Robespierre was like a Fundamentalist, Tea Bagger of now

I of course want to be the best leader possible and am curious about other leaders and what makes them good or bad. I do admire those who submit themselves to the elective process. It looks like hell. I’d demand money and food and good schools for my kids and an nice fast airplane and an office at the airport if I had to suffer all the insults that go along with being an elected official.
In particular all around I want anyway my office at some airport.
The local little IGX would be good enough.
They hate me over there for being a trouble maker.
I don’t mean to be a troublemaker. I must have been born with a troublemaker gene and a traveling person gene like you would expect in a sailor.
I am an old retired truck captain. I was a truck captain, yeah driving that film truck around NYC and over into all the nearby states. Not a film I worked on was worth s shit seems like for that time. I worked on better commercials.
I shot a TV pilot called Aberdeen that I influenced a great deal that was better than some of the crap films I worked on.
I had to get paid to pay for my apartments in the city. I lived right for NYC for the first three years because I wasn’t frapped there.
I had to go out of town for commercials and industrials and some lousy features we had fun making, which was good for my mental health.
But now I stay home and read and write and am fractured in my head time like everybody else because of the computers and TV screens and now the Fire I got and read a short book titled HISTORY’S WORST RULERS AND HOW THEIR PEOPLE SUFFERED FOR IT. by Frederick Parker.
Robespierre stood out because he was so like our current Republican Right Wing extremists leaders, and leadership as a whole coming from feelings that it does confirm the need to see some people killed like how France was happier and better once Robespierre was put on the guillotine.