Truth is the Target

My Arsenal, Marker on panel fixed about 24′ by 32′. or Truth is the Target

From War

From War come victims. Victimhood will fuck up tough guys.
I know that because of what happened the second bar fist fight.
I got through the first fight, which was three on me and a night in the hospital,
and Three days seeing Double,
and then sat bruised up in my long bathrobe, seeing double,
knowing beat detective movie scene would be longer hiding
which of one Clint Eastwood movie is about the right for any recovery time.

Now myself I am the best in 5 years as a thing for at a managed level of broken and repaired.
After the ROC Club Zero movie master, VJ of ’87 beating Cheryl and them and even family helped me move to NYC.
Whereas the work done to advanced levels and status was great, the business being beat and then another beating and the back wrecked I did Aviation for a year in Fort Lauderdale living more victim out there under the condemned flight path, and then burnt selling bum papers Sun Times Union what all on 440 Powerline when I rode the motorcycle then.

Poor boy motorcycle life like an Asian was mine there in sunny FLL. I got to fly left seat the DC6 766 Whiskey Charlie. Crew moves of a Kubake orange genny cause it was dangerous forklift work and then Tom was impressed and angry I made them pay me for the work. Pilot Captain was Dave Mason I think. Best thing of the whole year. Flying around does fix victimhood psychosis.

It’s in my logbook.

I’ve been writing one Bio after another for the BASIC Bulk distribution of books I’ve done.

But now the international warning I give you all in the world of power and wins and losses in days of Apocalyptic Riot for the Palistinians and Israelis. Whatever people as individuals and as a group that is a nation with a shared myth then they will lose and experience and do victimhood, which is fights with loved ones, divorces, physical wreckage, like back gives out etcetera, business failures and travels like Carriagivio, the painter’s end.

I love my sword, knowing my knife is as advanced as his sword that he was too good with, as it was a good sword. There were some great swords. You can still get one, but people would react in fright to see a sword good on your side all the time. Guys can carry a gun in a holster better.

Most of the time all you really need when you are small is a good long sword.

Modern everybody carries a phone.

Now that I am old and vulnerable I want to be near my weapons at least.
The saber needs a horse.

The law of unintended consequences meant that when founding Transcendia I had to accept war, and the potential for war. The great study of secret wars gets to be weighty in ways of the accreted spirit. Losing takes forms for the spirit when even the treasure are still kept under the control of the looks like the winner.

Chinese and Russian theft of Intellectual Property in the final insult that is the F35 Chinese version leaves the US standing there as smartest to buy the Chinese version of the jet.

The most damning part of the tale is the resolution factor for the helmet being so that eyesight is better like how writing in space with a pencil is a good simple solution to the problem, though I really know there is something missing to the andictodte antidote. andectodt fuck it.

Hiding the R&D as the key to winning the Cold War is a fascinating case in the espionage wars where aviation tech is the top of the game.
Getting the nation into victimhood syndrome there is a terrible compromise of the Defense possible.

Russian runs towards creating good excuses to more militarize outer space don’t look good as likely to come out of the aggressions circled first the great secret sub port.
SEvestapol. I love my Sub Hat!

Boats and Airplanes where the two good things in life according to Nevil Shute.
In this Bio blast did you catch a sliver there of the wild wise drift to up high at peace moving power machines?

Read: Round the Bend. Read Round the Bend and you will get it.

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I come from sailors and priests. My aim is to prevent apocalyptic riot, better known as nuclear war, when I was growing up. Creating a nation of airports will create the peace enough environment to prevent apocalyptic riot. I had a vision due to a period of boredom and bliss like the Aleph of Borges. That is the story I learned and was made up and happens.

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