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I read a lot. Now I’m reading Len Deighton’s WWII history, Blood Tears and Folly. I read these histories and think of the guys like me, killed for nothing. Most guys get killed in inconsequencial misadventures of life wastes in nameless battles.
History is repeated on the basis of old ideologies made new, like “Free Trade” a policy made to cover the take over of the Financial sector that somehow repeatedly gets to ruin the prosperity of a nation.
The UK or England, or Great Britain, whatever you want to call it since it calls itself by those names. The Netherlands is right, but then they are Dutch, and it is Holland.
They do all right over time. I believe they invented capitalism for the Western Modern era, meaning since 500 years.
It is a lot harder to become Dutch since they had such a good way of taking care of everyone who was a a citizen, all these freeloader Islamist were moving there and setting up shop, pretty much taking advantage of a good thing. Now to become Dutch you have to speak Dutch.
It works to cut down on the invaders after an easy ride.
In capitalism the take over of the entire nation is a gambler and thieves paradise. It is done by yelling the virtues of “Free Trade”. There are no virtues in Free Trade. Look at England. When it did its own stuff importing little it built an empire. After that it was drug down till it was a beggar full of fear and in debt to its eyeballs.
Its people were made stupid and ignorance reigned till WWI and WWII killed countless working class guys who were patriotic. They volunteered to be led by idiots.
Idiots and fools and vain land owners with rent money pouring in to big houses with servants.
It could have been me every time. The guys working for Patton were proud with good reason. Bradley and Eisenhower and that other guy general were sitting around in some nice place in Paris. They had treated all the warnings from by then half decent intelligence service agents and battlefield reports as if the news was of no account. The war was already won far as they were concerned. Enjoy the willing secretary. What a beauty Eisenhower got. Patton too. So all these guys that had lost friend after friend got it themselves when silhouetted against the snow in green battledress not enough to either keep them warm.
What is up with that? No winter clothes? No white camouflage?
Oh well.
Vietnam was stupid. All the CIA went running drugs, and hard drugs too.

The Financial Engineers of Wall Street wrecked the US along with all the “Free Trade” same as the Free Trade wrecked the British Empire. London and Wall Street and the crony capitalists of the former USSR all out completely for themselves walking over bodies.

Ignorant peasants get going every now and then and just shoot people in the back of the head. It is too much to think about.

Look now and there is the secret war called Economic War, using sanctions. Sanctions lead to war. That we have got this far without war in the Ukraine more bigger and better this summer is nearly in my mind, a miracle. I have started to fill a bag. Knife and matches.
Fallout could be a bitch.


I do wonder about the goals of the leaders of the state I live in. Hey, come here where our labor is kept ignorant, is convinced unions are bad for them, and will work for as close to nothing as you want to give. Obviously the people with the money plan to take it out of the flesh of the workers.

Round here they are excited to build a new prison. How many of the prisoners are put in jail for marijuana offenses of possession or dealing or growing do you think the new jail will be housing? It is a good jobs program still even same since the so called decriminalization. The officials are in their 40s and are apparently throughly indoctrinated with the idea that marijuana is an illicit vice. It keeps the police state that J Edgar Hoover put in place going.

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Frame from cartoon I am working on History of the World for Innocents