World War Letter to You/100 Yrs. Oil War

Says: Basically it is Meyer Lansky Financial Engineering & J Edgar Hoover anti Commie Pinko Street Level Law.  -Transcendian Note

The social media poster is about what our lives are regardless of the wars we have managed to survive. Go to Uruguay. Go to Montevideo. It is a good place now. Legal pot. Parliamentary Government. Great Port. Separation of Church & State.
Far from a lot of tanks. Closer you live to tanks the more likely you will be run over.

It is my Horace Greely thing. Go to Montevideo. I sang a song about it. I’m looking for two of my songs. Come to me like a Kitten, and Montevideo. They are in Transcendian my tv channel somewhere.

I have allowed myself anger & hatred. I’ve been robbed. Transcendia to me is as is Disney to Disney. Use of my name by Translwrap pisses the fuck out of me. So do the others that use my name. I invented it with Craig Hefner & Mark Sampson at a pot party in the late 70s.

Depression is pathological but anger isn’t is what I have been saying a good deal lately.

If you are a working guy you will find that you cannot afford justice. In NC they put caps on malpractice awards which is a strong disincentive for a malpractice attorney to take cases when they can take the case in another state for the same time and make more money.

NC, Tim Moore? Phil Burger, I heard of another case of cap making cases asking for recompense from the horror of the air near the pig farm shit lagoons.

Upshot is like in Flint where they live with lead water because they can’t move. What happened with Love Canal?

We used to talk about how we lived in BonanzaLand. Earlier days of Television mind framing spin & picture coming out of the tv that sold guns, cigarettes, & soap.

Men carry a code on either side & shoot each other to death with badges on or not.  There is the Wild West & the civilized East.  San Francisco & NYC compete as places of culture, though San Francisco is even more tolerant than NYC which turns its Meat District into a human club scene making it overall more likely to be starved when the apocalyptic riot gets going full bore.

I am lucky as hell since I did have a hero in my family. He was a great great gentleman. Gentleman & officer in fact. His story of passion when he found out his wife had been having an affair with his best friend while he was at war in the Pacific for 4 years saved me from OJ Simpson type violence.

Whenever exactly the Economic Sanctions imposed on Russia for invading & annexing Crimea is like three years. It has been on in tests in Syria.

I am saying that we have to pretend that the apocalyptic riot has happened & we get another chance to make a World Government which is essential what you have to have if you are really going to prevent nuclear war, which is like now meaning apocalyptic riot.

More missiles in the air war weather the weatherman says.

Airports are the height of civilization. It was a big deal that men have walked on the Moon. The US has beat Russia in all the Post WWII contests. The Space program was united under Gore so we in the US use a Russian rocket engine. RD-180 I think. I have notes. It is a lucky metal engine aimed to be closed loop total fuel burn and succeeding because of the failures and then has this story!

Guy was told to destroy them and didn’t so they sat and then are sold to the US. “We didn’t think it was possible.” Is a quote from the story from a US engineer.

Nobody but somebody I don’t know sees the best plan of spaceships & space stations and Big Time Species Building in the news as pragmatic as I write about it.

The UN has to have a space program too, as ought the Vatican support since they are all for overpopulation and starvation.

Builds character and sells sins for its income. Easy sin to sell is sex.
Even junkies need some sex now and then. Mostly they don’t care. It all becomes academic in a way.

William Burroughs is the great Junkie. I don’t think junkies of today even know how to be junkies. Burroughs died at something like 82? He had ended up on methadone in Kansas watching the house cats and shooting at spray paint cans to make wall company pictures.

I’ve forgotten my dreams of the week though I think there was a red circus car in one of them.
In the other a woman friend decided to be outside naked on a suburban misty day. I am trying to paint that. I think it was a swingers exhibitionist dream.

I’m trying to paint it and get the hips of the woman right.

We really do not have to have World Wars now. Somehow we do but we are in another war that is for survival as a species. Everything is dying.

Bees are a big one. The Bees are dying and then out there in the oceans the reefs, those calcite small things making sharp rocks tear you apart on the way to shore are being killed as it gets too warm an acidic for them.

Whole food chains are collapsing. Lizards, newts those salamanders getting to be hermaphrodites & Fukushima boars & moths with three watery eyes and the mob has people go there to clean it up and make the land livable?

You take your defense and count the fronts.
What fronts can you combine and which ones can you solve? The US Fought in Europe, & Asia in WWII. There was the sneak attack by Japan after a bought of Economic War over Manchuria by ethicist FDR.

Bataan. All explained by the different attitude towards death.
US fought in hot & cold with its faster firing rifles of the infantry man, & the tanks were weaker than the T 34? but lots of tanks.

Elon Musk must have the Electric Tank in a hanger like his predecessor Howard Hughes.

Next it will be a dogfight between the Russians & an American.
Some fool says that won’t happen, but he is an idiot.
It is assured by the cancelation of positioning intel & activity in Syria between Ru, & the USA.

Shape & System of Revolution

Chris Hedges says “They fear revolution the only mechanism left that can rid us of these parasites.”
My work has long been one of the defeated. We of my lifestyle and folkways have long been defeated by the J. Edgar Hoover world street life system of constant threat of no work & harassment for poverty crimes when destroyed.
We were all for a shrinkage of the State. It was the Police and DEA and all that defeated in California & Colorado when people voted locally time after time for their interests.
Now the old hippie is forced to fight again as a patriot pursuing the myth of a nice nation, nice country.
Mostly tolerant is what we are looking for. I don’t throw pool ball at you, you don’t throw pool ball at me.
(derived from scene in Down by Law.)
All of the true things of a great USA are the goal of the constant revolutionary fighting from the 16th century all through now. The Revolutionary’s goal is the Revolution started when the democracy was started.
There was no place in America for slavery. Wage slavery then is the place made for the disrespected of labor who may well be the postman who loves the outdoors.
The look of my Revolution is the airport life, shared by the linemen who have honor for getting people off the ground where they need to go for reasons of their own.
Now the precedent is the seaport of course advanced into the whole world overcoming “cultural lag” John Common’s hero economist phrase.
From support of the commons the citizen is made privately wealthy.
That is what the Transcendia Insurodollar does. Combining the insurance company with the treasury using human capital as the source of the wealth goes ahead with it far as what the C.S.A. saw as only to be done with slaves and not themselves see. Do you see?

    The Half Has Never Been Told

I said after reading The Half Has Never Been Told that if I hadn’t invented what I had before reading it I’d of done it after reading it.
Goal being the same.

Ideal UN Pretending the Apocalyptic Riot Occurred

We are in the second iteration of the UN.  In the world there are 192 or so known nations.  Transcendia shows up now and then as one.  I get surprised by myself, but I have been at “nation building” officially since 1978 when I decided the US could not be reformed.

I can’t even remember exactly what ticked me off.  In 1978 Carter was still in office.  What went wrong with that administration?  He has a lot to be proud of but I feel there are secrets of his that will go to the grave with him.  There is a lot of circumstantial evidence that his CIA moved Afghani hashish into the US.

I’ve had aa uniquely perfect education.  I’ve been uniquely positioned to see real power acting in secret while reading the best of papers.  I’ve seen jobs of pilots lost to advances in technology.  As an instance the publishing of the Wall Street Journal.  Used to be it was flown up and down the east coast by Florida Aircraft leasing using 11 old Convairs.

The old recipes lie the Convairs, DC4s & DC6s that had originally been pressurized were stripped of that for it required stronger fuselages & seals and compressors not necessary for freight.  They typically flew in the weather.  That means they flew at or below 12thousand feet most of the time.

In an attempt to change my life, change my lifestyle even I had gotten a job at Atlantic Aero as a “lineman”.  The job came open after the linemen I replace had been killed essentially on a joy ride which was a test flight of a Cessna Conquest.  There was a bolt that fell out of the elevator rigging that allowed and affected the ability of the plane to go up or down.  The plane went up and then down killing all aboard.

I had been hanging out at the airport in my free time from my then work as a carpenter in the mud.  Like the soldier in the Blue Max with George Peppard, that guy, I was the plane in the sky and decided I’d rather be there than where I was.  I was a horrible flight training student with little money spending only enough for a half hour of flight instruction instead of the standard hour, and then sitting in the lobby glaring, watching, till somehow encouraged to go home.

It has been a long time ago now.  I forget some of how I did the things I did.  I had girlfriends I’d get to help me get around sometimes.  it may well have been in my bicycle days.  My work history was broken up into 2 year chunks of doing this or doing that, or here, or there, for a long time.

Sure enough I was a poet and a writer but that doesn’t pay so I did all the things as if life was a river.  I believe the last job was as a Newspaper Circulation Manager.  I believe the last job was working as a carpenter.  I do not have a great mind for geometry and therefore have never felt or even been perceived as being a talented carpenter.   I often forget it as a job, or would like to.

I knew that for the first time in a long time and for a short period in drug supplies history hashish was available.  I got the Wall Street Journal every night when I worked the night shift from 10 PM till 6 AM.  In that paper I read that Congress had not voted military aid to the Afghanis and there was wonder about how they were getting money to buy weapons to resist the Soviets.  Well, I knew where hashish came from because when I was Security at Rochdale College Toronto, it was said in and out of the College went 25 percent of the hashish distributed in North America.

Sailors smuggle.

So I believe Carter’s CIA helped smuggle hashish from Afghanistan into the US.  The Canadian market is only so big anyway, you know.   After Congress vote the aid to Afghanistan there has never been much hashish in the US again.  Carter’s Library wouldn’t answer my question.

Would be a big deal if Carter were to ever admit his administration felt hashish was harmless enough to use to achieve the ends he wanted.  Lots of Americans of course, went to jail around this.  All people ever put in jail for pot are political prisoners.

You’re not supposed to be allowed as a member of the UN if you legalize pot in your nation, or that was long the deal.

Reinvention of the UN, well it needs to be done now as if the Apocalyptic Riot has occurred.

That means an army of its own, taxes on weapons sales, enlarging the Security Council according to national population and budgetary contributions, better balanced power relationship between the Security Council and the Secretary General.

More use of Article 99 that allows for secret negotiations between member states when there are crisis.  I advise that in those secret negotiations an International Attorney be there to say what is legal under international law, and not.

Nations that violate international law and abuse their people must be named and shamed instead of being allowed to be anonymous.  There are nations in good standing that really ought be censured.

Andre` Lewin was strongly attached to Elba, which he wanted to be an exile Island for deposed or fleeing despots and failed political figures like Napoleon.  I said my nation of airports Transcendia could take this up since these sorts end up at the airport most of the time anyway.

Andre` added my concepts as regards the UN failure to provide to the world a watchable on TV TV Channel where truthful reporting of events and personalities making the news, and history itself balanced perceptions between networks like Fox or even CNN & MSNBC.  It is simply stupid that the UN has not claimed better territory in TV Land.

There must be effective sanctions against nations that ignore and violate resolutions.  They must be deprived of their votes & stopped from participation in debates.

This is not a complete statement or rewrite of Andre` Lewin’s Points for Reinvention of the UN.  The essay it is derived from is “Improve the UN or build another institution?”

The letter intro has to do with the reasons for my belief in my standing and experiences that allow me to say I know what I am talking about, to the extent that I do.

I write in the Letter form here.


I Can Be Hired/RSD

Poet /Filmmaker /Writer /Director

Russell Scott Day
Scott Day as performer

My main medicine that keeps me from completely being disabled by pain went from 20 to 70, because of our being forced into another Medicare plan.

When I would fail in my schemes, such as the Store on this site that is not functional, or other work done, such as books on amazon that don’t sell, ear movies, UNTV et al I would just do physical labor.

Now I can’t do physical labor.

I can direct from a chair.  I continue on @Transcendian with the Famous Carrboro photo series.

The Show in Roanoke at Alexander/Heath Contemporary Art was fantastic.  I had 13 or 14 sales.  The success was dependent on Ed Hettig for he made people who came ready to hear me speak of the conceptual work that is Transcendia.

My modeling is competitive with other economists & political scientists.  It is really amazing that what I have created as a model nation of airports doesn’t already exist.

Fame for most people is big for those who get the Currency of Fame for about 3 years.  I am on a campaign for the currency of fame which has about 2 and a half years left in it.

“If I had a Falcon 50 I could be President.”   RSD

“No shame in honest work.”  -Mom

I live in Carrboro.  I gave Jenny my card.

Transcendia History Vision & Now & Past/RSD

I came up with the concept of a nation of airports on the Atlantic Aero Ramp crying over the death of Aunt Keaton, who was my mother’s friend, around that time, when I worked at Atlantic Aero from 10 at night to 6 in the morning.

I paid to fly for awhile & then after these other guys on the crew got killed in a Conquest crash I got hired and drew straws to get covered when getting a take off and landing on Radio Traffic Watch flights.

I soloed later in Florida after I moved there & worked at Business Air Center and won flight lessons thru solo for recovering a stolen life raft for Kitty Hawk Flight school.  I soloed with something like 25 hours instead of 10 for the way I got to fly.

I think everyone in high school ought be taught to fly.

It has been as much a help to me as was the Boy Scouts.

It bothers the hell out of me that Linemen don’t get well paid.  It was and is a tough job with life and death issues involved.  How can it be that 25 thousand a year is big money in doing such a job?

I keep remembering being cold & wet with the wind blowing hooking up at the single port with my black gloves soaked in JP4 to fuel some 727 or DC 9.  The MD 80s and big fat 727 300s were coming around as I was at the end of my Ground Services career & moved to NYC to run the Grip Truck.

I really enjoyed making movies and commercials & industrials and even Music Videos which made my guts tie in knots since getting paid was so much drama.

It makes a difference that I ran a business in NYC.  I had an excellent safety record.  I had an excellent safety record because my crews understood I was serious about it and they got into it and helped me be safe along with helped me keep everybody safe.

I keep a pistol in the NC grip trucks I ran.  Some understood locations could be dangerous.  One night in Winston Salem I stood around my truck in my Yellow rain coat I got for smoking too much, guarding it.  Productions like to rent offices in cheap rent neighborhoods.  It was raining like hell and cold.  I still had my .38 in my pocket.

I want civilization a lot.

It does require force with blockheads to get.

Force comes in varieties.  I’ve been loud and firm with orders or soft and reasonable with encouragements.

That textbook on leadership Turn this Ship Around by David Marquet would be in my new reading list if I made another.  You can find my 1999 reading list in my book you need to buy for institutional memory and Woodstock Nation dreams on

Please do.