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The Emergency Economic Wars of Finance & Economics Realities

From what I see it is the ignorance of the difference between Finance & Economics that creates crisis in the US Government where there is no need for it.

You can find many economists on youtube who are telling you the truth about how much Econ Strength the US actually has.  Sovereign Wealth, & Reserve Currency Status mean that when Congress votes the bill the Treasury supplies the money.

Money spent for US Defense, Education and Infrastructure enters the economy without debt attached.

Tea Party, Freedom Caucus economic ideologues really do think that the US Economic power is limited as my own home financial situation is limited.

This is untrue.  Congress Votes the Bill & the Treasury supplies the money.

There is an Econ War Domestic & Foreign waged by the US and its Institutions on working individuals and nations.   There has been an Econ War against Russia waged since they Annexed Crimea.  Russia has reacted and waged hybrid war back as evidenced by their propaganda war destabilizing the US Government.

Sanctions are Econ War.  Sanctions led to the sneak attack by the Japanese against the US.

The lesson of Sanctions as a tactic of Economic Warfare is that they have a short window of effectiveness, or in other words if you impose sanctions on another nation you need to follow-up with sustained talks aiming at agreements that will lift them, or they mean a longer more dangerous war that may get “Hot”.

My Show Econ War Domestic & Foreign

Cast:  David Cay Johnston for Finance.  He will walk the walkway at the base of the set.  He represents how Finance, the finite works for the common man.   He knows who else representing “Finance” ought be on the set.

The Set is based on the Mind washing, Brain Washing set from the movie The Manchurian Candidate.   There is a half circle bleacher section.  There is a walkway and a Podium.  My show would hire David Cay, and Johnny Dunstan who will represent US, the ones who navigate and swim in the world that Congress Creates when it votes to spend money.   Everything after that is what we live in.  Before that is the work of the Economists.

It is the best time ever to be an economist.  There are more statistics made from facts around than before the 19th Century.  Keynes found out that working people when paid more than subsistence wages pay more for the educations of their children, and home improvements.

FIRE, FIRE is what Michael Hudson from the University of Kansas gives us.  FINANCE INSURANCE & REAL ESTATE is what it stands for.  I want he there & a VO by Morgan Freeman of what he has written that are the most Profound aspects of the Econ War, Domestically and Foreign.  Mister Freeman will work to give the show gravitas that the Economist as Talent, as a Cast need some help with, for they are Economists and not necessarily famous actors.   Freeman or someone or many like him possess the Currency of Fame.

The Currency of Fame is required if one is to succeed in a campaign for any Grand Endeavor.

Cast are the Economists, Michael Hudson, Robert Reich, Richard Wolff, Dean Baker, Stephanie Kelton?/ & of Finance David Cay Johnston.  All of these men and women have been speaking on Youtube to audiences in the tens of thousands.

To destroy the general ignorance of Economics & Finance it will take a Network, Legacy Network, Emergency Television Event.  Tens of thousands of viewers for this important War News is not enough.

From Wall Street and in particular Goldman Sachs is waged the Econ War on everybody in the world.  It is a war of aggression and means eventually Wall Street will own the deeds to everything from having access to the money to buy everything up whenever there is a Good Crisis.  Creditors don’t want to ever write down loans or bonds that were sold as wealth shrewdly with the intent to see loan servicing by the debtor,  as impossible to maintain.  What was Equity is now Debt.

In fact these ECON Wars are wars of aggression.  They subjugate entire peoples in the borders of their own nations.  It is most dramatically seen of late in Greece & Puerto Rico.   The US allows an institution of affiliated Parasitical Pirates to inexorably draw unto themselves all the wealth of all the people provided by their labor.

The Engineering writer Henry Petroski allows Financial Engineering into the Discipline of Engineering.  I do not think he means to see great accolades for the sort of Financial Engineering that is ascendent.   These Financial Engineers are using the system the same as mobsters Best Practices as developed by Meyer Lansky.

Our common mans world is run by Meyer Lansky Financial Engineering practices.

On the streets where rages the Drug War reign the Policing Practices of J. Edgar Hoover.  Sociologists say that you cannot Legislate Folkways.   The Drug War is a Front for the Economic War.

One can make as case for Peace as nothing but Economic Warfare.  However there are International Crimes being committed by those most positioned to engage in this conflict.   The role of the Economy is to provide for everyone who is a part of it, not make everybody a slave to a bunch of psychotic sociopaths.

Congress Votes the Bill & the Treasury provides the Money.  More properly it is called Currency.  As a work of conceptual art currency that allows one to buy tools coming from debt and based on the Armed Forces ability to enforce the use of Dollars for Oil it is closer to real things than any amphoras Chimera of Fiat than nothing.  The “Hollowing Out” of the Economy really means all good income Domestically comes from Government Work.”

There is no good reason anymore to base military actions on the use of the Petrodollar.  We are in the Death Throes of the Hundred Year Oil War.   Goldman Sachs has taken advantage of it to Bond Venezuela.  They can count on the military might of the US to help them “Collect” on what is very likely to become a bad debt.   Venezuela is the casualty of the Saudi’s Economic War against the United States.  They attempted to make Fracked Oil & gas too expensive for those US Corporations Drilling to make a profit.

At least my favorite of the nations fighting the Econ War successfully has been Uruguay.  I noticed Uruguay when they threw the TPP Salesmen out of their Country.   They legalized Pot, had a Parliamentary form of government.  Had good separation of Church & State.   Montevideo is a fantastic port.

Banks of the US aren’t going to loan Uruguay Banks any money for legalizing pot now.  It is to benefit big Pharma apparently.

Econ War.

There is big money if the Vices.  The Alcohol Wars of Prohibition proved that.  Chicago was not a safe town to live in.  Were the girls thrilled?  There were the Prohibitionist Girls and the Flapper Girls.

I will pick up on the Social Sciences & the Big Lies and the Corruptions and perversions of our Banking System, the Whole System must be given a Mission to provide enough income for all to live in a nationally shared peace, if nothing else.

With a System that is about the score, Monopoly achieved, enforcement of regulations that force the Financial Institutions to invest prudently and classically in those things that are of true general benefits to the entire nation, it is both Fascism & Chaos.

Nothing works that the people do not believe in.

Think of it all this way:   Finance is Finite, & Economics is Infinite.

Again and again we learn that it isn’t how much you have but what you spend it on.  When you have an infinite power to create from your aim currency, it is limited by how it works within the nation first.   The two legitimate roles of Government are Defense & Education.

Universal Healthcare is as much a part of the Center for Disease Control as it is a part of the for profit economy.  In fact Universal Healthcare is what you Defend FOR.  It is not an extra.  It is the whole point.

When you protect your territory you protect it from diseases that kill your food and make you starve.  That is evident and obvious.  At my model’s extremes are Fences and an environment where no one is exposed to the equivalent of the plague.  Airplane travelers in my international nation of airports will have to be screened for diseases.

There will be a point where the Transcendia Passport means you are healthy because is is a finite small nation with little real hold on its territories.  My model forces the extremes.

Insurodollar Summary

My Resolution Gift

Why my currency is more based on human capital than territory and overcomes the flaw of communism in that it creates private wealth instead of taking everyone’s for all.


P.S.  I wandered from the show Econ Wars Domestic & Foreign.  I need the vetting of other Economists.  I see that the Bank that Marx saw as of Best Practices:  The Industrial Service Bank.   The Nation must Budget for those things it is about.  You simply must pay for Education and Healthcare.  All that military is for “Defending the Nation” not doing the dirty work for parasite banks and the corporations they serve.

It is time those Financial Institutions that are engaged in Economic War against Nations that is aggressive are hauled into the ICC and prosecuted.  We of the world cannot allow this war to go unnoticed for what it is.

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