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It is the time of year to think of Xmas.  Buy a cling.

It is the time of year to think of Xmas. Buy a cling.

I went down to the Town Hall where they told me that they were not going to support building with Shipping Containers in the pursuit of creating “affordable housing”. Essentially they just don’t want to do anything new or different and will continue to depend on HUD Federal dollars to subsidize rents wherever they can get people to take them.

I have indicated that you cannot have a surplus of housing in the local market in any sort of time frame that doesn’t create suffering for those being forcibly evicted.
They are being evicted however you want to adverb it.
The region is in unrestricted land gambling and investment buying for a multitude of speculative reasons. Before it was lots of people in the investment and flipping chain, and now it is just a few who will get all there is to get.
I am reminded of Payola and how that shook out, strangely enough. In NC the Payola scandal sort of ended as a conflict where DJs got paid to play songs people didn’t care about before. By the time it was over it was only the Station Managers that got paid.
Leadership is work and I studied infrastructure and economics and see to say that to win you need to consult with Engineers and PEs are deserving organizational leaders at the top, in many many cases.
Bobby Wolston the NC DOT Director of Aviation is a PE for example. Public Engineer. There are important Civil Engineers.
I think this concept is a new one on Carrboro governance for they don’t apparently employ a permanent engineer for much that I know of. Carrboro has an outside agency they sometimes ask engineering questions. Local Leadership of this time hasn’t apparently asked how to build fast and safe, and quiet to give working people getting working wages housing, but thinks the old way that has failed will work again later.
Originally I hadn’t expected much but since they asked I showed up to tell them what I would do with their help, or anybody else’s help,to solve the problem of not enough housing, for a long time. The last housing bubble was temporary housing for many who saw no reason to not take advantage of the offers since they were being pushed around in the rental environment anyway.
I would now build using modular techniques starting with stacking up converted shipping containers as I moved to a good company community building corporation. Urban farming in buildings works for me so I need to get with the possible ally of Generosity recent of the papers. 71, Pollock, wants to share via Kickstarter how to build and create a kitchen and a garden.
My own lifetime work is to create a nation or airports. For Carrboro my little offering is to at minimum tell to the people how a Fair Housing environment might be created for all, temp, transit, uncaring, dorm space desiring students of wild and dangerous youth, and the rest of us trying to live where we are now old and connected.
The Town Manager, who is just that as I encounter front men from middle management, and the Affordable Housing guy, told me that the Town will not help me, so, so.

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