Primes for War

It is an unbelievable reality that war with China is being engineered.  You are more likely to go to war with people you do business with than those you don’t.

This time it’s the Navy Again.  I wrote down Chief of Staff, Joint Chief of Staff of the Armed Forces talking in the Presidents ear.  I can’t find my note.  These people, 4 & 5 star generals are said to be making Foreign Policy more than the professional Foreign Service Officers.

It would be unbelievable to go to war with China to most of us just sitting around or going about our lives.  The Joint Chiefs of Staff were ready to blow the world up for us often during the Cold War and we have been in a state of permanent hot war somewhere like quagmire in Afghanistan and the outposts of the stranded or rank seekers. People dedicate their lives to getting ahead within certain institutions and the culture of that institution.

Unless the Institution is really led from shared idealization the institution will become corrupt when the vacuum is filled from within.

If you look some at IHS free intelligence reporting you will see a great deal of money being set up towards weapons sales of US exporters.  Raytheon is of interest for parking money to avoid taxes.  War profiteering is an old business.  Some people like it.

Primacy in Subs is one thing the US still has, maybe.  I don’t know for sure.  North Korea is out to hurt us whether right wrong or indifferent.  It will do so as an accident or on purpose one way or the other.  What does it take for the UN to end economic warfare with a practical war.  “Best Practices”?

Same things that were done before the Kennedy assassination when there was a lot of money riding on more war are being done regarding China.  Malaysia & that plane make sense as war moves since the CIA & MI6 Front Aviation listening post for Southeast Asia incorporated there.  It was the last place Bill Donovan went as his mind was solidifying.  Funny how these guys with all the secrets get Alzheimers as some sort of standard practice.

I was humbled some to recognize that I hadn’t seen that Transcendia as an Economic Model was based easily in business methods for Aviation Front businesses of the CIA & MI6.  It was a significant journey for the US President to have made over a disappeared airplane.

Reading between the lines is hard.  What assumptions do we carry?  I share the one that thinks war with China would be a horror show.  Is it necessary because their friend is North Korea and they won’t fix it?

I buy guitar making parts from bang good made in China cheap.  I admit I do business with the Chinese guitar parts making class.  I was considered a Confusion scholar enough for combining the I Ching and the Bible Readings by Confusion scholars.  The Confucius scholars asked permission to link to my writings.  I was touched.  I think for sure soon afterwards I was blocked in China.  I read that the Confucius Centers of the World are Espionage centers.

I looked at In-Q-Tel to see if it had any positives as a US funded CIA Venture Capital Company.  Specifically is it in any was a Service Bank, Industrial Service Banking as what we old hippies, idealists of some justice in the world possible if you put mind to it.

Want a Model Nation Contest where the System that is the Best, Government the best, Wins an Army.   Thirty Years ago Erwin Strauss of How to Start Your Own Country out of Langley book found in Loompanics said my Model was the best he had seen so far, then, thirty years ago at least.

My drift life and not going to LA was the source of the failure.  I didn’t get paid to make movies from which to take money and found the national territorial controls.  What should the US People get back from In-Q-Tel?  Or what has Page, & Page AvJet, Become?

Cultural Lag does not exploit the inherent strengths of the airport.  That being said the CIA & MI6 together under direction of OSS former leader & alway the architect of “Intelligence” set up the FBO operations there in Malaysia and he is out of Buffalo & Rochester, (NY) a town hollowed out for the intelligence community with contracts for R & D for things to listen with and see.

If Sanders goes in, then there could still be war, but it would be less likely.  We in the US may see an attack as soon as Trump even goes into office considering his election and the installation of him would really make the US look like it had elected someone like Yung Un,  Dictator Kim Yong Gun?  What?

Whack oh with economic war with Russia & Rocket engines and all of it.  Like there it is allies on one institution, enemies on out of others.  Economic warfare must be resolved to provide stability, which is good for business more generally than war.

Except for the war equipment makers.  Some people have Motive for War, and will do all the advertising and public relations or even assassination to make what suits them happen.  They are armed in the first place.

Ways out as Write Downs

1930s moment. Fascism. War Clouds Economic slow dance of crashing.