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Ban the Bomb

Benito Trump

On the bright side then it is likely more will be willing to do the necessary work to ban the bomb.  Really what that means is a government of governments with an army and covert forces that eliminate nuclear arsenals.  Law of unintended consequences arises.

There are what then, nations with nuclear weapons that do not want to let them go, or if others disarm would want to cheat.  What the hell in time of permanent war, may as well have permanent war to prevent Apocalyptic Riot.

Besides there are men and women who are simply born to be warriors, and need something, a cause, to work for.

I’m not all that on today.  Happy New Year?

Apocalyptic Riot Watch

The Flag of Transcendia SM poster



The Joint Chiefs of Staff, whose names I do not know right now, have said that a No Fly Zone in the Syrian War Theater would mean nuclear war with Russia.

Hillary Clinton is for it.   No Fly and lots die.   It is not even a real question.   I can pretend I am voting for the Sanders platform but then I get someone likely to start a real war with Russia.

The UN was supposed to be in the way of this, but reform of the Security Council Veto Powers of the Permanent Members has precluded peace.  At least somehow that does not seem to be in the cards.

A great lot of enthusiasm for invulnerability in the skies is attributed to a working F-35, which is primarily the lynchpin of war in the China Sea.  Apparently it is also significant to all other theaters of war.

Tanks, & urban assault vehicles go in there, and then close support aircraft like the Warthog, & above that you have the fighters doing surveillance and protecting the ground support attack planes.  If there are too many tanks you are to use “Tactical” Nuclear weapons to kill the tank crews.  This is accomplished by dialing down to neutron level the emanating rays from the destructive blast field.  I remember the Neutron Bomb and this stuff is about turning old thermonuclear bombs into Neutron bombs, dialing them.  Dialing them down.

That is the story I got from Wikipedia when I was looking at these engineering feats of physics prowess.

I don’t want a president that is going to start a nuclear war with Russia.  I want the UN to be better which means another UN with an army that takes care of criminal wars.  The same sort of progress politically took place prior to the war in Iraq.  I don’t think Trump will be much in Command and Control myself.  The military establishment is ready.  All that love for the F35 has to go somewhere, and world war is where it goes.

Consider it pseudo AI.  Because the Weapon is made, it is used.  There is the imperative it fly in a No Fly Zone or to hit Beijing.

Other than that what’s to worry about?

I can’t see very well since withdrawal from 6 years of morphine started with Fentanyl when the bones were grinding together and it was so bad Nancy Alex put me in a nursing home.  There are some events I don’t remember but snatches of.

In the one over by Burlington I remember this young Black woman of incredible physical womanly beauty hit by light looking at me.  Then she took me for a shower in the wheelchair put on a little plastic seat.  Everything was a sort of plastic blue.  She looked at me in some sort of quizzical way.  I was there.

I ought try and paint her.  I have thought of going looking for her specifically to photograph.  It was a languid beauty like Eula, the woman who was so lazy that she was picked up to be cleaned around.  One of Faulkner’s characters.

Meantime I am surprised to not hear anyone of these important people, big thinkers?  With Big Thinkers? Working for them, Speak of the UN or “A”UN?

After WWI and after WWII the UN, the United Nations was created to prevent Apocalyptic War, the Apocalyptic Riot.  We are already in WWIII.   There is the slow crash where Financial Terrorists are sucking up all the money, and 3 Fronts.   Asia Front & China, Then the Syrian Front with Turkey and the Kurds never to end along with that other thing of Israel that isn’t content with Palestine to fuck with, but has to threaten any that are not under their thumb, Then not let us forget Ukraine & Crimea that triggered the Economic War with Russia while trading with the enemy for rocket ship seats the US Rockets explode all three in not more than 2 weeks, the sort of thing the GRU would do.

They need cash for Putin to hand around to keep himself in power.

Is that 3 or 4 “Fronts” of battle?  Wide ranging is Economic Warfare.

Financial Terrorism has been at the root of Roman Wars, Italy? What General had an army out there for the bankers?  The destruction of Greece, or the illustration of it as not much cared about by those with the shipping & that insurance industry, which you would think had money?  Was anything insured in Greece?  How’d that work, what was AIG or Lloyds for?   Doing?

I’m personally nauseated, right now.  Some of it has to do with for the love of pot.  For the Love of Pot I have been insulted and taken off my morphine.  Expected results are diarrhea  and whatever you can imagine as spasms and twitching early on uncontrollably.  I had a bad cold to start with.  One day I wanted to die.

The insults are a great cause of hurt within me.  Why exactly I have to be piss tested for pot because I am chronically ill with psoriatic arthritis when there is no medical necessity that it be so, infuriates me.  It makes my stomach upset and my back hurt. I haven’t wanted to drink bourbon so badly in 5 years or more.  Beer sounds good.

Timing chain on the car broke.

Now it is a multitude of lies all around because the pharmacy says none of what I was told was done, was done, and all of it is untrue.

The System Is Pathological is what I told them telling them further they were the ones with the pathology.

For the love of pot?  So incredible since 1967-68 when I started smoking pot.  I’ve known a lot of people and smoked a lot of hashish in Rochdale College Toronto.  Now I’d feel normal from a bowl of black nepalese temple ball.   It has a little opium in it.  Dangerous stuff that way.   Course I can want things in the world that are vices.   Hedonism is not really illegal.

Somehow I got to be an adult of 63, you hear me, 63?  I was a gentleman in a lot of ways before 40, but after that I was a “Sir”.

I am going to make a painting of my eye.  One of my eyes, or both my eyes.

One writer pointed out the there was no particular proof from any of these 17 Intelligence Agencies.

Who killed Seth Rich?

The System is Pathological everywhere it touches my life.  I imagine that I am not the only one being hurt.

Far as the US is concerned, a nation, an Empire, that is being confrontational and in wars we hardly grasp as started much less going on, like Yemen, the one I say is where the Petrodollar died, needs for a Government of Governments, as John C. Mearsheimer says, Is missing to Step in.   I say that the petrodollar died in Yemen because the Saudis went at it without any consultation with the US.  It signaled that Netanyahu had come to be seen as too much in charge of US Foreign Policy for the US promise to protect them from Israel was not in tact.

I say we are in the death throes of the 100 Yrs Oil War.

It is likely that we will sink into barbarism as we did after the fall of Rome if there is an Apocalyptic Riot.

I have called for a second United Nations with an army of its own to be founded and set to work.

Nuclear Armed Nations ought not be confronting each other directly like this.


Luxury Problems/Enemies/No

Boy Scout

Boy Scout

I am forever a Boy Scout and have given great study war.  They were meant to go together, soldiering later after the Scouts.  I learned to shoot, and was given some ideas about honorable behavior.

It is the fakers ever done me to the bad of things.  You need some heroes, but there are fakers and put ups put on you till you question the difference, or it is a bother to try and separate lies from truth about anyone who ever had power for any reason.

I had a great success with the show and a few days of after glow, and the Whamoo, I got slammed by bad doctoring.  The timing belt on the car broke and the registration was out and the tow truck wouldn’t do the Triple A that we bought to make that tow happen, so we had to borrow money.   One of my drills broke and my batteries for that are wearing down.   The neighbors cut all the bushes back as winter is coming so I hope they didn’t kill the bush trees.  They said the electric man said to do it.  I told the man he was awful enthusiastic with his chainsaw.

The cutting of the trees on the dividing line by the church people, really really depressed me.  I started thinking of my mother and the Condo Association that was run by a guy that liked to cut down trees.  They let the ivy get to that wonderful tree at the corner where her condo was.

Her best friend Phyllis died a bloody painful death of crisis and screams and abrogations of better death.  Mom thought her son ought be with her at the end as Phyllis screamed in the ambulance for mom and there was no room and the son was an asshole about it all according to mom.  Then they moved her, and three weeks later?  Month and a half?  It was three weeks and she died.  She was 84.  They had cut her tree down before she moved.  People do these things for spite.  You know the face they wear when they do these things.

I am in pain all the time.  A System is out to hurt me, but there are individuals that have lied about me to hurt me.  I use metaphors of military practices.  On a movie, the one I was the official DP of, of half of, I shot everything far away daytime from base first, drawing in towards base at night.  i shot the last scene with one light slow motion as the truck was packed.

Well, it is good work, even if there was the catch of not knowing and bad luck.  Good job is good money, good project, good people.  Any order but you must have two out of three.  It was a good project.

I can work from the office in my home, but I am not for roaming rough as I am no longer as tough as I used to be.  That means I have to fight it out here.

I’ll tell you more later.

Democracy is Great

Mondale & Red Wife

(c) Russell Scott Day first time published here.

Mondale & Red Wife.  (c) Russell Scott Day Photo, from original SX70 print.  You can find the movie of Carter’s Inauguration Common Fool’s Trip to the Inauguration on youtube in the Carter History playlist.



What I watched last night of one part of the Clinton Unit, and Trump made clear that these people do not no more than I do, or even more or are better than we would be as President.  Democracy has a point and that is what it is.

I watched whatever it was, a Profile set of Veterans questions to a potential Commander & Chief.  Hillary Clinton mentioned the Headquarters Tent & the Foreign Service Professionals.  I think of them from some of Dan Sherman portraits in White Mandarin.  His other book that impressed me from Berlin days was The Prince of Berlin.  Berlin was the hotbed of intelligence services conflicts.  “Some of us took the Cold War more seriously than others.” is the flap line.

& Wedemeyer & China and FDR & Zionism & Foreign Service Professionals.  They told FDR things but he had friends that he barbecued with like, he was going to please because of Eleanor.  By then his brain was turning into a rock and he just died.  The UN was supposed to figure it out.

My most published story was a spy story about espionage in Rochester NY because of the great wealth of technical inventions engineered for spy machines.  Then there is the theory you can’t hit what you can’t see.  Likely the spies are still all over Rochester, NY.   The Spies do not necessarily get better intelligence or advice.  I see Hillary going all wound up with no time to think too much or work at keeping secrets.

I got a headquarters tent from Sid when planning my go to the radio station street and do my Currency of Fame Noise from the Inverter to give me DC to AC power to run the sound equipment.  I need really a sound car or truck since I really can hardly carry everything around back and forth to the car, and the car now won’t lock.  There a lot of sticks in the trunk.  I need to move them?

What big deadlines do I face, or have I faced?

Well it is extra weight calling for more energy out the gas of the motor and pushing weight down the street is known as harder if you are on a bicycle.

The tools of government start as just nothing but the System.  It is a human system so that it falls apart if the humans don’t believe in it.   Making this from a flaw to a feature has escaped us many times. People believe in stupidities that they loved as children.  To counter that you teach children smart and true aspects of the belief system that contributes to the greatness of the system on down the road.

It was believed that the natural animal human would find its own perfection so it was a bad thing to give children systems, or discipline.  No one can believe so what is there to teach anyway?   Catholic school nuns do not have that attitude.  2000 years later they are convinced of the best way to get children to be “Of the Church”.

So what of Democracy, the United States that Spawned me with it’s great mythic heroes of our revolution?  I find now I still believe in what I have picked as the best of the inspirational stories I learned young in the nation.  There was the Encyclopedia to read as all for a good while in my youth.  National Geographic, & the Encyclopedia were not enough.  When I got paid I went to Greensboro and bought books a the news store book store, paperback store down the now hip go look at the artist zoo end of the street.

Pulp paperbacks are more a big deal when I think about it.  Amazing Tales, & whatever it was was Space.  All of a sudden in this world I was 11.   I’d gotten my paper route.  Work was freedom because it paid me.  As an independent business man the wage slavery was not the thing.  Maybe sweeping the floor at Matlocks gave my brother a mean streak early.

Personality is inherited but Character is developed.  I am still an unreconstructed Boy Scout.  I wonder if my friend is always a Catholic school boy, Jesuit educated before college.  He worked in a steel mill for awhile.  People like us are supposed to move on through.  The others are staying where they are.  He told me of the guy sang Opera in the steel mill, well, all day, while working.  It was Buffalo.

I was on the road like Kerouac a lot and spent a weekend in Buffalo after a long tour of up into Maine started as a shorter trip.  Stuck in Maine I was driven down to Buffalo then dropped off in Rochester.  Wonderful people all along the way.  Most of the time.  I was trying to write a book.  I wrote as I can write, which is the novella.  As Shirer said your first book is mostly typing.

For Hillary Clinton her mission is to fix other places in the world.  “We had to do something right then because he was killing his own people.”  The UN was supposed to have been made to do these jobs.  It is a reach too much for the United States to be the World Government in my judgement.  This is where she is going to get us all killed.

Democracy is great.  Maddow was most correct saying this is what we get when we do Foreign Policy in secret, or War is run by the CIA., “Same Difference.”

Wisdom was my answer.

Trump is absolutely no fun for me to watch.  It is all because he is such a fucking liar.  I remember covering, defending myself in a job conflict of complaints to my boss at the time when I had a boss before that wisped on after I stopped going to the office.  How much was it true that I had been training their crew, it was enough.  You couldn’t help those people and there were others making movies that just created blood vessel in the neck bursting moments that ruined beauty and peace.  You do have to think fast in New York.  Saying something for him is doing something that will help him and the intention is to shut other people up only.  He is browbeating you.

Raw Democracy right there in your face proving the People really need to understand why they have a vote because if these people were dictators, which they want to be, of the whole world, disaster will follow disaster till they die.

A good King like King Alfred of England who fought the lying Danes then built a shore navy and had all armed and ready to kill the Danes, was seen as wonderful and rare.

Since we cannot expect Great Men to be there to make our history all of the time, Democracy is the hedge.  Britain has never had a good King in my lifetime.  There was Reagan’s girlfriend Thatcher for the British and look what they got but more of whatever the stupidities of the US belief system of greed and pictures had, but more in lots of ways.

Either the Great Man makes History or history makes the Great Man.

Wonderful concept and show it was.  I’d like to see a set of retired Foreign Service Professionals ask some questions.

Love & PS, Russell

Please buy my books.  amazon.com/author/transcendian

buy a bag or hat with the flag on it  http://www.cafepress.com/transcendia

The Great man and History, history and us.  A job.

The mission is to make mankind a big time insured of life forever out there and here species and it is looking touch and go.


Review of my Show


my grand show at Alexander-Heath.com

I get sick to my stomach naturally before a show, before a performance and this was no different.  I did not know if I could make it, or if I did if I would be in any sort of condition to perform.  Once told the show as up I started to feel better.

My plan had been to have the video screen playing my films from the playlists of the Transcendian Channel on youtube in the gallery space itself, and not off to the side where as it went the kids sat down as it was rolling and put on a shoot ’em up game to play.  They came out from that to play with my megaphone, and the sticks, but got confused when I told them to watch out for splinters.  I gave the child my sanded sticks, since I had run out of time to sand sticks, and they didn’t like the sticks as much.

They loved that megaphone.

My art is long somewhat rough around the edges.  Slick, well slick is slick and I somehow don’t get to that till a lot more money is spent on framing.  To get around that I paint or draw or mount my photographs on wood.  I get good plywood to use.  I paint the edges now to try and keep the painting on the wood, but if someone peels it off, or leaves it out in the rain, it will be destroyed, like anything else.

There are two dream inspired works in this show.  I like to try and capture a dream for a painting.  If you want real and detail from me you get a photograph.  Otherwise it is a straight ahead painting or what I call a wall sculpture.  These works may or may not have some political component.  The main thing is to certify from my art Strength, Wisdom, Beauty & Humor. That is what I try to do in my writings.

The pictures and wall sculptures are aimed at being good company for you, on your walls.  Many of them have been “livability tested” since my wife puts them on our walls.  She used to move the furniture around every day when we were first married, and it is better when she moves the paintings around, from my perspective.

I like it and you can bet for sure it is a good thing my wife likes what I do.  There is one piece in the show that I insisted on.  I know one of them she initially did not like, but grew to like.  She’ll never like the one I insisted on.  It was nice someone told me at the show it was their favorite.

Took me awhile to figure out why someone started crying from looking at my show.  I heard from a witness they were overwhelmed with empathy from work that in some ways tells my story of bad luck and pain.  It doesn’t look like that necessarily you know.  I think “Night of Pain” is a fine cartoon.  I have been through a lot of bad luck, two serious beatings, and my crimes are crimes of poverty.

I fear the police and I fear robbers.

I fear barbarians.

I make movies.  Since I am not getting paid, have no ensemble cast, I make a lot of radio.  I mean Car Episodes as a Transcendian Playlist has come into its own.  You can watch it as my music.  I made the instruments and broke a lot of them up for not working in any satisfying sort of way.  What is left, and in the show at the opening were available to play, They work.

It was extremely helpful that many of the people there had been primed to expect me to says some things directly about Transcendia the model nation.  I was not fully on my game with my composing and jamming.  Brian helped a great deal.  It is very important and a good thing that Brian liked Intendor tm #13 and I do hope he plays it around town as he said he would.  That #13 is also my Australian best friend in IGX.  I had made a place for Roxy, now Roxanne Roxanne on FB because I believe in her talent.

I want to put her on some civilized stages, or in some civilized small intimate room as I saw Ellen Kaye sing in when I was welcome at the Monkey Room.  Whatever anybody, or she might have to say, that place, the Monkey Room, in that hotel, that was the height of civilization and I want to believe her place Moscow 57 gets that back and keeps that experience going.

I was the savage beast calmed by music.

All the Hettig kids are inheritors from me of the name Transcendia.  Too bad that it is under assault.  Work defending the name is created if if is to keep all of its value.  For me it is same as the name Disney is to Disney.  I need you to buy my art and my books so I can push on with my work of creating a nation of airports that becomes a nation of spaceports.  We really do not have time to be worrying too much about the barbarians.

Barbarians steal what they want, and the Civilized work for it.

Keeping onwards has been my tactic.  Those in Singapore, Australia, Indonesia, the Philippines, Ann Arbor, using my name without honor are a late to it.  They would benefit better then from their stealing, if honor was given and I was turned into their ally and partner instead of pissing me off.

Really, dishonor and theft of what is most dear to me and mine hurts me in my heart and then I want to bad mouth those people.  They hurt me.

An attorney in Intellectual Property working on contingency might well make some real money as there is every evidence of my commitment long ago to Transcendia.

Now the plan is for me to achieve the Currency of Fame in order to really make some big budget love stories and a war movie in order to have the funds to pay of the leases where to put my airports and also put in passport support offices and run the services businesses of Transcendia.  This was my original plan from my early adult youth.  It did not work at the time, but as things have turned out over the years there is no other plan that will work.

I am an artist, and a filmmaker.

The least expensive film I can make is the Serial Playlist Feature.  There are two playlists to which I put scenes for that movie, those movies.  Suggested Viewing for Mac DeMarco, and My New Movie, Movie Quest.

On amazon there is JET Beach, which is a package.  It is a love story adventure movie.  I know it will get made and during that time I will see a foot in a woman’s shoe on a Learjet Air Stair.  Learning how to love like a gentleman or and as a lady is pretty hard to do, especially if you have not seen if done.

The artist knows they have a lot of responsibility when it comes to movies, since kids see them and people will flat out simply do whatever it is they see done.  Rod Serling was really hurt that the barometric bomb was used after he used it in his show.  I knew people that knew that guy and I was introduced once to Rod Serling.  Something eerie did surround the guy as while we were being introduced he was wondering who it was introducing us.  I was just introduced to them.  It was at Adventure in Creativity, one of those schools I had a scholarship to.

I came from a poor and broken home.  At least we were not ignorant as both our parents held Masters degrees.  I claim my parents as good teachers.  It is unfortunate for me that they so bad mouthed the academic life and its political turmoil of “departments” that I went at the working life.

I’ve had a great life of the mind being so connected to pragmatic problems where many of the horrors of life were previewed by great literature.  But you are looked down on as stupid lumpen proletariat by the people who don’t ever have to work in the cold and misery so much for so little.  Mom said,  “No Shame in Honest Work.”

I sometimes don’t know if I might not have had an easier life if I’d just been left to become whatever it would have been I would have become from the life in the South, just that education.  I was not right for it.  I am not right for the racism and meanness of the South, and wasn’t before I was given all these scholarships that raised my ambitions and sense of place and worth.

I had no family in NY.

The Hettigs then are what I have as my great place and wealth.  Ed and I are not getting any younger you know.  I am right damned glad there were sales closed and that that helps his gallery, which he found he wanted to do.

It greatly recommends Roanoke that Ed moved his family there.

So the plan from here and this great event, this great success As I Said what I could think to say about what Transcendia, and people listened.  I said what it  is designed as and what it is for, and what my art is as if I were not now retiring and doing some paint by numbers as did Bush, but that is my job.  It is just my job now full time to be an artist.

My other job, and I take it seriously, is preventing the apocalyptic riot.

The Beats knew one thing:  The Atom Bomb Changed Everything.


P.S. I turned to a study of the Beats after making the CD Beatniks & Spiders.  I recommend Beatdom edited by Alan Willis, & Scientologist by him about William Burroughs.  I am a supporter of the diplomat who died before we could finish our work creating UNTV that showed up on your “fireplace” the real TV, like gets watched by my class of people, working class people.  If I could have made a watchable truth filled UNTV set between CNN & Fox I think I could have prevented the first Iraq War.  Reinventing the UN may be as impossible as reforming the US.  Lots of endemic entrenched corruption.

http://www.cafepress.com/transcendia is where to go to get clothes with the Transcendian flag on them.  amazon.com/author/transcendian is where to go to buy my books.

It is a grand, powerful, and important show.  I had a good time putting it on, performing, and explaining my goals.  Help me.  Help your friends.  Make sure you have good friends, since there simply is no evidence that any other goal than helping your friends get through this life well matters.

Absolam, Absolam!  The Tragedy of your life is to waste it on bad ideals.


Now the Game

Check ListThe US Post Office-3The Flag of Transcendia SM poster

First off there is the Transcendia call center in the Philippines using my name. I object. My name is like the name Disneyland to me.

The company Transcendian Systems in Singapore, I object. Your use is even more egregious meeting the confusing measure of misuse.  I object strongly.

The company Dreamboat, I object to the use of my name for your game.  I object to Game Jolt.  I object to the Marketing DMR.  I work.  I get nothing for my work. No honor.  It actually hurts.  I hope you are happy to have hurt someone.  Laugh.  Laugh at me because I can’t get at you.  I object.

I have work to do.  I can’t think about this so much I become a twisted mean and angry person.  I object.  I object.

I will hire an attorney, or one could work on contingency maybe.  Laugh.  I have work to do.  I have to keep going.


I allowed myself a bit of hope about the primary, but it was all rigged and really in the end of it all Sanders screwed us running as a Democrat.  He screwed himself.  The Superdelegates were bought before he started out.  He bought them.  He didn’t Revolt.  Revolution my ass.  It is all now just the same Incrementalism we been buying for 50 years.

Okay, play.  Raise the money and buy a building in Wash. DC and fill it with a staff and follow people around who have power and stick their noses in their jobs, and their responsibilities and duties.  Stick at it.  Become professionals.

It will take 14 hundred of you in the town paying attention.  I will include the checklist you need to understand in this piece.  Work At the USPO Service Banking we paid for with our Treasury money they gave to Sachs.  Sachs sells debt to foreigners who can then blackmail our government, like that Prince in Saudi Arabia.

Petrodollar is dead.  Get it through your head.  Petrodollar is Dead.

All the US has to base its money on is raw barbaric war power.  Weapons.  Key to money is over and over what you spend it on.

Rome.  Just like Rome, a civilization unable to withstand the invasions of the barbarians of the mind.

So Far as the US is concerned, sure go for it but you better move to the center of the power and be there working at it, knowing what you are talking about.

It is about Public Financing of the Elections.  You can’t get money from poor people because they don’t get any.  Course Sanders talked good and it went to a Democratic Party Party a show.  Was no money held in reserve?  Are we supposed to start up the contributions again after a crushing defeat?  He walked off with Jane and bought a house.  They inherited a little money.  Great timing.

Like they said he would he raised expectations and lost it all and bought it and gave up and went off to buy a house with Jane.  Now another book?  Just put the checklist in your back pocket and live in Wash. DC.  Go see Nancy Pelosi.  Ask her what to do.

Okay. Okay. What Sanders ought have done when Tulsi Gabbard resigned is gone and gotten her and made her the running mate.  Right then he ought have done that.  Tulsi was right about why to get away from the Clintons.  Tulsi could have guarded his flanks and he is old and if he died she would have made a fine president.  At least she is honest.  At least she doesn’t want the war that the JCS have planned for the days when the F35 works.

Whatever the State of Israel wants, right.  They seem like they just want to kill.  Hurt and kill.  People they as a State are responsible to defend and educate, they can’t get along with them.  They steal their land.  US gets with it all because everybody is an Indian to be wiped out and put on a reservation to save some to watch dancing in native dress.

It wasn’t that long ago.

Feels like a long time ago.

Choices being what they are, us plebeians, peasants, are screwed, but good.

Better invade in big numbers our own Capitol where the money is the rent is so high regular people will be corrupted of course.  Yeah Incrementalism.

It’s Back!  Okay, just do it.  But do not for a minute think you will get it from the Democratic Party.  Just don’t waste your time on that thought.  What a fucking show with all those balloons.  Wow.

Invade your capital and I tell you the place to push is for USPO Service Bankings and that sort of banking.  It is the top of the wall.  Revolt You Can Afford (1)


Barbarians Versus Civilized

Clintons as Bill wakes

Bill looks at Michelle




The Democratic Party & the Republican Party as GOP & C.S.A. are now one party with the Clintons as one candidate from them and Trump as the other candidate from them.  Within the One Party which ever candidate is anointed Emperor does matter.

Thanks to Nader for creating the Green Party.  All that is left standing now is the Green Party versus the GCD Party, meaning Gops, Confederates, & Democrats.

The New Normal, a New Normal, event comes from death of old normal.  Actions, things happening that are criminal or and ethically wrong, resulting in no difference.   When crimes are committed against the victim & nothing happens to redress that crime it is called an injustice.

Sanders has been Gored.  He is right to revert back to his former affiliation and any complaints about that ought go dry if Sanders money in Clinton’s pockets.

It was Gore’s moment to stand for something.  He choked.  He endorsed the Clintons.  We can only make suppositions as to his reasons for endorsing the Clintons over Sanders.  New Normal.

There is a case in Delaware over unpaid bill with Al Jazzera that is dead now but owes him for the “Gate” what Current represents in TV market.  Like the Uranium mines sold to the Russians is RT, as who controls TV controls the mental landscape.

RT & VICE, or VICE & RT show how far one can get with youtube access even.  “Content is everything.”

Rove Tricks now normal.  New Normal.

Corruption is king.

Same moment Congress has sit in the law Paul wants enacted makes lying by investment advisors more legal.  International love of the US for its meritocracy being murdered.

The role of the USPO in establishing the principles of Meritocratic rewards for work performance, rights to privacy, private currency, money transfers is profound.  Sabotage of the USPO represents the very worst of our internal enemies.

Those who say that the USPO is not equipped to handle Service Banking are lying.  USPO Money Orders exist for a reason.  Service Banking would eliminate the need for Check Cashing centers that charge exorbitant fees to cash a paycheck of the poor.  Finance banking has collected all the deeds with TARP money pretending they were Industrial Service Banks.

It ought mean lit up that these Finance Banks do very little in aid of the commonly shared economic fortunes of the working classes forcing the Treasury to respond with the real thing.

What happened to the money that the Sanders Campaign raised?  Most Sanders supporters would be repelled to find that it went through the Democratic Party and because the Clintons won, goes into coffers to be spent on her.

Sanders loss is a real loss.  If he asks for more money to replace wad blown he needs a better plan than the one he used.  The run as a Democrat made sense only if they operated fairly.  The process was rigged against him and as a part of it his time and ours was wasted.

Middle?  Working Classes are in the squeeze of two sets of Barbarians.

To fight, and I mean fight in a civilized way as you do when your heart is broken and you live on Madison Ave. fight for control of your Treasury & the National money, its Currency, a Unique currency still holding the reserve status that the US Dollar holds, it is just spending the money in whatever amount necessary on Education & Defense, then Infrastructure which is part of the Defense, and Education which is part of the Defense.

The nation must always be on the Defensive.

There is a limit to War by Threat.

The US did not make Russia a State when the time was ripe for it.  It participated in the looting of the Russian assets.  Then in reaction a strong man out of KGB culture & using Active Measures took over selling NG to Europe & China & getting spending cash for rocket delivery to the ISS.

The US Trades with its enemy & enemies under the cover of Fronts if need be, to get what IT wants, and IT may well be no more than 5 operators of intelligence services reporting to generals over what war will be next and who will supply and profit from the MaterEal.

Israel has the status of a C.S.A. State with nukes.  The abuse of the Palestinians is the same as Jim Crow was for the South that puts up monuments to Generals who were Traitors to the Union fighting for the spread West of Slave LABOR.

I have proposed in that case that the Palestinians insure Israelis against death and destruction, and the Israelis insure the Palestinians against the same.  It is fair on its face and a disincentive to violence on both sides of the conflict over water & territorial freedoms.

The US only supporting Zionism with only force equipment and thinking means revolving pivotal move towards fulfillment of Apocalyptic Visions out of no improvement in mental capacity covering 30 thousand & then 6 thousand years.

Israel was not given Palestine by God, or the Gods, but by Rome.

In essence while I have my model Transcendia always to fall back on long as I have no borders or any armed forces a second UN is required.  This second UN must have a commitment to banning the bomb that it can enforce, and gendarmes that work with weapons to protect the people & give them confidence in a Government of Governments that by international law does not tolerate barbaric behavior at either end of the stick.

You can credit Andre Lewin the French Diplomat with confirmation and leadership regarding Reinvention of the UN.  My correspondence with Andre began after his article in the NYTs of March 15 2003.  At that time I was pursuing the establishment of a UNTV that was on the fireplace where we look in our modern homes for news that affects our lives and needs to be truthful.

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I’m here.  Here in Carrboro.  Not Conscious.  I have to make some personal appearances.  I want a guard when speaking a speech in public.  I need three people at least to show up.

Living is hard and gets harder into the age when naturally things break down or get broken.  Wisdom, institutional memory is supposed to matter for us survivors who are to be respected for our experience, and experiments with ideas.  Philosophy, there is a lot of it?  Is that the line in the song.  It is a line that leaps into my head.

I did my show and it was good and it was a real Feature Scene where I used myself as had been used in Restless only different.  I was a star of the indie academic scene!  Skips movie he paid me 135 dollars to be in.  Me naked, me there.  Twitching.  Syracuse Oxberry, and a cold black room.

The Bathtub Reality Television Series of Shows is very serious as I as the leader and founder appear vulnerable and unarmed.

I feel up the Mind Control.  I feel the Mind Control that sways me towards the bad Ideals.  Bad Ideas. Bad philosophy.

Alan Greenspan said guys like me needed to be retrained, I have said before, it pissed me off being one who had been perfectly useful as Labor & even Management at the centers of Power that are the FBOs, or where.  American Airlines may be the bought out Front of them.

It would be most Grand Perfect if for the show Nancy Alex & I were flown to ROA from IGX in a small plane.

The Revolutionary does not buy into the distractions of the Reactionaries.P.S. Great Leaders Call on the Great Engineers to save them.   Now there are so few great leaders to phone then the Engineers must rise, raise up a leader for them.  I would be that leader.  Transcendia, it’s a friend to yah.” is what Mike Sang.  Watch the latest 7/23/ Transcendian Channel Gore I Phone Reality Bathtub Transcendian Television Feature Scene & subscribe to my channel.

Retreat is the Hardest Thing

Ways out as Write Downs

1930s moment. Fascism. War Clouds Economic slow dance of crashing.

Now that Bernie Sanders is effectively crushed a Retreat to base camp is called for.  Retreat is the hardest thing for a General to accomplish.  The aim is to save the army from complete destruction.

Absorption into a mythical good DNC is not possible.

Meantime at the same time we are told that there is no excuse for any violent reaction to continued murders of the working poor, we are told to prepare for more war, internationally at least.  2 Percent is what all ought be spending on Defense.  The Defense industry of the US is happy as hell.  Favored nations will get the most modern up to date missiles and all.

However underlying all the rhetoric and bullshit is this:  The State is to have a Monopoly on Violence.

Now the BLM movement and organization is identified as Marxist.  It is also identified as contributing to the murders of innocent police in Dallas.  Too bad it happened in Dallas since it ought have happened in other cities like St. Louis closer to the worst murder of an innocent Black man who was acting too White.

Since the Police always have the drop on a civilian in a car, with a girlfriend and a baby and live in mortal terror of a Black man with a gun, that cop murdered an innocent man and so a Black man with a rifle retaliated.  What exactly did the power structure expect?  What about the other 500 or so murdered by cops by now in the year, half and more through the year?

Cops do not necessarily carry within a live and let live keep the peace attitude after 5 decades of enforcing J. Edgar Hoover policies of oppression.  The For Profit Prison Industry gets fed via continuous arrests of Blacks & youths for minor pot violations over all throughout the Nation.  Sentences are long enough and egregious enough to ruin a lot of job prospects for the targets, but short enough that outright Revolt is forestalled.

The Clintons are for continuing this, along with both US political parties.  If one is cynical they suspect the Drug War is insisted on to run the criminal systems funding mechanisms. For Profit Prisons are simply unethical.  Many of the poor working people are also hit with fines they have no legal means, like work, to pay.  Wages are subsistence wages.  Any little extra disaster becomes a crisis.  Decriminalization is a joke in most states since it keeps the whole thing running fine, just as it was, without the claim, OH we Decriminalized it.

Workers are wage slaves and any revolt is a losing proposition on their part since they will be out manned and out gunned and are just supposed to eat it.  Race & Gender politics are promoted by all the Mass Media to keep Labor, which is Black & White from uniting together.

The Generation Gap continues even as one may be an older person, hated as an older person, unless Hollywood famous and rich.   You are not a rock star.

Any way, it is a lie that violence does not work.  The truth is it does work.  Now the gay guys who fought the police at Stonewall, an otherwise insignificant bar in the West Village are heroic.  It was a kinder day, and just a brawl.  OK that is good.  Civilization then includes fist fights?

The only police in fact I respected were the NYC Island cops.  They did seem willing to attempt to keep the peace.  I was treated with respect when I cursed them out for coming into Brownies after hours when we were continuing to get drunk.  “Sure you don’t want to calm down?”   I myself have a good list of cops and me stories.  Most cops outside of the East Village I have had problems with were in it for the power.

Pot is used by them to get someone otherwise not possible to arrest.  Pot has become a folkway.  You cannot legislate folkways away, but making any of the Woodstock Nation’s hedonistic philosophical ways illegal & making being Black illegal have kept the Drug War going till now addictive heroin is around not for its typical 10 year cycle, but all the time.

Regardless of this insidious bunch of bullshit following crack profits Sanders today endorsed Hillary or really the Clintons the power unit who are an established part of the whole Finance world that is debt dealing and grabbing and manipulating the working people into early graves and so I have called for Service Banking.

What we have to have is Industrial Service Banking which is what Goldman Sachs has pretended to be to get money they used to buy all the deeds as is the case with elites in Haiti.  So goes Haiti, so goes the West.

Meantime since the entire US economy is militarized, hollowed out for and by the military what you got from working for a company you only get now from working for the Government in bureaucracies or for the Military, which covers the globe as an Empire sucking the life out of all and planning on war to fix economic ruin they helped to cause.

Nations have forgotten they can sell land to their friends and enemies to eliminate sources of contest.  I suspect the planned war in China to explode anytime, but most likely once the F-35 actually works. And I myself don’t even like the Chinese.  They appear to have blocked me early in online web world publishing for my status as a Confucian Scholar showing how to use the Bible & I Ching together as a spiritual practice.

As a writer, I do not think much of censorship and prefer that artists understand the responsibilities they have to promote and certify strength, wisdom, beauty & humor.

Really the plan looks like kill off a lot of the population of the world with war, and use the nukes in tandem to cool things down.  This is why I say Montevideo, far from tanks, which are flash points in Europe, while ships and boats and airplanes will do it in China seas.

Low down there in the Atlantic with Mountains close, Uruguay looks pretty good.  Less radioactivity at least.  Less already as seen circulating from Fukushima.

You as youth could just evacuate to there and protect the place from us, our military.  Wow they are going to be needing help for rejecting the TPP.

What will Happen when the Chinese Show Off?

Ways out as Write Downs

1930s moment. Fascism. War Clouds Economic slow dance of crashing.

I care about my dreams.  I’ve been trying to paint a dream of a moose licking the nipple of an aroused woman in a car.  She is in the forest, like a park.  I’ve not yet gotten it right except for the one that was using up paint.  My friend liked that one.  I was using up the paint.

I like it.  There is a lot wrong with it.  It looks like a Roman cave painting, crude.

I told my wife I was like a cave man artist, though there are supposedly better cave man cave painters than me.  They never signed their work.  They had names their wives knew, we can be certain they had names.

Why didn’t artists sign their work from the beginning? Writing was later, Much later.

The Chinese, all conformist, names are few.  Confucius.  Confucius is one of the known, last writers of the I Ching.  They got at writing one way and stuck with it.  Not the same for the West, and the history we care about.  We don’t care much for Chinese history really.

I found out the Chinese got puffed up and had wars too.  They had wars as big as Rome had.  Bigger.  We can have it translated from the first and read about it all.  What stands out to me is what they did with big ships.  About next to nothing really.  They sailed them around showing off.

Westerners went out there and robbed each other.  Westerners went out there planting their flags and claiming places for the Queen.

There was the Drug war, & hop out west.  Hop heads is where hip came from.  You ever done any opium?  I smoked some in some Nepalese Hashish.  Great high.  Could be a problem.

Hong Kong.  One of the triumphs of the criminal minds.

Locally there were Methodists sent over there to make Chinese Christians of the Methodist sort.  Inscrutable.  Works.  I was married to a Methodist.  I never knew they were anything.  But hey, they were Methodists.  Christians.  How far out there could they be?

Pretty far.  Made me sit up when I heard, saw in writing that Hillary claimed to be a Methodist.  Methodists and witches, I don’t want anything to do with either anymore.  Makes a difference.

I figured I was the best possible leader for my work combining the I Ching & the Bible.  Throw the I Ching & read the Readings from that at from the Bible by spiritual season.  I figured this ought to bring the West and the East together.

Chinese with their best stuff, they use it to show off.  They made a super computer.  They have to do a big hack with it.  They absolutely have to bring down the grid or something big like that with their Super Computer.

I’d let them.

Of course I’d have all these human beings standing around at the switches doing the phase line balances necessary to keep it all flowing.