the Summer of Class Warfare Campaign

I am as a conceptual artist the Political Artist.

I have multiple identities as roles to play during my time as a human being.   I believe life is art the same as what?  Prayer as the Act as you live a finite physical presence.

I imagine I will be dead even when I am not feeling as if I were dying.  For the preceding 6 years from 2010 to the past 8 months I was in and out of the hospital.  I spent two periods in the surreal hallways of nursing homes.

As a political strategist which is part of the art I am here writing about how to right this war of Class.   The seasons have an impact on what can be done, and how things can be done.   During the rest of this winter we must keep the fires burning  and when the summer comes attack in our communities, within the states, and in particular claim territory in Washington DC.

Our marches must be organized in routes that lead to the physical places in Washington DC were we will put up and arrange places that are Command Posts.   We must be self supporting and aim to act as a government in exile because that is our status.

The reins of power are in the hands of a Class out to simply use us to fill their pockets, bank accounts, while we are nothing but the wage slaves they have coerced into servitude.   This is not what we signed up for as citizens  of the United States.   We signed up for a nation of equals.

The Courts have been made more powerful than intended.  They are skitzoid doing as much damage to us as they have hurt us.  The Rich Class are not us.   Jet setters nation shop with no loyalty to either the United States or any other government.   They don’t want to pay taxes and they don’t want to pay labor.   That’s it!

Many historians say that we started to be screwed in the 70’s till now it is a nightmare for just about everybody who lives in the mental landscape that they cannot escape.   The most horrible thing is to be trapped and lost at the same time.  Now we are trapped and you could say that we are even lost.

It is the less than clear general understanding and commitment to where we are going that means lost.

This is not the Great Society.  Our Treasury is to be fully denied us while States are to get their way or not.  Below the Masson Dixion states are aimed at keeping at least 25 percent of the population desperate.  Above the Mason Dixon States are aimed towards lives with the Four Freedoms intact and enjoyed by all.

The Four Freedoms are Freedom from Want, Freedom from Fear, Freedom from insecurity, & another.  I’ll have to look it up as I think of Freedom from Ignorance and the oppression of the stupid.

My great flaw is lack of low self esteem.  I had a working class life and can say my past is your future.  I had to join a union.  I can tell you that is a defining aspect of the experienced working class man or woman.  In Aviation & in the Movie & Television Businesses I worked in Guild & Union Membership are necessary memberships for professional labor.

The two legitimate roles of any government are Defense & Education and in the United States Education is not being run right.  We are the wealth of the nation and it is we that the money from our Treasury expect a perfect per capita Educational System.  This dependence for good schools on property taxes has to be ended.  We as a nation require per capita spending on the best practices schools dramatically from 3, 4, till 13.  I agree with Sanders since long I’ve promoted the GI Bill for all regarding Higher Education.

This guy Minuchin articulated the Federal Treasury Policy that is antithetical to the idea even of a Federal Government that provides equally for the citizens and is the Primary Aspect of the Class Warfare we are in an at.  We are at war and we must march to the Treasury and make clear how its power is to be used from now on.

It is not, the Treasury is not the insurance company for Finance engaged in gambling away their money and ours too.   Goldman Sachs does zip far as to be listed as some legitimate industry and it is stupid for the parasites fees to be seen as part of GDP when all that money is denied us so they can pocket fees.  Even any usefulness as Industrial Service Banking is of no aid to our fortunes when no taxes are paid by companies grown to be going concerns in competition with Boeing and GE.  They are just playing games with us on our soil.

Defense has enough money but there it is the permanent war of a blundering empire run for the front businesses more than to really wisely spend the lives of our soldiers.

When we March and Camp and Compound and Occupy this Summer we must have in hand Bills to be Passed to make the United States fulfill its ideal destiny.  For the workers, the labor, the majority it is to the majority to control and direct the Class that has through being neofeudalistic, rentiers, following a philosophy of duties given by the corporate hero Friedman.  We must redirect their riches so that even they see the wisdom of what our vision does to make their children want our world more than the one engineering in disease and ignorance as common in the streets.

The CDC is part of Defense.  That the ruling class of corporation & Finance kings don’t lobby for a nation free from the plague or threats of plague both as biological weapons or as the facts of nature is astounding stupidity.  I cannot understand people who do not grasp that their home is the streets as much as the streets are where the homeless live.

The homeless who are driving around the nation taking temporary jobs as they can find them to keep them fed and with the type of shelter that was built for vacationing on the highways is now all they have must be organized to help with the physical staging and all that it will take to bring an army to bear upon the Capitol this Summer coming 2018.

The Rich and the Poor are mobile and speed and reach and personal contact are tactically required to cause a strategic victory.

A plan for Nationalization must be drawn up.  We must return to the belief and the principle that says Corporations exist at our pleasure and we can withdraw their charters.  These corporations that no longer serve the public good face the real prospect of Nationalization if they continue to be like Norfolk Southern is as regards sharing the rails with passenger trains.  (rails mean rights of way, original sins of the US capitalistic system exist daily as how our railroads are run.)   I am set upon study of the National Railroad Act of 1971 that gave the Freight companies fascist power over our railroads.

Be aware that Finance wants to dismember the United States & prey upon each State as revealed by the Class Warfare Tax Cut Bill of 2017 in its treatment of Puerto Rico.  Puerto Rico’s fate follows the fate of Greece.  Fracturing along the lines of the Mason Dixon of the US will lead to each state being essentially picked off and its people further enslaved by FIRE, France Insurance & Real Estate.

So this is what Class Warfare looks like.  To guarantee that the people succeed in the struggle now is the time to have the Bills written that will counter the damages being done.

We must have our Central Commanders who execute orders for war made aware that it is the Constitution and our defense that they as professionals must honor while he nature of our democracy is sorted out.

Our Foreign Service Political Officers are on the international stage at the UN and thoughout our Embassy System turned into brutalists under Trump and his Minion Nikki Haley.  North Korea is at war with the world now and I hear nothing from the UN worth much in the aim of keeping the peace.  In particular the international Organization of Civil Aviation does not push to require the DPRK to provide Notices to Airman of Launches and Debris Fields to avoid.   I would say that a sanction that is economic warfare be removed every time the DPRK conforms to International Law.   We had better demand better of the UN, and even now we must pull for a New UN entirely.  One with an army.

All of my works experiences and spiritual or scholarly pursuits identified as from the early beginnings of joining the hippies who were for peace in Viet Nam evolved past and back to becoming Beat.  The Beats knew one thing and that was that the Atom Bomb Changed Everything.  Now we are threatened and must fight on the domestic and foreign fronts.

Notice that for all that talk of being able to project strength, that during the hurricanes and specifically in regards to Puerto Rico the war has been lost and the rebuilding is to be a source of profits for the privatization cabal.  Sweden will be overrun by the Russians because we don’t have Seaplane Jets, and wing in ground effect ferries able to deliver civilizations protectors or providers fast enough with enough.

I prefer that our Foreign Policy would buck up India over China because I want Free Speech protected.

True enough MMT, Modern Monetary Theory tells us that our Treasury has the money to give us all necessary things for our Defense and Education we are forced to act as if that power does not exist.  What that means is there is only Nationalization left as a response whereby we can say Take this then,   We want Medicare for all, Education for all, Social Security for all & if we have to fill the holds in the budget you created our response is to take over these corporations and banks and make their profits public and not private.

Russell Scott Day

To fund the efforts of Mr. Scott Day to act as a powerful political artist as he rushes towards death buy now “I Phone Lifestyle”  Or buy one of Mr. Day’s books from  Closest thing to a politicians book is the book of stories & essays meant for classrooms Poor Buzz & Stories from Warnings for my Daughter.  I self publish because I don’t have time for some search for an agent and all that rigamarole.


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I come from sailors and priests. My aim is to prevent apocalyptic riot, better known as nuclear war, when I was growing up. Creating a nation of airports will create the peace enough environment to prevent apocalyptic riot. I had a vision due to a period of boredom and bliss like the Aleph of Borges. That is the story I learned and was made up and happens.

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