Shed of a Shedman

But for the witch thing.

I’m using the shed man photo again. Imagine the writer in the little shed writing letters.

My letters, you know, letterson paper, get just as much ignored as my emails. When I was a young paperboy I determined there somewhere along the line that communications were everything, and I could be passionate about it.

I’ll never do a handshake deal again, but you cannot win without personal contact. I’ve never gotten a contract from anything other than personal contract.

The phone call is now close to personal contact. I may well be the substitute for personal contact.

I tell secretaries everything. I saw “How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying”. I don’t know why so many people are stuck on Ayn Rand. Further they sure do seem to skip the part in Atlas Shrugged when Dagney gives the Conductor a 100 dollar bill. She says there a man works better with money in his pocket.

I think of all the people I’ve known working who through happenstance and birth and all those things that we and they and I have no control of, become working class.

The strike and the sit-in cost them so much they cannot afford that there is little they know to do. The strictures on how the Unions might spend their money lobbying are great enough to be a fantastic disadvantage when Labor attempts to compete with the Corporate State.

I am saying now that the only battlefield for the sane old revolutionary is TV Land, and have turned to youtube.

I have 18 subscribers. Obviously whatever sanity there is to the statement cannot necessarily overcome the decline in the well-being and power of the US.

But what the hell, I am OK enough to write and talk about what would be a better more generally accepted path. Certainly I can feel the pain of my class here in NC. What has happened on Wall Street is particularly dangerous.

The US is at the pinnacle of its economic power as you can see in its power to impose sanctions on other nations. Because Wall Street has been taken over by Financial Engineers playing games with the money, that is a representation of great power, it is killing all of the geese that lay the eggs that are the foundation of the currency.

Elizabeth Warren, an elected Senator is doing for me a great job as opposed to Thom Tillis and Richard Burr, that represent us from NC.

My enemies are those that signed the Taxpayer Protection Pledge. Whatever you think about the disincentive to work and get paid more that is the argument against the marginal tax rate, there is a point at which it is simply unfair.

Growing up as a Southerner who did respect the Federal Government to a greater degree than those around me made me later understand when running my business in New York, that I was still of some stupid philosophical beliefs when it came to taxes, and how they were supposed to be of benefit to us all.

North Carolina now is at least an apogee example of a Southern State that feels as if it is an independent nation apart from the Union.

How can your typical Southerner not think that way to some degree when there is a Confederate States of America Monument in nearly every Town Square of the state! If I had grown up a little more federalized that I was, I might have done better.

Maybe all that would have been needed was for me to hire an accountant when I was 13.

Someone like myself is needed in the US Senate. Elizabeth Warren needs help. North Carolina needs to know more about its strengths and the great ideals and functions of the USA. Union Soldiers need to have more and bigger monuments put up to compete with these Confederates, and legacy pseudo aristocratic ways of treating its citizens.

The US does not have to collapse. The US has just a little time to reform its financial laws, regulations, and the enforcement of laws aimed at preventing corruption to overcome the honest working citizens, and protect all of the classes from the collapse near to the horizon if the Financial Institutions are allowed to continue too much of this Lanksy Financial Play Capitalism that has been adopted way more than anything out of Ayn Rand.

President Obama himself said that the practices that were made legal were what brought down the Financial System and since Mobster Financial Engineering was legal now, no one was going to jail.

We have gone too far already.

And I’ll tell you one thing, we were made reinsurers for AIG. If they are still insuring the same sort of financial instruments, like derivatives and credit default swaps, it behooves us to instruct and stop them from insuring things that we will suffer again from their being made to appear as worth being insured.