The Advice? & Counter Culture Oppression

Read the Chapel Hill News about Bias, and noted it ended on the advice that we contact legislators concerning the Marijuana laws the police enforce with force and discretion along with inspiration for hatred in the people from early ages on.

It was not mentioned this hatred engendered by the hassle if not imprisonment for selling a drug that is non addictive and hasn’t killed anyone in the 5,000 years of its known use, 2,000 not even in the age of written words.

Contact your legislators is an empty bit of advice considering the recent legislation further forestalling any sanity or peace as police have not enough crimes to keep them busy if it were not for marijuana arrests.

All media all over the nation continue to attack Racial bias which is a red herring. More Black people are less well off, and as usual it is more a factor of your wealth to be given tickets for minor infractions because they are crimes of poverty.

About all my crimes have been crimes of poverty, and being white and working class one is attacked by cops and criminals at home or outside the house. I used to grow my hair long in solidarity with Black people. It was very effective at bringing down on me or my friends the same sort of treatment from Authorities.

For my entire life past the age of innocence there has been the attempt to see legalized marijuana, and long the Federal Government has bloated till without marijuana criminals to chase and capture 2 thirds of their little dealer victories would mean joining the army for a steady paycheck.

The wisdom of complete recreational and medical marijuana legalization is accomplished in now 4 states? Washington, Colorado and Alaska I can think of. For well off Californians the medical marijuana legislation seems to satisfy them regardless of the injustice for some dealer in Oakland.

Well, for me, an Old Man now, yes of course keep praying that the stupids and fearful always wanting to do either some moralizing in the maintaining of evil as pleading ignorance as if that was a good enough argument to destroy lives and prevent any hopes of cultural tolerance, will just die, so the rest of us can have some peace, if not also happiness before we expire while the police so often used to beat labor when some corporation wants cheap and pliant labor may as well get used to the idea that every time they bust some kid with a little pot they inspire 5 plus to hate them.

92 thousand dollars for 42 cigar cams seems like an awful lot of money to me. As much as the government spend spying on us via the NSA or DEA, or police with bugs and cameras it is small to pay to let them see how it feels to be in constant contact like all of us are voyeurs all the time everywhere which is some sign of insanity when there is driving all the hate laws going back to 1951 aimed at the poor Black and Hispanic on the Texas border who smoked pot they then somehow got into the hands of beatniks who were akin to commies somehow making an excuse to arrest artist types and Hispanics and Whites just driving around.

Drug War, may as well be again named the Make Hate War.