Russian Cyber War

Bat in a Jar

Bat in a Jar

The reports about this past weeks cyber attack are not particularly surprising, first for I got an email from Wells Fargo about my account. I have no account. The store on this site is likely unsafe now. I changed the password.

I am not at all happy about this, nor ought I be sure that it is caused by 12 men in Russia, as is finally reported. There was an effective warning that did come from the US Cert alert I get. We were recently told that the NSA has on purpose in order to spy on us, compromised the mathematics that protect the web functions we use for banking and buying.

There was a Stanford University Mathematician who said he would no longer work for the NSA because of the miss aim of the NSA and I suppose the CIA, and FBI, not to mention the rest of the Intelligence agencies working in shadows of our shadow government.

Illuminati is on the youtube with its demonic speaker, and overall Illuminati is blamed for evil Walt Disney Character and their budding sex organs. Looky there, Lookie there. Look there.

It isn’t funny is it.

More than once I have said that while the spy stories are entertaining reading, being forced to become a spy, learn and use spy craft all the time, sucks.
You ought to all get one time code books for your best friends, and buy encryption from Tommy the geek in the school along with concealable disguised weaponry.
The future is here and roiling bad a sea of secrets and threats channelling through a new world just like an ether H.G. Wells and his friends did great service working up.
Kafka is now considered Science Fiction by some.
Lament and beware. Lament and beware.

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