World War Letter to You/100 Yrs. Oil War

Says: Basically it is Meyer Lansky Financial Engineering & J Edgar Hoover anti Commie Pinko Street Level Law.  -Transcendian Note

The social media poster is about what our lives are regardless of the wars we have managed to survive. Go to Uruguay. Go to Montevideo. It is a good place now. Legal pot. Parliamentary Government. Great Port. Separation of Church & State.
Far from a lot of tanks. Closer you live to tanks the more likely you will be run over.

It is my Horace Greely thing. Go to Montevideo. I sang a song about it. I’m looking for two of my songs. Come to me like a Kitten, and Montevideo. They are in Transcendian my tv channel somewhere.

I have allowed myself anger & hatred. I’ve been robbed. Transcendia to me is as is Disney to Disney. Use of my name by Translwrap pisses the fuck out of me. So do the others that use my name. I invented it with Craig Hefner & Mark Sampson at a pot party in the late 70s.

Depression is pathological but anger isn’t is what I have been saying a good deal lately.

If you are a working guy you will find that you cannot afford justice. In NC they put caps on malpractice awards which is a strong disincentive for a malpractice attorney to take cases when they can take the case in another state for the same time and make more money.

NC, Tim Moore? Phil Burger, I heard of another case of cap making cases asking for recompense from the horror of the air near the pig farm shit lagoons.

Upshot is like in Flint where they live with lead water because they can’t move. What happened with Love Canal?

We used to talk about how we lived in BonanzaLand. Earlier days of Television mind framing spin & picture coming out of the tv that sold guns, cigarettes, & soap.

Men carry a code on either side & shoot each other to death with badges on or not.  There is the Wild West & the civilized East.  San Francisco & NYC compete as places of culture, though San Francisco is even more tolerant than NYC which turns its Meat District into a human club scene making it overall more likely to be starved when the apocalyptic riot gets going full bore.

I am lucky as hell since I did have a hero in my family. He was a great great gentleman. Gentleman & officer in fact. His story of passion when he found out his wife had been having an affair with his best friend while he was at war in the Pacific for 4 years saved me from OJ Simpson type violence.

Whenever exactly the Economic Sanctions imposed on Russia for invading & annexing Crimea is like three years. It has been on in tests in Syria.

I am saying that we have to pretend that the apocalyptic riot has happened & we get another chance to make a World Government which is essential what you have to have if you are really going to prevent nuclear war, which is like now meaning apocalyptic riot.

More missiles in the air war weather the weatherman says.

Airports are the height of civilization. It was a big deal that men have walked on the Moon. The US has beat Russia in all the Post WWII contests. The Space program was united under Gore so we in the US use a Russian rocket engine. RD-180 I think. I have notes. It is a lucky metal engine aimed to be closed loop total fuel burn and succeeding because of the failures and then has this story!

Guy was told to destroy them and didn’t so they sat and then are sold to the US. “We didn’t think it was possible.” Is a quote from the story from a US engineer.

Nobody but somebody I don’t know sees the best plan of spaceships & space stations and Big Time Species Building in the news as pragmatic as I write about it.

The UN has to have a space program too, as ought the Vatican support since they are all for overpopulation and starvation.

Builds character and sells sins for its income. Easy sin to sell is sex.
Even junkies need some sex now and then. Mostly they don’t care. It all becomes academic in a way.

William Burroughs is the great Junkie. I don’t think junkies of today even know how to be junkies. Burroughs died at something like 82? He had ended up on methadone in Kansas watching the house cats and shooting at spray paint cans to make wall company pictures.

I’ve forgotten my dreams of the week though I think there was a red circus car in one of them.
In the other a woman friend decided to be outside naked on a suburban misty day. I am trying to paint that. I think it was a swingers exhibitionist dream.

I’m trying to paint it and get the hips of the woman right.

We really do not have to have World Wars now. Somehow we do but we are in another war that is for survival as a species. Everything is dying.

Bees are a big one. The Bees are dying and then out there in the oceans the reefs, those calcite small things making sharp rocks tear you apart on the way to shore are being killed as it gets too warm an acidic for them.

Whole food chains are collapsing. Lizards, newts those salamanders getting to be hermaphrodites & Fukushima boars & moths with three watery eyes and the mob has people go there to clean it up and make the land livable?

You take your defense and count the fronts.
What fronts can you combine and which ones can you solve? The US Fought in Europe, & Asia in WWII. There was the sneak attack by Japan after a bought of Economic War over Manchuria by ethicist FDR.

Bataan. All explained by the different attitude towards death.
US fought in hot & cold with its faster firing rifles of the infantry man, & the tanks were weaker than the T 34? but lots of tanks.

Elon Musk must have the Electric Tank in a hanger like his predecessor Howard Hughes.

Next it will be a dogfight between the Russians & an American.
Some fool says that won’t happen, but he is an idiot.
It is assured by the cancelation of positioning intel & activity in Syria between Ru, & the USA.

Retreat is the Hardest Thing

Ways out as Write Downs

1930s moment. Fascism. War Clouds Economic slow dance of crashing.

Now that Bernie Sanders is effectively crushed a Retreat to base camp is called for.  Retreat is the hardest thing for a General to accomplish.  The aim is to save the army from complete destruction.

Absorption into a mythical good DNC is not possible.

Meantime at the same time we are told that there is no excuse for any violent reaction to continued murders of the working poor, we are told to prepare for more war, internationally at least.  2 Percent is what all ought be spending on Defense.  The Defense industry of the US is happy as hell.  Favored nations will get the most modern up to date missiles and all.

However underlying all the rhetoric and bullshit is this:  The State is to have a Monopoly on Violence.

Now the BLM movement and organization is identified as Marxist.  It is also identified as contributing to the murders of innocent police in Dallas.  Too bad it happened in Dallas since it ought have happened in other cities like St. Louis closer to the worst murder of an innocent Black man who was acting too White.

Since the Police always have the drop on a civilian in a car, with a girlfriend and a baby and live in mortal terror of a Black man with a gun, that cop murdered an innocent man and so a Black man with a rifle retaliated.  What exactly did the power structure expect?  What about the other 500 or so murdered by cops by now in the year, half and more through the year?

Cops do not necessarily carry within a live and let live keep the peace attitude after 5 decades of enforcing J. Edgar Hoover policies of oppression.  The For Profit Prison Industry gets fed via continuous arrests of Blacks & youths for minor pot violations over all throughout the Nation.  Sentences are long enough and egregious enough to ruin a lot of job prospects for the targets, but short enough that outright Revolt is forestalled.

The Clintons are for continuing this, along with both US political parties.  If one is cynical they suspect the Drug War is insisted on to run the criminal systems funding mechanisms. For Profit Prisons are simply unethical.  Many of the poor working people are also hit with fines they have no legal means, like work, to pay.  Wages are subsistence wages.  Any little extra disaster becomes a crisis.  Decriminalization is a joke in most states since it keeps the whole thing running fine, just as it was, without the claim, OH we Decriminalized it.

Workers are wage slaves and any revolt is a losing proposition on their part since they will be out manned and out gunned and are just supposed to eat it.  Race & Gender politics are promoted by all the Mass Media to keep Labor, which is Black & White from uniting together.

The Generation Gap continues even as one may be an older person, hated as an older person, unless Hollywood famous and rich.   You are not a rock star.

Any way, it is a lie that violence does not work.  The truth is it does work.  Now the gay guys who fought the police at Stonewall, an otherwise insignificant bar in the West Village are heroic.  It was a kinder day, and just a brawl.  OK that is good.  Civilization then includes fist fights?

The only police in fact I respected were the NYC Island cops.  They did seem willing to attempt to keep the peace.  I was treated with respect when I cursed them out for coming into Brownies after hours when we were continuing to get drunk.  “Sure you don’t want to calm down?”   I myself have a good list of cops and me stories.  Most cops outside of the East Village I have had problems with were in it for the power.

Pot is used by them to get someone otherwise not possible to arrest.  Pot has become a folkway.  You cannot legislate folkways away, but making any of the Woodstock Nation’s hedonistic philosophical ways illegal & making being Black illegal have kept the Drug War going till now addictive heroin is around not for its typical 10 year cycle, but all the time.

Regardless of this insidious bunch of bullshit following crack profits Sanders today endorsed Hillary or really the Clintons the power unit who are an established part of the whole Finance world that is debt dealing and grabbing and manipulating the working people into early graves and so I have called for Service Banking.

What we have to have is Industrial Service Banking which is what Goldman Sachs has pretended to be to get money they used to buy all the deeds as is the case with elites in Haiti.  So goes Haiti, so goes the West.

Meantime since the entire US economy is militarized, hollowed out for and by the military what you got from working for a company you only get now from working for the Government in bureaucracies or for the Military, which covers the globe as an Empire sucking the life out of all and planning on war to fix economic ruin they helped to cause.

Nations have forgotten they can sell land to their friends and enemies to eliminate sources of contest.  I suspect the planned war in China to explode anytime, but most likely once the F-35 actually works. And I myself don’t even like the Chinese.  They appear to have blocked me early in online web world publishing for my status as a Confucian Scholar showing how to use the Bible & I Ching together as a spiritual practice.

As a writer, I do not think much of censorship and prefer that artists understand the responsibilities they have to promote and certify strength, wisdom, beauty & humor.

Really the plan looks like kill off a lot of the population of the world with war, and use the nukes in tandem to cool things down.  This is why I say Montevideo, far from tanks, which are flash points in Europe, while ships and boats and airplanes will do it in China seas.

Low down there in the Atlantic with Mountains close, Uruguay looks pretty good.  Less radioactivity at least.  Less already as seen circulating from Fukushima.

You as youth could just evacuate to there and protect the place from us, our military.  Wow they are going to be needing help for rejecting the TPP.