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Click on Attachments that appear as titles in Red to read them. They are good background materials. For those new to Transcendia the Kenan Proposal will clarify the thing. The Super Letter to Gore will get you on current issues of energy and war. The things jump to your downloads.

Well I simply don’t know all I need to know, all the time, when I need to know it, in my opinion. I go all glazed reading the instructions for rectifying technical difficulties.

I’ve not figured out how to make the store part of Transcendia, wordpress, work for me.

I’m grateful for the support of Ed Hettig, and Heath Hettig.

I need to figure out how to put videos on this site that Heath created for me when I wanted to make the store to sell the christmas tree stickers. It now exists as a prototype. I don’t even want to know the particulars of why it failed as it was.

There was a presence on Amazon. My TV Channel is Transcendian on youtube. The point of the art of Transcendia is to prevent apocalyptic riot.

Summer and we could see Central Europe explode with a pile on afterwards.
Way it might well go is that there would be a Russian tank assault on their local enemies that don’t co-operate with Russian wishes. Then of course there would be dog fights above the tank buster planes hitting Russian tanks trying to hit somebody, like Poland.

The day of the drone is setback from the jamming Russians have learned to do in the Ukraine. The Drone that went down in Syria while Putin was missing may have well been a Russian experiment there.

The Hybrid war in the Ukraine has been much a test of tactics and strategies Russian war departments have developed.

The Russians have not been happy about sanctions. It much replicates the situation when Roosevelt put on Japan sanctions for Japanese aggressions in Manchuria in the late 1930’s. These sanctions caused the Japanese to attack Pearl Harbor.

The US has been strong and aggressive in pursuit of foreign markets for a long time, and has won the economic war.

I again maintain that the perfect resolution of the Cold War would have been statehood for Russia. Then they would have gotten a tradition of contract law. What has happened is that capitalism for them has been the worst sort of financial engineering as practiced by Wall Street for Wall Street.
Everybody with big money in the bank gets it from the efforts of labor. Most people are trained to go to work, get a skill, and get a paycheck from their labor.

Looks like labor in Russia has been ripped off royally, but then convinced it is all the fault of the US and others around them.

Labor in the US is ripped off daily.

It does turn out that a basic socialism is required for strength and prosperity for the majority. Socialism for the rich certainly works out.
I did complete the Transcendia Passport with the invention of the Insurodollar. Getting it sold in the airports is my current problem, for Hudson won’t buy self published work. Independent bookstores won’t buy my works either.

I have gotten old enough that when depressed I don’t turn to a psychiatrist but turn to an attorney.

Well I encourage you to read the attachments.