of the Elections.  You can’t get money from poor people because they don’t get any.  Course Sanders talked good and it went to a Democratic Party Party a show.  Was no money held in reserve?  Are we supposed to start up the contributions again after a crushing defeat?  He walked off with Jane and bought a house.  They inherited a little money.  Great timing.

Like they said he would he raised expectations and lost it all and bought it and gave up and went off to buy a house with Jane.  Now another book?  Just put the checklist in your back pocket and live in Wash. DC.  Go see Nancy Pelosi.  Ask her what to do.

Okay. Okay. What Sanders ought have done when Tulsi Gabbard resigned is gone and gotten her and made her the running mate.  Right then he ought have done that.  Tulsi was right about why to get away from the Clintons.  Tulsi could have guarded his flanks and he is old and if he died she would have made a fine president.  At least she is honest.  At least she doesn’t want the war that the JCS have planned for the days when the F35 works.

Whatever the State of Israel wants, right.  They seem like they just want to kill.  Hurt and kill.  People they as a State are responsible to defend and educate, they can’t get along with them.  They steal their land.  US gets with it all because everybody is an Indian to be wiped out and put on a reservation to save some to watch dancing in native dress.

It wasn’t that long ago.

Feels like a long time ago.

Choices being what they are, us plebeians, peasants, are screwed, but good.

Better invade in big numbers our own Capitol where the money is the rent is so high regular people will be corrupted of course.  Yeah Incrementalism.

It’s Back!  Okay, just do it.  But do not for a minute think you will get it from the Democratic Party.  Just don’t waste your time on that thought.  What a fucking show with all those balloons.  Wow.

Invade your capital and I tell you the place to push is for USPO Service Bankings and that sort of banking.  It is the top of the wall.  Revolt You Can Afford (1)