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I was very versatile and my ethic given me by my mother was No Shame in honest work. I don’t know that this was much of any different from what other mothers told their sons.

Jobs were to be taken as they showed up in front of you. The only job you got as a youth was mowing lawns and delivering newspapers. They stay inside playing video games and learning to be hackers I imagine.

I was in the Boy Scouts and had a job as a Counselor, the Asst. Commissary Director. I don’t know how I got the job at camp, Camp Cherokee. I learned not to put the bananas in the refrigerator. I did it more than once till yelled at, and rightly yelled at.

I hear youth today has few options. I never see them other than those that skateboard in front of the house. It is like the world in like that movie Fahrenheit 451. The most beautiful days and there are no people outside amongst the homes.

Not even old men burning things.

Adults mow yards now.

Actually where I live is densely populated. It is really like some sort of human rabbit warren with many homes hidden behind others on dirt trails some still.

Great quiet. I imagine it gets louder near the Chapel Hill University. There are people at the coffee shops and the Weaver Street Market, a co-op.

My wife doesn’t like to shop there, and I only do meetings at these places. There are some clips on Transcendian, my youtube channel of interactions with the “man in the street”.

Ruffin Slater is the big man as all anarchistic and co op organizations lean to having in the end as the power of these dreamy institutions.

Fantastic real estate.

About it I see steel where there is mostly vinyl siding. I wanted to build with shipping containers or see modular factory building done. As I was coming apart or set back from great damage I worked in construction and mostly in the renovations market.

I was labor, and functioned at what was an honorable job in movies as like a Best Boy, but not so much honored in the world I had sunk into for a regular paycheck. It was even so great I could drink in bars.

It was depressing for me as it was in my face that there was now a chasm between me of my age, and the locals. The form of ageism in rudity and rudity was to me odd to find.

The place is enough to make me miss Rochester.

Far as the area that I drifted to after the up and downs on the East Coast enough to identify as an Easterner, it is wonderful to come to rest where the opposition to me and my ideas about what would lead to peace and prosperity, are often and greatly opposed.

God wrote for me the screenplay that is where NO AIRPORT ought be the name of the County. From the opposition to the airport grows my political actions.

I have international, national, state, County and town platforms that from time to time I wrote down under the banner of Platform.

There were times before when NC was known as the Rip Van Wrinkle State. A correspondent says it is the third era of that mindset.

I used to joke that by the time NC was made a good place for my sort, I’d be dead. It is looking to be too true. Orange County is particularly interested in no changes. And I myself like quiet. I myself despise cadres of Mexicans with leaf blowers as would attack the condo I lived in with my mother in Greensboro.

There was a great desire amongst many that I move out of my mother’s condo. For about 6 years I worked for the Union. Mostly as a stagehand, but on a few movies that might sweep through. I did Key or Gaff some things, and was second unit gaffer for He Got Game when it was here.

There was a job with Industrial Light and Magic that was memorable. It was a shot for Snakeeyes, which was unfortunately not much of a movie.

I had aged well and was effectively young, though not. There was the tall rig I directed. I made more per hour as efficiency was increased.

So it is not as if I do not know some things from doing dangerous things. I discontinued doing the rig for the building management company because they were pushing it to be done so as to insure someone would get very hurt.

The woman who contracted with me for the job started telling me what her husband had to say about how it could be done, and I got near to telling her “Fuck your husband.”

Unless you are involved with working for the academic institutions it is made pretty hard to get read and published and interviewed on the radio.

(outside the guy mowing the lawn keeps hitting things. he is not at all detail oriented. He has cost us a good amount of money from wires cut.)

I don’t think there is one decent agent in the state for the sort of work I do. There were no sales at all of my work shown in the town downtown gallery.

When I first left far for a good while, it was to Chicago where I got two important scholarships. In Greensboro I did get a scholarship to attend Farr Associates Leadership Workshop.

The final straw that caused me to move to Chapel Hill, and really Carrboro in the end, Orange County, had been when I finally found a miniature apartment in a rent range I could handle, and was turned down for my credit score by a little old suited man who was incredibly excited and gleeful for finding my credit score, or some other reason to deny me the place.

I had strong reasons to be depressed. I painted for 6 months, living on site in my car, or in hotels and motels. Contractors Creed, on Transcendian is a real production I made of that time. It is depressing, but then there is great spoken word from the guy who was captured by crack.

Greensboro would be great if my sort was paid enough to live. It is reported as a place where few can expect at any level of professional certifications to be paid.

There is drink and drugs to the lifestyle of many painters. They associated it with lead poisoning, toxic fumes, but I think some of it is just as it is.

I was doing better financially. I married well. From the pulpit I read the I Ching over the marriage and got Time of Decrease, which has seemed to come true with the broken hip, the gut cover wrap that near killed me too, and then the progressive chronic disease that caused 3 metallic installations and two plastic eyes.

I got caught in an over sight and trust for my ex-wife gave me the low class life fully and unexpected.

Bernard Shaw said There are two things in a man’s life, politics and women.”

So I have political goals sprung from the studies for Transcendia, as completed with the currency: The Insurodollar. It is definitely something for International Labor, or which I am an exponent, and Transcendia is the spawn of the myth of justice and freedom.

I’ve been thinking that people know what is fair and what isn’t innately. But then I see that they really don’t in at least the adult world where experts write and preach it away till the other day I heard a woman say things that were on their face proposed that were unfair, but she couldn’t see that.

It had to do with Charter Schools, and who would get them, and why. When I was a kid in Chicago we heard about charter schools and all everybody wanted to go to them. They call the high school I went to an Academy now.

The Greensboro, Guilford Technical Institute, Community College is a superior Community College inspiring for the Aviation school of piloting and airport management.

Chapel Hill and Carrboro were good at least for some willingness to pay labor so they could live. I enjoyed a schedule of work and some time at the bar, and then home.

I learned about the UN when I worked up the UNTV schedule. I also learned about the foundations and TV networks and Time Warner. I think it was finally I was passed off to be defeated at the hands of C-Span.

I can say things that are educated and experienced about the TV networks as similar to airlines as to how they are bought and sold for what assets they have, like leases for gates being the channel. Now, just now, I remember early curtain shows of old movies coming from Ted Turner’s Satellite Channel.

Bathtub Reality Television, on Transcendian, I ought to do that more often. There was the reading of the Insurodollar Resolution. Were it that Ms.Clinton, or Secretary of State were to support the Insurodollar, she would be real.

When I got to become a creative economist from digging down to the roots of power, there was to be as a way out, only the Insurodollar. (The insurodollar is based on partially pooling the equity of whole life insurance policies and thereby creating a National Insurance Company and Currency Control Bank. All the currency used on Transcendian Passports for fuel and services as they would come from the Transcendian National Airport Authority would be required to use the Insurodollar, giving the Currency Control Bank currencies to do some financial engineering with.)

This is a national and international thing, though some might band together to do it.

Siting for a County Airport is going forward, at least in my mind. I did have fine conversations with the County Engineer and the director of Waste Management. I support them.

As a grip and gaffer I got so I could talk with engineers. To do anything good and rational it is only possible if you consult with engineers. Grant often mentions his engineers and the different bridges they built along with many other events like the control of waterways. Alexander the Great was big with his engineers who he had blow the opposition away with their bridge.

Water and power and food. The Water is the limitation of Greensboro, and they have been canny about getting it. Every roof in Carrboro and Chapel Hill ought be a water and power source. During the drought many were building cisterns. I am waiting with baited breath for the issuance of the home solar package Tesla is supposed to be releasing for sale at the end of 4 months now.

Chapel Hill and Carrboro, much of Orange County really ought become fully independent as if it were a Civil Defense Shelter in Toto. It is the sort of place the better informed and more well off Roman moved to as that civilization fell.

There could easily be a great Apocalyptic Riot this summer. Summer is the season of love and war. The currency of the US is pre imminent and the US has won the battles of Economic Warfare. It is corrupted and tearing at the trust quotient for the financial engineering being done in ways like the criminal hacker organizations that look for loopholes and cracks in the dikes that are there to keep out the flood. The men on Wall Street are dismantling whatever was good about it and looting the edifice and reasons the Financial sector was strong in the first place.

I call it Play Capitalism. It was as far as the Russians got. They learned how to do it from Wall Street and London bankers and money managers. They then just went to the FSB for muscle. Yes the London and Wall Street looters could retreat from Russia while all Russia can do is retreat to itself as it decides what war will give it since no one wants to do business with it.

There is a great deal of strength and wealth still left to the looters on Wall Street and in London, now that they are done with Russia.

As it would go would be that as the Russians head for the sea on the coast of the Ukraine, they are hit, their tanks are hit, by Warthogs, and there are fighters fighting above, and bases get bombed, some with aging nukes that the Russians want to use because they have them to make the war go for them in the strategic goal of more to control with force, which is something to do.

Once those atomic bombs go off I can imagine easily things getting out of control. North Korea could pile on. I have read that subs could get past the listening microphones around the waters of the Japanese and China Yellow Sea because the waters are turbulent and loud enough to cover a quiet sub.

What people in Russia believe about those who from the US and its British ally would make it easy for them to endorse dangerous war this summer.

So many bombs have been tested, and there has been so much radioactive poison let to the seas from Fukusima along with Chernobl as gone, why worry so much about the loss of territory that might be associated with some nuclear war?

Orange County North Carolina is good out of the way.

Still to be strong I see all the transportation infrastructure as vital to the civilian survival. We would need to stay under dirt for awhile.

When we could come out, how would be live, for the rain would be dangerous to drink. Only well water would be good for that sort of thing. Plants and meat levels of radioactivity would just have to be lived with, and we could expect leukemia and cancers at rates similar to around the plutonium and bomb making plant of South Carolina, and Middletown PA where is 3 Mile Island.

The way it looks this summer could be really something.

Preparations for a nuclear siege would be wise.


Brain Smatter format. structure and focus wanders to a conclusion. Everyday what lie was purchased. What lie did I buy today? I am not lying about the prospects of events far from where we live affecting the air and rain. In a sane world the matter would have been taken up by the Security Council of the UN already. Power plays between the US and Russians must seem old hat to be ignored at the UN these days. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

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I come from sailors and priests. My aim is to prevent apocalyptic riot, better known as nuclear war, when I was growing up. Creating a nation of airports will create the peace enough environment to prevent apocalyptic riot. I had a vision due to a period of boredom and bliss like the Aleph of Borges. That is the story I learned and was made up and happens.

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