The Company that is the USA needs to kick out the betrayers of the People.

No Alternative

Lifesaver, it is in the house, not in the show, but It ought to go, and I will show it later.

The old songs of the greats are all anybody wants to hear from them, so they go paint or go round in circles fitting something new in now and then. I’m the Worst by Keith Richards is comparable then to Working Class Hero, which I am, and also the worst. Richards does have to point out that it has been 30 years since he was a junkie. He has a nice library.
Last night after the show I did some composing with the Alesis sound processor I got for marketing advises. I’m a consultant if anybody wants to actually know. I see my profile gets an average of 5 views a week. They seem to fail to notice I can’t really work at a regular job anymore since I am chronically ill and have an odd schedule dependent on the drugs for the chronic pain and destruction of bone and associated parts.
Most of my interests, like the exoskeleton were aimed at the work to do today. Now I have to admit they are therapeutic. Nice of me to think of useful things, even when it comes to pot. It is useful as it is or as it comes from the moslems who make nice hashish.
I did offer to debate theology high on hashish with Osama Bin Laden, as I know the brain mind condition achieved when that high.
Now I have music I have made to go along with it.
Politically from a Transcendian point of view, this is soft power.
Phd. Joey Fink was aware she was witness to history, at the opening of “Balance” my small show, in a small place, right suitable for jamming with the things I have made. It was a wonderful night because one of the Intendors ™ was broken just like real early rock and roll performance events. It will burn well, later.
Of course unlike the early days of rock and roll, my Intendor number 8 simply fell over and hit some brick of the incinerator. It’s wood is not good for the neck. Even flat though it does sure vibrate well. I have an idea.
What Ideas did Einstein have in his maturity?
When I went crazy from toxins from the infection, I was on a bad trip, and was prepared to come back from early experiments with my mind.
Once it was said to me in Rochdale that they had never seen anybody get so high, and still come back. So I could apply that early training and facility to the illness.
It came back fast, the hospital psychosis when I went in for the last hip replacement.
My first ambition was to be a psychiatrist. I believe that the cost and length of stay in the educational institutions daunted me.
They said I was the “coolest” guy they ever met, the guy on a bad trip in the Rochdale College Lobby I was guarding. I had looked him in the face. I had the same experience with Pagan our old scruffy cat, who mostly did a lot of hiding under the bed.
When she was dying for a good while, she looked at me in the face eyeballs to eyeballs for a protracted time and then for the rest of her life, the next six months, slept on the pillow next to my head till she went out and went somewhere to die.
We have never come across her body. She is with me.
Hell death had a better hand on me when my guts were all wrapped up and I was in incredible pain hunched up on the examination table. Dr. Dressen put me right without a colostomy bag, and I came back.
Hell before that I fell a story on a slab of concrete and broke my hip, pelvis, part of my hand. I was doing something stupid I had been ordered to do, and figuring it wouldn’t matter gone on to doing it till I fell in the hole in the floor.
I ought have insisted then it wasn’t my job, and it wasn’t the way it was done anyway.
They teach the hardheads that the boss is the boss. I do the job in my position as third electric as a third electric. Director I do my job as Director, and as third electric.
I loved the set etiquette of movie making said to be dysfunctional, for no one is supposed to “freelance” and the third electric does not speak directly to the Director.
In families no one speaks directly to each other either and it is supposed to be a problem in families, whereas it works on a film set.
Maybe there was a reviewer at the Opening. One man watched the show as if on assignment. I asked for that. I am desperate for reviews of my work. People in general need the authorities to point at me.
My required name of fame is my destiny to work for now. I put my studio back together different last night and this morning and made some recordings on the RadioShack recorder Alex recognized and smiled about.
I never thought at all ever that I would play guitar. Never. Now I see it is required of me. Making my own machine and tuning it my way means I get to play it my way.
Phd. or Doctor Joey as she needs to settle for as her new certificated name bought a copy of Poor Buzz & Stories from Warnings for my Daughter, and a copy of Death is the Title, or I slept on the Porch.
I need to finish up the paper version of The Revolutionary.
Meantime, I am Indending towards that Senate seat.
That’s the thing of time as you can get a statement of from the Readings from the Bible and the I Ching. Your statement is ready.
Make no plans for a life in Heaven. Death is a return to anonymity.

Ah, I spoke to Mary Ann, and the aspiring Engineer. I am so sorry I did not photograph. All of the best was missed by my camera. I was busy being me, the Old Man now.
In this life you need the same energy in put as a light bulb that says right on it it is a 60 watt machine. I think I am a 300 watt machine as like a light bulb. I may glow low and more pleasingly at a lower input, DC.
Remember I have a wife and a daughter, and now a grandson coming.
I may have had fun making any particular work of art, like the Intendors, or the Lifesaver, or Instructions, works of art. The price tag is there for those reasons of duty and responsibility to those around me and of me.
Pay me.
Far as the political visions coming from the one vision that works like a touchstone and prevents my stone cold atheism, I do not really want donations, but more want you to buy my book, so Doctor Joey, another Historian, was right to buy the two she got.
History is important to be written down. The collective minds competitions cannot raise us forward to more control of our environment if it is not available as a lesson. This is what the Durants say.
Just finished Lessons of History.
Now the thing to do is invest in superconductors, for they are the best of the possible magic bullets to get mankind through this bottleneck.
They give us the prospect of reducing demands for energy as there are too many of us clamoring for comfortable entertaining shelters and food.
Where I live in NC there is poverty at an unacceptable rate because the pseudo aristocrats in power despise the poor and want more poverty and desperation for them so the view they fix for themselves is not disturbed.
Did Caryle Group raise labor rates for the Aviation Ground crews at Atlantic Aero passed now from the Godwin family completely?
If not, they deserve to be shamed by the government of the people for they then are a stark illustration of the game taught in the business schools that all they are to do is to make sure labor does not get paid enough to do anything but work.
Is American Airlines now the biggest Front for the CIA and MI6? I can’t tell for sure.
Why won’t Guy Kawasaki mention Transcendia, and Transcendian Passports, to Sir Richard Branson?
I reviewed his book as requested. Took me three days of work and five rewrites to finally get it posted.
He says you ought ask for favors and ask for reciprocals. Then a No to me.
I said he was a nice guy too!

Why didn’t Panavision pay me for the concept of Panascout? The lawyer for them says they don’t think I can win. Panavision will see fewer rentals in NC because the bribes were discontinued by the GOP grasp of the Legislature. They have no idea of how the business works. I offered Panavision a marketing deal based on the aim at the use of the Panascout I Phone program that mimics the Cooke lens look of Panavision, which would bring later more rentals of the real cameras that give a standard great image that will make a movie a novel.

No. Kim Snyder has a Board to answer to. That is the reason given for no marketing contract to me. Me in NC. I’ve got my official DP credit on Mint Julep. I was afraid I wouldn’t get it. I am happier with Kathy Fehl and Ian Teal for that bit, though, why didn’t they make me DP for all of it? Money issues dogged them. I was badmouthed. Angelica didn’t get something she wanted? Jet Beach hasn’t been made.

Buy it.

My demand is that you tweet to John Kerry and demand a resolution to the Economic War with Russia. China just beat the US for major economy by crashing the company and making the US hurt for it. I have an indicator. I have one stock that lost a third of its value.

Raising interest rates will give Goldman Sachs and the rest of their kind an opportunity to take over South American businesses that have debts in dollars. The distortion of the banks allows for this. They are going on as before. US citizens are now again the source of millions and billions from the guaranteed loan debts as assets on the books that young propagandized students have taken on. HR departments reject any 40 year old experienced hands that have only meritocratic resume`s to offer. Academics are safe and the economies of college towns are safe.

The aim of the MBAs not to pay labor twists the equation around so that defaults on the guaranteed debt, leveraged to raise interest rates so the BRIC and Russian challenge to the Petrodollar Reserve status currency will crash anyone with a loan made in America. The stupidity of greed marches on.

If you need to borrow, borrow from your bank, a deposit bank that is playing by the old rule book that Roosevelt and his pragmatic capitalism put in place that worked till Clinton got his dick sucked by Monica.

The education of the labor force must be truncated and left in the realm of what is too hard and dirty for the youth of the industrialists children. That was the way of the original “Liberals” of “Free Trade” and Finance as the place of the children of the successful 19th century industrialists who also refused to pay the labor brought off the land that supported the to the factories causing a rise in Socialistic methods applied by them with their meager resources to the aid of their survival that was most pronounce in the cooperative of the town Rochdale.

I was Security and Editor of the Dissident Paper Ghetto News in Rochdale College Toronto, which likely was a front for Meyer Lansky in his waning days. Evidence implies there was money made from all the interior furniture and like that. Where exactly did the cocaine come from for the corrupted all the time from the beginning better hidden from me till recruitment times. Tests. Thefts and resale and gives to the Board.

A little microcosm of power and the hidden aspects. Regardless it is corruption that destroys the government you are invested in and dependent on. I myself couldn’t get a paycheck from some other enterprise unless I went deeper into the crime life, or was accepted as a “Landed Emiagrant” “Landed Immigrant”. I swear it looked like an e.

There is a file to pull out for the prospective producer too busy in Bangkok to think about it all now. I don’t want to think about it again.

I see my favorite hammer. The weather is so fantastic I feel a love of life that comes now in this greatest of Falls for me to ever see. I can walk and that wasn’t the case for a long time. No thing about living is taken for granted now.

Stupidity is a problem around every town. Acceptance of the blocks put in your path is supposed to be fine with you. Apparently that is the case. We are not allowed to show and sell art at our Local Community Airport, “Because someone would make money.” That someone is me these days. I look there at the sorts of people that can afford to fly private planes around, and it is not unreasonable for me to think they can spend more money than the average guy.

Up in Asheville they have a gallery at their airport. It sells productions of the local artists. Greensboro’s airport is to follow suit, if they haven’t already. I am expected to turn away from where I have been rebuffed, and go to RDU to get it sold. I want where I live to be a place where I get the same respect as others who make money in the common spaces. Certainly the contractors will make money from buildings of the highest quality to be the most impressive from Carolina North. If they plan out the airport without notice to the locals of a real thing to happen past the Big Lie they have told all for over a decade and even after Thorp said there would be no airport in Orange County, unless maybe something different is done.

You know and I know that working people get about 3 weeks to decide where to stay and what to do when their jobs are not available to them anymore. In fact it was reported at the beginning of the big collapse where the US citizens got put on the hook for all the gamblers losses as reinsurers of AIG which insured all the crap that was Derivatives and Credit Default Swaps, it was reported that there was nowhere West to head.

Heading North to Canada doesn’t work for me. It might work for you. Things are turning rotten up that way too. Population of NC has doubled since I was a High School Graduate. My defeats always returned me to dirty work that didn’t pay. I could do it all. Aviation was a used to be good job. Desperate for work lots of people went to it and the labor was cheaper and cheaper to buy by the big guy hucksters that put on a show out there throwing bags.

So what did I do but drift to making movies. That was a glamor job full of pretty people. They were Independents and cranked out stuff for Sundance for Art, and all the actors got more and more of their share. SAG takes care of their own. For IATSE the stagehands bring down the rates because they don’t get enough to strike in the first place. Especially in the South. Crew positions are cut and wages haven’t gone up in 30 40 years like the rest of the things to do for a paycheck which is all capitalism means to the average guy. The fact that all the Chinese know they work for the Company of China means they win on a subliminal level the American Citizen loyal in spite of themselves to all the different named Corporations who really use them as the Company and Army for them independent of the Company of the USA has no good coming for the common man.

The concept of Too Big To Fail is To Big to Fail What? and the Answer is the Company of the Country, the Company is the Country. It isn’t about soaking the rich, it is looking at the obvious benefits the disloyal companies get from misusing the people, for which they deserve to be forced to either pay, or leave and go join the company of China.