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I want to articulate what USA I want.  I want back for us the Post WWII world we had.  I want it for everyone.  It was only bad for its temporary nature.  It was only bad because of Jim Crow & racism in Chicago.

Washington DC is territory.   I don’t think of the Capitol Building as mine.  I know someone like Minuchin or the recent guys & Yellen and then there was Greenspan who at least felt we were a nation.

I became belatedly in my work a Creative Economist.  It became necessary.

But I was insulted by Greenspan to become an economist because I’d been enough of other things, jobs & careers.   Now I have a record coming out with songs on it.   “Beatniks & Spiders” has been cut down to 5:09.  It was 31 minutes at its start.   I called the 7:27 minute version the radio play version.  Al Jacob cut it from the 7:27 that Hannah Mathews interning at Nightsounds had cut it.

(Al’s place is Warrior Studio in Chapel Hill.)

My father had been in college before he went to be an infantry man.  I have wondered why he was not made an officer, but not everyone from college got a commission.  I learned a lot about acting & speech from my father.  It was surprising to me how little he taught me about stage craft.  Stage right & starboard & Port, you need to know these things.  Tape on the floor as the Mark to hit in the studios.

I’ve got The Guiding Light in my logbook.  Job with Industrial Light and Magic.  I did work some big pictures finally.  I had wanted to make movies and did rise to Director of Photography for a real movie, (Mint Julep).  I deserved to have gotten to do other pictures.

Now I am getting better and I could do a picture as the director.  I make the case that having been a Key & Gaffer I’d know how long and how much a set up would take.  Time is money.  & I worked with airplanes & airplane people.  I was perfectly suited for working the ramp.

But now I am a Creative Economist since Greenspan said people like me needed to be retrained.

The GI Bill is what Sanders is talking about when talking about free higher education for all.  It is not some brand new thing even if it for the soldiers seems to have been squeezed from their hands.  When can they ever go to school if they are being shot at and bombed and bombing and shooting endlessly at the Roman outposts of the USA.

That the wars of the US were to keep the dollar “respected” in the world is how it is is not going to keep working out.  The Economic Power to wage Economic Warfare with any other nation was at its height for the US under Obama when he waged Economic Warfare upon Putin’s Russia over the Ukraine.

So many of the Soviets called “wreckers” & “counter revolutionaries” were worked to death.  Tortured by lice & bedbugs while spied on all the time & left in the cold starving to be replaced for the same treatment by the German prisoners of war.  The Russians I’ve known were either stoic plodding and sad or voluble.

When I found a buyer for the Ilyshin 29 or whatever the big plane was they doubled the price and said buyers had to take the pilots.  Made me look bad and wasted my time.

I really don’t think they knew any better.  Double the fucking price when there is somebody interested!  It’s like they think “Oh Now We’ve got them!”  & then there were the movies I was looking for that they would distribute.  They offered 1,000 dollars to the filmmakers through me.  I don’t think I even got to tell them what as offered, not enough to pay for a print, or god forbid subtitles.

Time for me had a habit of running out.  To keep a business going you need to have enough cash in the bank to cover 2 years in the red.  Other thing I learned was about insurance.  I was once supposed to become a NYLife Insurance Salesman.

What was a rouble based on?  The GPU, predecessor of the GRU had to use foreign currency for their spy war against the West for them.  A lot of Russian Government was run by Institutions of Secrecy.  There were free Trust Businesses & the Secret GPU businesses dependent on slave labor.  “What’s your Father’s Name?”

Laura Mersini Houghton comes from Albania.  She is a top tier String Theory Astrophysicist.  The Socialists of Albania that took all the property of the people who had it and the people who had it were expected to hate the revolutionaries and therefore took people like Mersini Houghton’s father away from her when she was very young.

Her father was allowed to see her family, her, & her mother once a month, or was it once every 6 months.  There was a terrible sadness in her eyes over this part of her life.  Carol Folt is of Albanians I believe.  There are more than a several Democratic Socialist nations.

Transcendia is for station agents and travelers.  The Jet Setters will have to pay us for the security & port services in our currency.

Again:  The Transcendia Insurodollar is based on our human capital.  I buy Whole Life Policies from Birth for all my people.  There are the payouts you need for a stable free enlightened life from youth to old age.  I called the nation of airports Transcendia the company, country, & work of art.

An accountants proportion of the equity of the policies would be shared with the nation for the needs of the nation, otherwise there would be money for health & education for the individual leaving them an inheritance to pass on.  Actually what I was saying that the portion of the aggregated policies with growing equity became the basis of the currency.

To living life there is an art.  I am not the first person to have a life.

When I was young I knew what the United States was supposed to be without knowing every word of the Bill or Rights or the Constitution and what was wrong with the way Black people were treated in Elon College North Carolina.  There had to be fights about it.  There was the war against the Communists.

Socialism is one stage in Communism aimed at Anarchy were all are so educated & tooled up that they need no governing.  If you don’t have a Transcendian Passport you are not a World Citizen is what I have to say.

I did not set out to fix the flaw of Communism.  I saw in Marx Manifesto the the Transcendia Insurodollar that created wealth for the citizen individual.  I know that I am on the right track for the similarity to the Baby Bond of the Duke University Economics Darity I heard on Stasio’s show.

My CD ought be good enough to make me some more famous, and I need to become equipped with the currency of fame so I could even donate to NPR.  Think how different things would be if we just confiscated, nationalized all the jets of the jet setters.  Make them all 121.   It is going to suck some that to have a safe Transcendia Airport network we are going to have to know who everyone is on the airport permanently and temporarily.

Pot is definitely to be legal on Transcendian Airports I can tell you that.

Cross training for Transcendians means all the schools are Flight Schools to rival Embry Riddle as well.  My nation will have all the great disciplines.  When Henry Petroski put Financial Engineering in the Discipline I was blown away.  Of books about Government I depend on Roberts Rules of Order and am vindicated in my CR4 war for Can We Make a Better Government by Henry Roberts who wrote Roberts Rules of Order.  We have reasons to hate the Taylorists and the fanatical Technocrats.  Our USAs Bureaucracy used to be trustworthy but now we see it being torn to shreds by Opportunist Hacks for the industries our Institutions like the DOJ, DOD, CIA, NSA, USPO, SS, FAA, NASA, usually were worth us paying for.

Why ought we be forced to pay for hacks stealing our financial resources?  Why ought we pay a pig like Steve Minuchin who says the states have to get used to living without the benefit of the US Treasury?  Who the fuck does he think he is saying shit like that to us?

And then Ajit.Pai, the FCC fuck out to eliminate competition and what has been working right well considering the screwing we all got and keep getting since they made debtors of anyone who had equity in their homes or 401 Ks had money, some, in there?

It is funny how while I consider myself a revolutionary, I am a counter revolutionary in fact.

I was not going to go to Viet Nam.  I would not recommend fighting for the this Congress or then the President.  I’d like to have a talk with General Dunford, and that new guy I heard say about the illegal orders they may disobey.  I’d like to say that the world the US Armed Forces needs to fight for is the one their fathers thought their sacrifices meant to their children, not this one, the one where polluting our water is so profitable our government is more than willing to say is to be legal.

Only thing I’ve heard of Burr & Tillis of any good was they balked at that one.

The purpose of this column was to explain what us Blues really want, whether we remember it or not?


P.S.  Look for my record “I Phone Lifestyle”.  It will be available in a couple of days from Amazon.  If I get some money I’ll lease an airport, or at least offices at one.

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I come from sailors and priests. My aim is to prevent apocalyptic riot, better known as nuclear war, when I was growing up. Creating a nation of airports will create the peace enough environment to prevent apocalyptic riot. I had a vision due to a period of boredom and bliss like the Aleph of Borges. That is the story I learned and was made up and happens.

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