The Transcendian Reading List

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This is the chapter that mentions how to use the I Ching and the Bible as a spiritual practice. The idea that acts like a religion is that these are the two most “living books”. They then are at the top of the Reading List, done in some final form in 2000. I remember working in Connie Nelson’s house in the basement that was full of her sets of clothes for the local theater and little movie productions.
In the I wrote about the religious spiritual practice, which can take a long time. An hour and a half is about complete if you read the I Ching Reading and interpretations and both the New and Old Testament Readings, which have interpretations piled up from years of good Episcopal sermons and whatever else contemporary or scholarly actually gives us an additional time face about what we are living through.
So that was apparently a big help to some scholars. What I wrote then in the Wittgenstein sort of collection of that early internet writings era.
I left this out of the writings in, just presenting only the competition with the Bible and IChing, literature you know ads to our understanding of what is god the spirit. Like it is possible for me to get into trinity talk, multi universe time explanations for any divine information or inspirations pointed at discovery and understanding of life when you need to understand life at points it is possible to know what you need to know when you need to know it.
Have heroes and goals. Yes. Do that. In the papers there are things said, like speeding is bad, and stealing, and then in literature they get at reasons against murder and incest and doing it with a cow, like the Faulkner Hamlet story that always gets to me as funny.
It is hard to make somethings funny. Some tv shows dedicate themselves early on to lack of an opening for comic relief.

These are the books that form part of my memory, part of me. is how the reading list starts. I mention how I wrote my best poem called anonymous, and the I Ching, by wonder and the Bible by spiritual season and you can ask the I Ching a question brought up by the Bible as well, which is will produce a fine sermon actually.
War and Peace by Tolstoy
Absolam, Absolam! by William Faulkner
Pylon, by Faulkner (Which I would be a great feature director of.)
The Wild Palms
Intruder in the Dust, Light in August, Sanctuary, The Hamlet, and a Fable, are recommended.
Classic Readings in International Relations.
– is class and right.
The works of James Jones, Some Came Running, The Thin Red Line, From Here to Eternity, Whistle, The Pistol, Go to the Widowmaker.
A Death Out Season, Blood on Snow, The Face of Terror. by Emmanuel Litvinoff.
15 Battles that Changed the World by John Creasy.
The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich, The Nightmare Year.
Inside the Third Reich.
Les Miserables Victor Hugo
Fying Cloud by Armstrong Sperry

Round the Bend, The Legacy, Nevil Shute
The Art of Clear Thinking

The Last Picture Show,
Texasille, & Duane’s Depressed
Lonesome Dove, Streets of Laredo, Commanche Moon, All My Friends Are Going to be Strangers.
Dog Soldiers, Outerbridge Reach, Damacus Gate by Robert Stone
Lolita, by Nabakov
The Naked and the Dead, and Harlots Ghost, Norman Mailer

Gorky Park, and Polar Star by Martin Cruz Smith
The Prince of Berlin by Dan Sherman
KGB by Ken Barrows.

Time and Time Again, Clifford Simak

Pillars of the Earth, Ken Follett

The Human Comedy, Wiilliam Saroyan.

Collected Poems, Weldon Kees
Collected Poems, Gregory Corso

Scientific American
The New Yorker

Fantasies and Meditations on the Illusionless Man by Alan Wellis

Catch 22 by Joseph Heller
All Quiet on the Western Front, by Erich Marie Remarque
The Enormous Room, ee cummings
The Norton Anthology of Modern War edited by Paul Fussell
The First Worlod War and Modern Memory, Paul Fussell
The Prince, The Art of War, Machievelli ( an engineer as a great leader would want.
Three Soldiers by John Dos Passos
Dispatches, Michael Herr
Highways to a War, Christopher Koch
In Cold Blood. Truman Capote
Executioners Song, Norman Mailer

Good-bye Mickey Mouse, and the rest of his spy stories starting with Spy Story by Len Deighton who was nice enough to my fan letters to respond with a nice postcard.
Cold Moutain, by Charles Fraizer, There is always attendant anarchy from the state of war, and war never ends. – a man and his gun.

Home Before Dark, Susan Cheever

Continental Drift, by an author hero Russell Banks, who was great enough to have a little correspondence with me, as I dearly want to be a director, wanted to be of his great book.
It defines our times of Failed Morality and Wasted Courage, which either I thought up as the summation of his great novel, or someone else did and I grasped as important to understand as truth of our times.

Mario Puzo, for Fools Die, which is the writing life, of course then there was The Godfather along with The Dark Arena, which is a heartbreaker of no replacement.
There were many Science Fiction books that I read early in my life. Andre`Norton, then Isaac Asomov, Robert Heinlen, Theodore Sturgeon, Audous Huxley, and then Kafka, with Amerika, and A Clockwork Orange was a path to real fiction all science founded in mind manipulative stories that we did and could still know as prompted by Public Relations and Propaganda of the level only possible in this industrialized gadget world getting after the Stalinist State like we see in North Korea in its most developed now. We weren’t getting involved in starvations of Chinese.
By now it is past that Russian Cosmonauts drifted till men in new uniforms showed up. There as a time of adjustment.
Cosmo had plans, or by now has interviewed a woman crew who will admit to sex in MIR, or Skylab. The rich like to inaugurate planes with mile high experience. The weightless sexual experience is reported to require a bag to do it in against. I guess a small sex box is required.

Donald Barthelme whomever, wrote some nice shorts collected in Unspeakable Acts and Unnatural Practices, something like that. They were better things in The New Yorker. Nothing about anything is the same. Still Wallace Shawn is missed far as The New Yorker editorial leadership is concerned.

Of the Charles Bukouski things I read Hollywood and a short story about male prostitute sort of status.
I saw BArFly with a broken nose from a bar fight. I found it disconcerting to be compared to Bukouski, though intrigued about how he was required reading in German High Schools.

For Whom the Bell Tolls, by Hemingway, to me about how if you are damaged, just sacrifice yourself and die.

Confederacy of Dunces, is a fantastic success for being about heroic laziness as an ok life choice.
There was then of comedic writing, rare, The Flim Flam Man, a comedy about the retail existence.
Blue Movie by Terry Southern is about making movies.
What Makes Sammy Run, is about making movies.

Movies: There is then The Sand Pebbles
American Beauty,
City Lights,
American Graffiti
Apollo Thirteen
Apocalypse Now
(there with The Moral Imperative of Passionless Violence.
Goddard’s Breathless,
A Night on Earth, and Dead Man by Jim Jarmuash. sp?
My life has been much like Living in Oblivion on some sets. It has been sort of funny. I ought to make another list of movies.
I have one for sale. I made little real movies. I make movies and work at it anyway.

Young Men and Fire, by Norman McLean
Play it as it Lays, Joan Didion
Final Drafts, ?
Final Payments Mary Gordon

Atlas Shrugged,
The Fountainhead, Ayn Rand (it is just a parable.) Lots of people want some justification for being mean regardless of the system.
My Great Uncle Bob knew Frank Lloyd Wright, who he said was actually like Howard Roauk, in The Fountain, but he said Mr. Wright was never an atheist.
Sand and Stone, but Frank Lloyd Wright

Einstein History and other Passions by Kenneth Knowlton

William Shirer defined a period of writing with the concept of a “life of the mind” people aspired to share properly in a civilization of tolerance acceptance and good spirit.

The Hardy Boys
Eyes Wide Shut
The USA by Dos Passos
Commanche Moon, Larry McMurtry

the Cormac McCarty Border Stories, which had All the Pretty Horses in it, then followed by Blood Meridian which is a masterpiece of stoic saddened wonder.

I just finished Piketty’s Capitalism in the 21st Century, and Divide by Matt Tiabbi in the economics studies.

To fulfill some destiny I must work at building with shipping containers for Haiti!

The reading list here stopped about 2000 really. Farewell, a spy story, and the Jim Shepard short stories, along with Patrick Nolan’s disturbing work of history CIA Rogues and the murders of the Kennedys.
other things, other works like Fogiven, which is well written but owes too much to Cheever, and bad Hemingway. Though the hounding of Hemingway is another part of the CIA Rogues about then criminal destruction of the american myths and functions for happiness. CONINTELPRO is a big problem in your daily life, and the situation in the schools which become an arm of a government intent on countering an image of the disobedient ungrateful worker.

The conceit is that if you read all these books, you will end up with similar heroes and myths to aspire in concert with me to participate with doing better and best and founding a nation over again like the US wreckage can make the foundation to spawn another nation. Transcendia, the nation of airports and spaceports stressed towards submarine crew like best practices for the ultimate in survival which requires clear and happy minds.
The ship is a better world than the plantation.

The Transcendian Reading List
Russell Scott Day

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