As Compromise Support Cut for Targets

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From what I understand of the NC Budget as regards Renewables and Energy Capture, the target of 10 percent is left in place, but the tax credits are withdrawn.
What this means is that Duke Power that has had years and generations to write the legislation that favors it, gains more power over the small entrepreneurs who leapt into Renewable Energy systems and their installations.

I had worked at making sure that the Legislature would have no chance of pleading ignorance of the importance of Renewables and Energy Capture. My roads lead to NCSU where the engineers are. The system for hog farms to get good natural gas from hog wastes with the side benefit of cleaning the air for the burnt nose corridor requires inexpensive solar.

Withdrawal of the tax credits will likely put small businessmen in need of the subsidy out of business, or make it much more difficult to get established. They have positioned themselves to become experienced installers of Tesla Powerwalls, for residential use and businesses. Now it is likely they will be eaten by Duke Power.

Duke is powerful and like many powerful corporations knows exactly how to crush nascent competitors. They are also old friends of the Governor McCrory.

We are in an era where the Corporatism is an ideology. One name for it is the Market State. Its adherents of the Corporations and Financial Engineers of Wall Street and London are out to cripple the Nation State, and Nation States.

My generation abandoned the United States because of Vietnam and then afterwards when Carter was pushed out by Reagan forces of criminality and in your face stupidity when Reagan and his people sold piss on you trickle down economics as if this was some real economic plan that did any working man any good.

I in fact started work on Transcendia in 1978. After 36 years of study with a significant fact check change in 1994 I was able to issue a final form for the international public Transcendia and Transcendian Passport. The final chink in the puzzle, now a cornerstone of the edifice was the invention and reinvention of the Insurodollar I first wrote of in 2003, or was it 2002? Unless we value ourselves over oil, we are literally doomed. It is happening faster than the old hippies turned cynical nihilistic isolationist thought it would.

You saw them on the picket lines in front of the White House protesting the stupid Keystone Pipeline. These, my people of my generation have gotten off their asses and wrestling with the demand that they become Nationalists again, is wrenching. We just wanted to stay around for the prelude to the closing act, not be in it ourselves. We told youth after Carter to forget it, politics was rigged. We could do nothing about the removal of the solar panels from the roof of the White House.

I have a good ideal of what they teach in our business schools. Don’t pay labor, crush Unions. Destroy competition, and if the competition is a nation, destroy its leaders who oppose your rule. The Oil and Electric Power Corporations take all competition into account.

North Carolina is so grandly equipped with an ocean frontage, good arable land and minerals and gold and mountains that it is by design that 25 percent of its people are living in poverty. The small tobacco farms inherited by the younger generation are prevented from making money growing pot, which hasn’t killed ever anyone in 5 thousand years.

Blacks and Whites live apart and represent a victory to the Businesses who love the racial division of labor. Wage slavery, always the degree past chattel slavery is advancing by design of these corporations in the Corporation of China, as the US pretends it is a nation still.

The timing and reality of even having a legislature to protect us from the likes of a Holden Thorp and the Board of Governors is a great thing. I at least have the opportunity to tell Verla Insko to fight for the reinstatement of renewables tax credits if even only in a reduced percentage from 35 to 25 percent.

Let Duke Power and GE have the Gulf Stream to drop turbines in. I never learned to scuba dive anyway.

Russell. Vice Chair of the Town Hall Precinct of Carrboro Democrats
Writing as a blogger on, Producing Daily the Intendor Radio Show, on youtube as Transcendian, the Show so named because He Intended, still maybe intends to run for the US Senate, which would take support from a lot of people actually buying his books on Amazon.