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First off there is the Transcendia call center in the Philippines using my name. I object. My name is like the name Disneyland to me.

The company Transcendian Systems in Singapore, I object. Your use is even more egregious meeting the confusing measure of misuse.  I object strongly.

The company Dreamboat, I object to the use of my name for your game.  I object to Game Jolt.  I object to the Marketing DMR.  I work.  I get nothing for my work. No honor.  It actually hurts.  I hope you are happy to have hurt someone.  Laugh.  Laugh at me because I can’t get at you.  I object.

I have work to do.  I can’t think about this so much I become a twisted mean and angry person.  I object.  I object.

I will hire an attorney, or one could work on contingency maybe.  Laugh.  I have work to do.  I have to keep going.


I allowed myself a bit of hope about the primary, but it was all rigged and really in the end of it all Sanders screwed us running as a Democrat.  He screwed himself.  The Superdelegates were bought before he started out.  He bought them.  He didn’t Revolt.  Revolution my ass.  It is all now just the same Incrementalism we been buying for 50 years.

Okay, play.  Raise the money and buy a building in Wash. DC and fill it with a staff and follow people around who have power and stick their noses in their jobs, and their responsibilities and duties.  Stick at it.  Become professionals.

It will take 14 hundred of you in the town paying attention.  I will include the checklist you need to understand in this piece.  Work At the USPO Service Banking we paid for with our Treasury money they gave to Sachs.  Sachs sells debt to foreigners who can then blackmail our government, like that Prince in Saudi Arabia.

Petrodollar is dead.  Get it through your head.  Petrodollar is Dead.

All the US has to base its money on is raw barbaric war power.  Weapons.  Key to money is over and over what you spend it on.

Rome.  Just like Rome, a civilization unable to withstand the invasions of the barbarians of the mind.

So Far as the US is concerned, sure go for it but you better move to the center of the power and be there working at it, knowing what you are talking about.

It is about Public Financing of the Elections.  You can’t get money from poor people because they don’t get any.  Course Sanders talked good and it went to a Democratic Party Party a show.  Was no money held in reserve?  Are we supposed to start up the contributions again after a crushing defeat?  He walked off with Jane and bought a house.  They inherited a little money.  Great timing.

Like they said he would he raised expectations and lost it all and bought it and gave up and went off to buy a house with Jane.  Now another book?  Just put the checklist in your back pocket and live in Wash. DC.  Go see Nancy Pelosi.  Ask her what to do.

Okay. Okay. What Sanders ought have done when Tulsi Gabbard resigned is gone and gotten her and made her the running mate.  Right then he ought have done that.  Tulsi was right about why to get away from the Clintons.  Tulsi could have guarded his flanks and he is old and if he died she would have made a fine president.  At least she is honest.  At least she doesn’t want the war that the JCS have planned for the days when the F35 works.

Whatever the State of Israel wants, right.  They seem like they just want to kill.  Hurt and kill.  People they as a State are responsible to defend and educate, they can’t get along with them.  They steal their land.  US gets with it all because everybody is an Indian to be wiped out and put on a reservation to save some to watch dancing in native dress.

It wasn’t that long ago.

Feels like a long time ago.

Choices being what they are, us plebeians, peasants, are screwed, but good.

Better invade in big numbers our own Capitol where the money is the rent is so high regular people will be corrupted of course.  Yeah Incrementalism.

It’s Back!  Okay, just do it.  But do not for a minute think you will get it from the Democratic Party.  Just don’t waste your time on that thought.  What a fucking show with all those balloons.  Wow.

Invade your capital and I tell you the place to push is for USPO Service Bankings and that sort of banking.  It is the top of the wall.  Revolt You Can Afford (1)


Revolt & Revolution in the US strategic Ordering

Twelve O'Clock High/Maximum Effort

Maximum Effort frame from watercolor story.


Working Class Corner/Letter Form, Even Burrough’s Cut Up form.  Time, time is short.

Notes/Camera Eye, Chorus, Notes:

We are lucky to be alive.  JFK and one of two or three other guys saved us from the Apocalyptic Riot, which at the time was simpler and just Atomic War.

JFK was assassinated by Richard Helms and James Angleton, the counter intelligence officer in the FBI, for the Joint Chiefs of Staff who JFK never believed capable of such a treasonous act.

LBJ & J. Edgar Hoover went along for reasons of their own.  The coup that followed maintained and expanded the war against the commies, both in and out of the US.  The pivotal prohibition of pot was more codified in law and propaganda and incentives created a blockhead class of special police.

As both sides of the Drug War danced together the techniques of constant surveillance and the destruction block by block of societal well being produced a society now dominated more and more by block heads and hopheads that set the baseline of nervouiosity and fear we get to share in the Retro states of the C.S.A. that enriches the private prison system, and piss processing industry.

Hedonism is illegal.

Nobody is any fun.  Ignorance is not bliss.

Fuck Southern States Rights, All bullshit to mask oppression.

Wow, Finance Bill, Banks get to take Drug Businesses Cash, but it isn’t legal?  Give me a fucking break!

……Notes, Revolution is one thing.  Revolt is first.  Revolt to cause the Revolution that sticks.  Big nation.  Who is in Charge?

President, War Dictator, Executive Orderer.  Gets kill power.  Fast Track for Corporation plans to advance wage slavery in collusion with elites.  Some get money, some get status, elites all laugh down on those they have narrowly educated, mind control is real.  Who owns the TV, owns the minds of the people.

Airport Bar TVs…  The UNTV is on your computer and is impossible to watch.  Go to Instagram:  “Syria is suffering.  Syria is suffering.  We must do something to stop the suffering.  Syria is suffering.”

While we are protected by the Atlantic Ocean on one side, and the Pacific Ocean on the other, we are still vulnerable and cannot sort out our government and make it work as it should in a vacuum.  If we want to effectively Revolt, and end up with a Revolution that is aimed at making the myth of America real, we have to do things in order and that means getting the military command and control structure to actually protect the nation during the Revolt and Revolution.

An Inventory of Generals, and assets is then required.  Often intelligence officers are called assets.  There is a formidable power structure that threatens the people of the US.  The National Guard will do as they are told and they have more and better weapons than the people.

The Front Businesses of the CIA & MI6, where does their money go?  What do they get to do with their profits.  They sell a lot of jet fuel.  Is American Airlines a CIA Front?  First in Haiti.  So goes Haiti goes the West.  Youtube is the best of UNTV.

They shot us and beat us during the Civil Rights and Viet Nam era and assassinated the leadership.  People like me got the message and withdrew and  tried to do less provocative things so we wouldn’t become targets.  I worked to strengthen the UN through Television.  I failed and now believe it is time to found another UN.  Let’s see if two will work since one hasn’t been doing what I would see as as good a job as we need to be done.

We in fact do need a Government of Governments to enforce a ban of Weapons of Mass Destruction.  The population is too large as it is.  At the time the UN was founded there were only about half the people that there are now.  The organizations of the UN that exists are vital to world civilian operations.  Leave them in place and create a parallel UN with an army and secret services that fight all comers who would deploy and use nuclear weapons, or other weapons that would kill us all off before we become a Big Time Species.

We could achieve species immortality if we do things right now.

Far as the US and is, corrosion and corruption, the Liberal Elites like Chris Hedges, Noam Chomsky, and whatever friends they have that will work with us to set the stage for an effective revolt and revolution must open lines of communication with the Generals and those of the Armed Forces that must be convinced that they will best serve their honorable positions and uniforms and swears to, by making clear that there will be no disruption in command and control of the US Armed forces during the Revolt and Revolution.

They must agree to not take over and kill us.

The situation is this:  The US Currency is not very trustworthy because of the corrupt practices of the Corporations whose charters have been allowed to seem permanent and detached from the public good.

Corporate Inversions must be made illegal.  I want to see David Cay Johnston’s Tax Code.  I would commission him to design one for the Nation of Transcendia, if I sold more passports or and had profits from the VR scratch & sniff adventure love war movie to spend.

The Federal Drug War must be ended across the board without delay.  Hippies, Old Hippies, Old Hippies smoking pot wearing guns is a terrifying image isn’t it.  The Movie Quest is supposed to end in reality with shipping container passport offices at Washington & Colorado airports moving pot & hashish back and forth and into the rest of the nation legally or illegally using Falcon 50s, my favorite corporate jet.

Gerrymandering must be ended.

The principal of one man, one vote must be reinstated.  All “Best Practices” regarding voter registrations must be applied as understood from practices in other best operating democracies of the world.

Fuck the replicated voting rights bullshit of North Carolina that reuses the tactics of the 1898 ’99? Coup.

The C.S.A. was the first Stalinist State.  “My Past is your Future.”  -RSD

The misuse of States Rights which is code for oppression in all former C.S.A. states must be ended.

The only real legitimate roles of Government must be recognized as Defense and Education.

The US military & the US secret services must be brought to an accounting and inventory and properly deployed as it is now.  We are obviously in great danger due to unresolved economic warfare.  The fact is that the Saudis no longer want to give the US the power that it has had from the Petrodollar invention of Kissinger and Nixon and have turned the US method of econ war against us.

Better stop and take account and go on a realistic war footing while straightening up our affairs at home.

(Might have to send tanks into North Korea after their sub ports, telling China to stick it.  Adults don’t keep on using fighting words and throwing beer bottles without getting arrested or just beat up.)

Of course the US could bomb some places with bags of popcorn, yah know.  I do offer the Pro Active Civil Demonstration like that.  Happy balloonist clowns was unworkable.  Law of unintended consequences. When they shoot down the happy clowns throwing food and flowers to our enemies, we get to bomb them bad.  Of course don’t shoot at things and people you can’t see, is a gun use rule drones disguise.

Waking notes without further comments:  Mail- Communications, make secure.

Lie, a lie, I made comments.

Nothing here is going to work unless the Engineers make it work.  Remember always: Nothing works that you don’t believe in, and want to make work.

Scientists are depressed.  Engineers would be happier if set to work on the fun stuff.  So what if this universe gets cold and stops?  There is another one.  There is one with slow light as a constant, and another with fast light as a constant.  Periodic Tables change all the time.

List Real Enemies.

List Real Allies.

Food, Clothing, Shelter.

Institute rent controls.  Too much greed creates a need.

(Examine the Wall Street use of TARP money to collect more Deeds instead of aiding in the strengthening of vital US industry.)

John Commons thought capitalism was great except for its tendency to demand socialism because human nature is greedy, and needs a system to keep it human and not recreate the jungle laws.

Make universal food production systems that draw in all needs for food within the 50 mile circles that electric vehicles and horses could handle.  Build Urban Frame Farms as needed.  Apply the Energy law of renewables that starts with Solar, meaning Tall buildings downtown and shorter as moving away from the centers.

Build electric roads.  (What I mean here is that electric vehicles ought be able to use batteries to get to the electric road which from they may get power to run anywhere in the nation without the need to stop if the situation warrants uninterrupted travel.)

I am for making the infrastructure support the way Americans like to live, instead of making Americans conform to a new infrastructure that is all confused.

Public Government Responsibilities:   Defense & Education shall not be privatized and for profit.   The Commons shall not be free to be used by Private industry.

Co-ops shall have greater protections under our laws of business formation and creation than corporations which may have their charters revoked and be effectively kicked out of the nation if they are shown to be taking advantage of the nation and its people, and its structures, and its armed forces.

Who writes & signs the Checks?  Tell the Secretary of the Treasury to create a Treasury Insurance Company that gives everybody Whole Life Insurance from Birth.   (Insurodollar preview)

Civilian Authorities & Military Generals?   Secrets.

Nuke Submarines.  Swarms.

Bonds?   What Bond holders deserve to be paid, and which ones don’t?

The US Currency as the Reserve Currency of the World has effectively make the US the Government of Governments.  With the Collapse of the Petrodollar, while the US still holds this advantage, its Financial System just simply must be made into a Trustworthy system.  The drama of this is profound.  The Economists of the US Government with their models made up of phrases and based on prizes that make them fine little reputations have simply wrecked the system.  We desperately require a bunch of Financial Engineers going into the guts of it all and applying Best Practices that can be in short order announced before we see collapse which is likely to lead to a war of desperation.

My own little model nation, the one that has no army has been useful for out of it comes a useful and understandable currency within the system that changes the system only so much as to make it work for us, and not against us.

Insurodollar Summary

My Resolution Gift

“If you can’t even imagine a Utopia, you ought not call yourself a human being.”  -RSD

Current influences:  David Cay Johnston, David Willis for “Beatdom”, William Faulkner, always for Absolam,Absolam!, John C. Mearsheimer, Len Deighton, Blood Tears & FollyChris Hedges, Days of Revolt, Noam Chomsky “Who will listen?” correspondence Andre` Lewin, Points for Reinvention of the UN, March 15 NYTs 2003, correspondence, addition of UNTV under my name to his points. PIKETTY, (fuck spell check)   David Hume, James Jones, (Some Came Running, The Thin Red Line,)  John Dos Passos, The USA Trilogy,  Emanuel Litvinoff, Death out of Season,Blood on the Snow, the Face of Terror, Dan Sherman, The Prince of Berlin,, John Commons, Economist.  Naked Capitalism commentators & Yves Smith, The Bible by Season, the I Ching by question or to the Reading of the Day by spiritual season, Sam Harris, The End of Faith, John Loftin, The Big Picture?  Divinity, Duke, Attorney Hillsborough, NC.   Donald Barthome, Unspeakable Acts, Unnatural Practices) Phd. Astrophysics UNC-CH, Cambridge Laura Mersini Houghton