NY Fame, Power, Work/Trump as Exponent of Ayn Rand’s Fountainhead

They wouldn’t have shoved the Fountainhead at me in my high school.  I had to get through “Tom Jones” for it’s supposed historical place in the novel as literature.

There was “Cane” we read, “Sleep”, and to this day when was “Catcher in the Rye” taught?

I had read “Catch 22″ when I was 13.  I laughed out loud for the first time to a book.

I probably did read The” Fountainhead” during my school years, formal school years.  There in there after all the Sci Fi, short stories, magazines & movies meant to make one see the world as it is, for what it is.

All I got from “The Fountainhead” was as a parable of what sort of man wins the best girl in the end.   This woman, what’s her name?  That woman ended up with the man who was famous and powerful and important for his work.  So he ended up with the woman.

The book and most all of Rand’s philosophy are dated back to a Russian writer of the 1890s who was Utopian with the sort of stories popular amongst Politico Science Fiction Prepper Survivalists of about 2 centuries.

The common man’s experiences as labor either in Russia, France, Germany, or the US generate common dreams.  We all want to take our girl for a ride in our flying car.

For the Russians Science Fiction was what they got to read since it hadn’t happened yet there was less censorship.

All round and as I come to the point the Rand Philosophy was not original.  I do not, and never did take her work so seriously as have our juvenile representatives such as Paul Ryan.

The real feeling of poverty is not having enough to give to others.  It is painful to be selfish for me, and I think most people.  Every single book by an author such as William Faulkner has a profound point to remember when experiencing the Human Condition.

He is a better writer than Ayn Rand.  In particular “Absolam, Absolam!” means that you have wasted your life if you spend it in the service of bad ideals.  It doesn’t even feel right to work at increasing selfishness.

Ironic to my pragmatism is the airport nation considering how in Rand’s story “Atlas Shrugged” everybody who is this Titan of Industry ends up out at the airport island with their TravelAir, Beech Staggerwing, or maybe Hughes Lockheed.

My ears were pricked up when I heard about how Betsy DeVois had started up a pilot training program for high schools students.  In Transcendia everyone will be encouraged to learn to fly, and it will be paid for by the Nation as in our national interest.   I come from the line as a ramp rat where I went to work because I wanted to fly.

It was said of the program to train young pilots that it was not scalable, and this isn’t true.  The people of the United States as a whole are being systematically denied the good that their Treasury can do for them.  “The States are going to have to learn to get along without help from the Treasury.” said Steven Minuchin.

Why is that?  In our faces has been the ease with which the Department of Defense can get all the dollars in the world for weapons & weapons systems that just cost a lot, while not demonstrably protecting our lands or our vital communications systems or advancing much of anything, or we’d not be so afraid.  I’d hazard to say we are afraid because we are lost.

Hubristic lying bank & investments Financial Engineers made up a bunch of toxic things to sell suckers, they could using fraudulent ratings, indicative of the sorts of things people who care only for themselves.  The Rand & selfish a philosophy jettisons integrity right quick if a dishonest unethical way to get away with the money this instant, can be engineered.

Billions we can’t count and will never see thrown our way more than a car loan or part of a house the bank lets us have as a penny on a dream they can decide time to substitute with a nightmare went to these real people at our expense because they were seen & certified as special, & smarter.   There is no question that these feudalists start with money.

We whose greatest times of security benefited when families were founded on the prospects that the GI Bill made real.  It is such a common story that there is no need at all for me to tell my story.

Look at the debt weighing down on people in their thirties now?  In what industries does that education pay?  Software engineering does give those so skilled a lot of freedom but we can’t even expect our government to protect the internet in the ways that give us nationally shared security.  That is to some great effect the fault of the NSA determined to sweep us so much information they have none.

If you are looking for gold you are not so likely to find it digging up all the sand on the beach.

Our Government helped people take our homes and raise our rents.  My friends with the greatest security and incomes still had to work years longer.

The man on the stage who told the most truth about what was and what could be was Senator Sanders.  He was advised by economists I found when I got far along in my economics studies.  He never said, “Modern Monetary Theory” and I cannot fathom why not.

He still had to say that the money for education could come from transaction taxes on Wall Street Trades.  I’m not against that, but there is a great deal of power possessed by our Sovereign Wealth, as well as even the unique status as the Reserve Currency for the world.

Essentially we do have all the money in the world.  We are not allowed by the parasites feeding upon our body to be wise about how the money we have meant for our well being and security wisely.

The Election of Trump is the Election of a hollow man brought to the top of the nation by those who believe in and use in a philosophy of selfishness and greed.  Trump is what an Ayn Rand hero looks like.  Melinia is his trophy.  There is no Howard Roark in this book.




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Shed of a Shedman

But for the witch thing.

I’m using the shed man photo again. Imagine the writer in the little shed writing letters.

My letters, you know, letterson paper, get just as much ignored as my emails. When I was a young paperboy I determined there somewhere along the line that communications were everything, and I could be passionate about it.

I’ll never do a handshake deal again, but you cannot win without personal contact. I’ve never gotten a contract from anything other than personal contract.

The phone call is now close to personal contact. I may well be the substitute for personal contact.

I tell secretaries everything. I saw “How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying”. I don’t know why so many people are stuck on Ayn Rand. Further they sure do seem to skip the part in Atlas Shrugged when Dagney gives the Conductor a 100 dollar bill. She says there a man works better with money in his pocket.

I think of all the people I’ve known working who through happenstance and birth and all those things that we and they and I have no control of, become working class.

The strike and the sit-in cost them so much they cannot afford that there is little they know to do. The strictures on how the Unions might spend their money lobbying are great enough to be a fantastic disadvantage when Labor attempts to compete with the Corporate State.

I am saying now that the only battlefield for the sane old revolutionary is TV Land, and have turned to youtube.

I have 18 subscribers. Obviously whatever sanity there is to the statement cannot necessarily overcome the decline in the well-being and power of the US.

But what the hell, I am OK enough to write and talk about what would be a better more generally accepted path. Certainly I can feel the pain of my class here in NC. What has happened on Wall Street is particularly dangerous.

The US is at the pinnacle of its economic power as you can see in its power to impose sanctions on other nations. Because Wall Street has been taken over by Financial Engineers playing games with the money, that is a representation of great power, it is killing all of the geese that lay the eggs that are the foundation of the currency.

Elizabeth Warren, an elected Senator is doing for me a great job as opposed to Thom Tillis and Richard Burr, that represent us from NC.

My enemies are those that signed the Taxpayer Protection Pledge. Whatever you think about the disincentive to work and get paid more that is the argument against the marginal tax rate, there is a point at which it is simply unfair.

Growing up as a Southerner who did respect the Federal Government to a greater degree than those around me made me later understand when running my business in New York, that I was still of some stupid philosophical beliefs when it came to taxes, and how they were supposed to be of benefit to us all.

North Carolina now is at least an apogee example of a Southern State that feels as if it is an independent nation apart from the Union.

How can your typical Southerner not think that way to some degree when there is a Confederate States of America Monument in nearly every Town Square of the state! If I had grown up a little more federalized that I was, I might have done better.

Maybe all that would have been needed was for me to hire an accountant when I was 13.

Someone like myself is needed in the US Senate. Elizabeth Warren needs help. North Carolina needs to know more about its strengths and the great ideals and functions of the USA. Union Soldiers need to have more and bigger monuments put up to compete with these Confederates, and legacy pseudo aristocratic ways of treating its citizens.

The US does not have to collapse. The US has just a little time to reform its financial laws, regulations, and the enforcement of laws aimed at preventing corruption to overcome the honest working citizens, and protect all of the classes from the collapse near to the horizon if the Financial Institutions are allowed to continue too much of this Lanksy Financial Play Capitalism that has been adopted way more than anything out of Ayn Rand.

President Obama himself said that the practices that were made legal were what brought down the Financial System and since Mobster Financial Engineering was legal now, no one was going to jail.

We have gone too far already.

And I’ll tell you one thing, we were made reinsurers for AIG. If they are still insuring the same sort of financial instruments, like derivatives and credit default swaps, it behooves us to instruct and stop them from insuring things that we will suffer again from their being made to appear as worth being insured.