Barrel of Monkeys

Barrel of Fun is the real name of the place the story is about.

For some reason we went to a strip club that was just around back of the building where the office was. I’ve long liked
strip joints.
This one is pretty classic with a long dark wood bar with mirrors up back of the bartenders
and tables around then that stage where the girls strip.
Discussion of the strip joint have been going around in what I’ve been reading.
I’m old now for this and haven’t got even much domestic interest which isn’t much to talk about.
Maybe we ought to move but I have the habit of visiting places before I really move there.
Well we might not be able to afford that.

Seattle here we come?

The lighting in this strip joint is good for a strip joint with the right levels of tungsten and red.
The girls were professionals and danced and got their money and we were just there smiling and getting our
first relax after the work day beer.
I was looking around and saw that there were a good number of bikers in the place.
Bikers and Russians by now have ruined the Strip Joint business by muscling in with their girls
and otherwise beating you out of your money if you want to go into it honestly.
Maybe things are still nice and family like as they were when I worked on Brain Twisters in Scranton, PA
back in 1990 or so. That was a fun town with pretty girls and the family there playing pool.
Only places to buy beer were at the bars for our hours anyway.
But I was looking around and my danger ears got up and then a school bus went by the door and a bunch of
big strong guys came in the saloon and attacked the bikers.
I looked down to see and feel the wind of a fist pounding this bikers face into the marble of the
foot rest and jumped over the bar to watch from then on back there with them.
They said it was alright.
I don’t know exactly where Dan was riding it out.
We stayed around after the fight was over and the beaten staggered out, or were hauled away.
We stayed around and I saw the winners leave and get back on their bus and ride away.
Turned out they were cops from Buffalo.
I don’t know exactly why the Rochester cops had called them to come over and beat these bikers,
but that is the story, and it looked like that. The men of the police force from Buffalo
weren’t in uniform.
The guy whose face was getting pounded down by my leg was going to be permanently damaged,
already misshapen and blood pressing out of the corners of his eyes.
You might have seen that sort of look in the TV series The Sopranos, which does a good
job of making the beatings go realistically.
We were of course excited and drank some more and then got in the car and headed out
of town for the 45 minute drive to Dan’s homestead in an old house on the top ridge of o
We were in the Subaru.
Dan was good and drunk which was apparent because he was doing what they stop you for
if they get behind you: Weaving.
I asked him to let me drive but he refused and kept weaving and driving and we were on a typical
country road out there in the country of Monroe County around Bristol and he lost control
of the car and it flipped off the road landing on my side of the roof before landing on a little
swale down about 15 feet off the road.
I’d seen my feet up in the air there for awhile. It is a striking image, a striking memory and
feeling with a memory too.
The front window as pretty well smashed and bent out but overall we were in good shape. Down
off the ledge where we had ended up looking down was a real far down treed valley that would have
been hell to survive without bad hurts and a long way up and out.
We were able infact incredibly able to drive up and out. The Subaru was like most of them
4 wheel drive which is what they called it then in 1983 like when it was.
Dan’s wife spoke to him three days later saying she was glad I’d not been hurt.
So that was like how one thing leads to another and one night gets on with lots more
happening than just one big thing and you can watch and then get into it all yourself.
I can see how cops up that way know from years on how to work with each other and it was
comforting to see the cops beat the shit out of guys who tend to terrorize little people
like myself whenever they feel like showing off or have some sort of reason.
Course people like myself are better off staying in the viewing section. Watch life happen
and stay out of trouble and try not to get hurt.
Since then Subaru has been my dream car.

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